Season 1 Episode 6

In the Wind

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 02, 2006 on FX

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  • An ending but sadly no follow up :(

    I heard about this show back in 2006 and finally found it on Hulu and watched it all in about a day. I was iffy at first in the first two or so episodes but once the heist was underway on the plane and Gabo got shot and Nick's plan unfolding it was all like a everything was coming together, even the somewhat muddled Tam storyline. In the end I was happy Nick traded his share of the cut to the old man for Tam's safety and is sending her to that school and will send for her if she doesn't like it. The things that I didn't like at all were Elmo getting pinched, the guy that has 5 kids has to get, why not someone else? Also after a few episodes the Chinese storyline lots its flare completely until the Parkinson's hitman killed his beloved uncle it all felt so pointless. But hey nothing drags the series down more than Shrimp Boy. Anyway Andre Braugher more than makes up for the few faults that this show has plot wise. Also, the cop character just seemed to be eager to be rid of which is kind of a waste of a good character. I wish this series had had a more satisfying ending or just another season it really did have potential, but kudos for casting James Remar as the federal agent in charge of tracking them.
  • I had high hopes for the series, but in the end it didn\\\'t quite meet expectations.

    The early shows of this series were true attention grabbers. There were some interesting plot lines, but in the end I just didn\\\'t get it. I guess heist stories are better left to the 2-hour big screen. Things I liked: Linda Hamilton, Andre Braugher. Things I didn\\\'t: I never understood why the Chinese Mob came after the crew, after all Hamilton\\\'s character realized the mistake and returned the money; the way the cops seemed to very quickly figure evertyhing out. It just came together too neatly in the final couple of episodes. Up \\\'till then I was enjoying. It will be interesting to see what happens if it gets picked up for a full season next year.
  • This was the season and possibly the series finale of Thief. While it wasn\'t one of the best final epsiodes it certainly wasn\'t something to scoff at either.

    This was Thief\'s final episode of its first season and I don\'t think it dissapointed. Think of Thief as you would think of HBO\'s, \"The Wire.\" If this was the first and only episode you saw, you probably don\'t have a high opinion of the show but if you watch it regularly, like \"The Wire,\" Thief built on their story line and wasn\'t too over the top leaving you just curious enough to see what was going to happen.

    That was my attitude when sitting down to watch the show. The guys had an ingenius plan that seemed like nothing could go wrong w/ it but as each episode passed by, the plan didn\'t seem as bulletproof as it once appeared. In episode 5 they executed the plan to some degree of success and in this episode you find out the aftermath (I am trying not to give any spoilers, so I apoligize for being a bit vague).

    What happened to the team was a bit predictable but not so predictable. I mean, the situation they were in, only a few outcomes were possible (i.e. they would get caught or they would dissapear into the wind). Also, you learn a little more about each character and how much the money really means to each of them and also why Broward is the leader of the crew and Yoba is not (if you watch the episode you will understand what I am saying).

    Overall, I am pleased w/ the show. It wasn\'t the best season finale but remember this is a midseason replacement show and it had a solid, above average finale for a show of its kind. You will enjoy the show and just in case this is the finale, things do wrap up, but if its not the finale, the writers do leave space open for future storylines to develop and current ones to build upon.
  • Weak finish to a middling series.

    I was expecting big things from the finale, after 5 so-so episodes. Turns out the writers didn't have an ace up their sleves.

    All of the problems that were present in the first five episodes (Tammy being annoying, other stories that don't really relate, slow pacing) are in full abundance here.

    At the end of the episode, I though that there were at least 20 minutes left to tie up loose threads. Nope, the show just stopped. I guess the cheesy "end of episode" music should have been my clue that the actors walked off the set and the maintenance guys turned the lights off.

    I love FX, but it's like Fox developed this show, realized it sucked, and shoved everything they had already shot into 6 hours of footage and put it on FX.