There's Something About Miriam

Sky1 (ended 2004)


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There's Something About Miriam

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Welcome to the There's Something About Miriam guide at There's Something About Miriam is about six men who are put in a huge property with Miriam. They don't know that Miriam was actually born male but later had a sex change.
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  • A psychological examination of a typical young transsexual womans love life in the context of a reality dating show.

    "There's Something About Miriam" was an imperfect show. In particular the way the "big reveal" at the end was worded has irked some transgendered people. However there is more to a show like this than it's ending. This show through Miriam gave voice to a portion of the transsexual community which is usually silent. The transsexual woman who passes and does not need to tell if she does not want to tell. For this reason it drew fire from the traditional activist community (which coincidentally is composed of women who don't generally have to tell because they are so obvious). TSAM showcased the psychological struggles of Miriam as she forms emotional bonds with the guys. The guys open up to her as well. This sets the stage for the big reveal and what happens after wards.

    The show also has a half hour program called There's Something about Miriam Extra". In which a psychologist named Ron Bracey analyzes the behavior of the contestants and Miriam. In this part of the broadcast the psychologist more or less educates the audience about the psychology of transgenderism. This is something that most main stream network produced reality shows NEVER do. This was also a huge risk. Many risk were taken to produce this series which was the first anywhere to revolve around a trans gendered person. It is for that reason that a show which deserves a seven at most gets a 9 from me.moreless
  • For those who don't know what this is all about

    For those who don't know what this is all about, here is the program description from the British television Sky One's website: Reality dating show based in a luxury Spanish villa in which six men compete for the affections of a South American model called Miriam. What the contestants don't know, until the end, is that Miriam (known here as Victoria) is a transsexual. Then all hell breaks loose with complaints and lawsuits filed by the contestants against the show's producers, Sky One and I suppose Miriam herself.moreless

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