Thicke of the Night

(ended 1984)


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Thicke of the Night

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Yet another late-night casualty sacrificed to The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Thicke of the Night was probably dead on arrival thanks to it's excessive pre-premiere hype. Even before anyone had even seen it, some critics had labeled it "Sick of the Hype".
The show's star was comedian/singer/dancer/writer Alan Thicke. He had been a long-time success on the CBC in Canada and done award-winning work in American television for series like Fernwood 2-Night and performers including Richard Pryor. Armed with that resume, former CBS/ABC/NBC programming guru Fred Silverman thought he was a great choice to head up a new late night show.
On the show, Thicke did the usual celebrity chat business--sometimes on location but generally in the show's modern looking studio. But he also sang a few songs and did lots of comedy bits with his cast of regulars. In fact, he had a talented line-up of supporting players that included young Arsenio Hall, Richard Belzer and Gilbert Gottfried.
But we must get back to the hype. Silverman banged the drums too loudly and for too long, promising everything short of the undoing of Johnny Carson. In fact, if gossip is to be believed, Tonight forbid any of it's guests to appear on Thicke's show. When the show that finally appeared was less than promised, its fate was sealed. Thicke of the Nightquickly became known as one of the greatest flops in showbiz history.
Years later, Alan Thicke would tell this joke: '"What's the difference between Thicke of the Night and the Titanic? The Titanic had entertainment."moreless
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    Source: TV Guide Nov 5 - Nov 11, 1983

    Vol. 31 No. 45 Issue #1597

    Thicke of the Night

    Monday, November 7, 1983

    Guest: Barbara Bosson, singer Michael Sembello ("Maniac"),

    Hollywood columnist Marilyn Beck, and Richard Hack.

    Alan Ticke, Richard Belzer. (90

    Tuesday, November 8, 1983

    Guest: Charlton Heston, Helen Reddy, Fred Willard.

    Alan Thicke, Mike McManus, Isabel Grandin. (90

    Wednesday, November 9, 1983

    Guest: Steve Allen, entertainment reporter Bob Osborne.

    Alan Thicke, Chloe Webb. (90

    Thursday, November 10, 1983

    Guest: Daniel J. Travanti, author Jackie Collins ("Hollywood Wives"),

    and boxing promoter Don King. Alan Thicke. (90

    Source: TV Guide Nov 19 - Nov 25, 1983

    Vol. 31 No. 47 Issue #1599

    Thicke of the Night

    Monday, November 21, 1983

    Guest: Susan Sullivan, TV columnist Richard Hack,

    magician James Randy, comedian Harry Basil. (90

    Tuesday, November 22, 1983

    Guest: Sorrell Booke ("The Dukes of Hazard"), Fred Willard, comedian Bob Dubac, Hollywood columnist Shirley Eder,

    author Joseph Troise ("How To Be Dull"). Alan Thicke, Gilbert Gottfried. (90

    Wednesday, November 23, 1983

    Guest: Garrett Morris, film critic Robert Osborne, comedians Rick and Ruby.

    Alan Thicke, Isabel Grandin. (90

    Thursday, November 24, 1983

    Guest: Lee Meriwether and her daughter Kyle, Fred Willard,

    President Reagan's ex-neighbor Linda Genteel. (90