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Predictions: Will Thief make it past 6 episodes or suffer the fate of Heist?

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    [1]Apr 12, 2006
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    As most of you know, Heist, the other similar genre show on NBC that just premired in March, has gotten canceled after only three shows. Two more episodes will air and then the show is done.

    What are your predictions about Thief? Will it:

    a.) Complete it's six episode run and get picked up to either complete a full 13 episode F/X season, or get picked up for a 2nd season (making the 6 episodes a short season). Eventually this show will be a multi-season running show on F/X similar to The Shield, Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck.

    b.) Complete its six episode run and get picked up to complete a full season and then get canceled at the end of 13 or so episodes (similar to Over There).

    c.) Complete its six episode run and then get canceled.

    d.) Get cancled before all six episodes are aired

    Personally I believe that A or B will be outcome based on the quality of the show. I think it has a chance at being a big hit on F/X if the ratings are descent. Will it be a 3-4-5 season show? Who knows, but my hopes are high. While I enjoy Heist, this show is much better overall in my opinion. I think it has a much better chance (plus the competition isn't as fierce on cable).
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    i believe that the show has the acting and writing power to be a full time show,.. It's jsut hard to tell right now, because the way the six episodes are going, it looks, to me, as if the show will end after these six. However, if The Shield (my second favorite show) were to be cancelled, I would be happy to see Thief replace it.
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    The two shows are totally dis-similar and you either like thief or you don't. So if enough people who like strong seasoned actors and the typical fx crowd tunes in, there shouldn't be any problems.
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