Thief Takers - Season 1

ITV (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Wasteland
    Episode 8
    DC Grace Harris goes under cover as a new recruit to infiltrate a sinister religious cult called the Core (a dangerous task as the charismatic cult leader has a habit of chopping off people's fingers) to help catch members of the sect who have robbed a bank. But the case becomes very hot to handle when the cult leader sets the building on fire in a Waco-style siege. Harris's undercover work confirms DI Scott's worst fears – that the cult members are prepared to die for the charismatic leader. On a lighter note DI Scott hears his wife Stephanie has gone into labour just as the squad go into action.moreless
  • The Outcasts
    The Outcasts
    Episode 7
    The squad are baffled by a string of audacious armed robberies apparently committed by a teenage couple. The modern-day Bonnie and Clyde head for the coast with the squad in pursuit. A dramatic showdown ensues.
  • Hungry Ghosts
    Hungry Ghosts
    Episode 6
    The Chinatown robberies are continuing and DI Scott uses DS Tate's cover to set up a ‘sting' operation, but it means Scott risking his own career and Tate's life as his cover is threatened. DS Ash's jealous husband attacks DC Oxford.
  • Lie Down with Dragons
    The Flying Squad investigates a series of robberies in Triad-controlled Chinatown. A Chinese theft ring has arrived in Britain and begin by robbing shops protected by the Triad. Tate goes undercover to help and gets caught in a deadly power struggle.
  • Wild Card
    Wild Card
    Episode 4
    An armed gang bursts into a plush London casino and shoots Detective Sgt Bob ‘Bingo' Tate who's working undercover as a punter. The raiders take a terrified croupier hostage before escaping with thousands of pounds, and it's touch and go for Bingo. DC Harris stays undercover to find out who tipped off the villains, while the squad tracks down the people who escaped.moreless
  • Whispers in the Dark
    DS Helen Ash finds herself torn between work and home when she's put in charge of a large-scale stake-out operation to catch a gang of armed robbers. It's an important assignment, but Helen's husband David, who's also a police officer, is doing everything he can to make her job harder. He's jealous of her position as a detective sergeant in the Flying Squad while he's only a constable. He wants her to transfer out of the Squad, but she lives for her job and she can't let go.. When David refuses to look after their children, Helen has to leave her observation point to go home. But where does that leave the rest of her team? A serious of violent robberies prompts the Armed Robbery Squad to launch a high-tech surveillance operation on the suspect, Gil Rogers. However, he uses his army training to stay ahead of the squad – until Ash makes a shocking discovery.moreless
  • Company of Strangers
    The squad is after a gang that's robbing banks in order to repay a debt they owe to a gangster, but DC Oxford's attempts to nail the gang put his informant, Marcus, in danger. DS Tate finds himself alone and unarmed in a deadly confrontation.
  • No One Likes to See That
    The crack officers of the Metropolitan Police's Armed Robbery Squad are hunting a prisoner who has blasted his way out of jail with explosives. DI Charlie Scott leads his team in hot pursuit. The squad investigates a security van robbery which looks like an inside job. Meanwhile, escaped convict Dennis Worsley wants revenge, and Tate is top of his list.moreless
  • Cash and Carry
    The Flying Squad try to bust a gang who are targeting supermarket takings. An informant makes a police operation seem easy when he offers them information on a plate. But that was before the robbers changed their plans – leaving the special force with nothing but explanations of what went wrong.moreless