Thief Takers

ITV (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Brand Loyalty
      Brand Loyalty
      Episode 8
      McCarthy and Oxford fight to save the Japanese witnesses, while the squad races to assist. With a full-scale Yakuza/Mafia war around the corner, Matteo must jeopardise personal and professional relationships to find Takahashi before the mobsters.
    • Black Mist
      Black Mist
      Episode 7
      The Armed Robbery Squad have to deal with a sinister threat from the Far East. After the team foils a raid on a Japanese bank, DC Oxford discovers the crime wasn't what it seemed. The investigation soon reveals the violent underworld of the Yakuza and the fashion-conscious Oxford has to baby-sit a vulnerable trader.moreless
    • After the Goldrush
      A raid on a gold bullion warehouse leads the squad to investigate the relationship between a veteran armed robber and an Asian stripper.
    • Road Rage
      Road Rage
      Episode 5
      The squad is shocked by the deaths of two motorway patrolmen after a shoot-out with four ruthless villains. Frustration reaches fever pitch as the villains torment them – until a last-minute tip-off leads to a final confrontation.
    • Sisters in Arms
      Sisters in Arms
      Episode 4
      Heavily pregnant Carol Mason is lured into committing a raid on a jeweller by her glamorous, manipulative sister Lorraine. The squad is baffled by a series of gem robberies, until the two sisters attempt a robbery that goes horribly wrong. The women unwittingly hold vital evidence, but can the squad reach them before tragedy occurs?moreless
    • One Last Hurrah
      One Last Hurrah
      Episode 3
      DCI Nick Hall finds old adversaries from his past on his patch. Matteo clashes with Hall, the new DCI, over the theft of army explosives. But when a gang war threatens to erupt, Hall is the perfect man to lead the undercover operation at the society wedding where gun-men are massing for a shoot-out.moreless
    • Fashion Victims
      Fashion Victims
      Episode 2
      Fashion can be a cut-throat business but it rarely descends into murder. The Flying Squad discover a gruesome side to the glamorous world of haute couture, though, when the investigate an international ring of designer clothes counterfeiters. The team is forced to take on help from Pieter Kluivert, a Dutch detective who has a personal vendetta against the ring's Mr Big. However, DI Glenn Matteo has a feeling not everything about Kluivert's role in the investigation is above board. Armed robbers ambush a fashion show and steal thousands of pounds worth of clothes. Then a visiting Dutch detective appeals for the Flying Squad's help in tracking down an arms dealer who murdered his son and claims that the man is linked to the fashion raid.moreless
    • Shadows
      Episode 1
      Anna Dryden is desperate to prove herself as Acting DI, but her plans go wrong. Struggling to comes to terms with the loss of their leader, the squad is thrown into turmoil by a racially explosive case. As the situation spirals out of control, a trouble-shooter is brought in to manage the media, ruffling many feathers.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1