There Goes the Neighborhood

CBS (ended 2009)





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  • Not for the claustrophobic...

    Basically this is a game show like Survivor or Big Brother where 6 families are trapped inside their houses surrounded by a gigantic wall around their block. There is no electricity, no computers, no TVs, no stoves and no showers for 7 whole weeks.

    The concept is that the families are playing for $250,000 and they have to work together to complete challenges. At the end of each week, they have an elimination ceremony. The last family remaining after 7 weeks wins the quarter million.

    Seems like an interesting concept, but unfortunately, this one falls flat. The families are all boring, the wall around the block has this murky prescence that watches over its viewers and the challenges are pretty stupid. Also, where do the families go after they've been eliminated? They can't go back into their house because they've all been kicked out! I know there may be people who do like this show, but I myself cannot recommend There Goes the Neighborhood.