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  • Progressive but I wish that there had been more

    First off let me say that it's a shame that a show this good with Andre Braugher as the helmer didn't go beyond 6 episodes. I am very happy at being able to see a show about a black character as the lead as most other TV shows just have white men in the forefront it takes balls to be able to ease from the norm when it shouldn't even be a norm. Is it so bad to have racially diverse TV leads such as Thief does? I just never understood why all leads had to be white guys. Anyway Thief achieves a good level of personal drama and professional angst and Nick Atwater is one that we want to see succeed in what's sure to be an unfortunately forgotten series.
  • i actually liked this show

    i doubt it will get renewed but i thought it was a pretty good show. it was nowhere near as good as the shield or rescue me. i think the writers could have done some more character development, but it was only like eleven epsiodes or so, but i would like to know what kind of fall out the characters were in for.
  • Nick **** (Andre Braugher, \"Homicide\", \"Gideon\'s Crossing\") leads a gang of well organized, highly talented thieves in post-Katrina New Orleans.

    They take from bank vaults mostly, working undetected, until one day they are spotted stealing from the Chinese mafia, one of their own gets greedy and deviates from the objective and Nick\'s home life with his new wife (Dina Myer) and her daughter Tammi (Mae Whitman, \"Arrested Development\") is tragically turned upside down. All of this threatens their biggest score yet: stealing 40 million government dollars from the belly of a passenger plane 30,000 feet in the air.

    After finding success with over-the-top dramas \"Nip/Tuck\", \"The Shield\" and \"Rescue Me\", the patented FX absurdity gets dialed down in \"Thief\". My first instinct is to rate the show lower than it probably deserves. I\'m so used to FX jumping in my face that it requires us to plug \"Thief\" back in with the rest of the network dramas to see how good it really is. A more methodical character-driven drama taking us inside a criminal organization than a white-knuckle crime thriller, \"Thief\" is the most like HBO\'s \"The Sopranos\" than anything else on the line-up. There is even a gruesomely clever torture sequence involving Linda Hamilton and a long thread of firecracker cable in here.

    In the thief crime sub-genre that also includes this year\'s profoundly lame NBC/Doug Liman project \"Heist\", \"Thief\" does it as well as I\'ve seen, but at the same time it doesn\'t break out of the genre. It doesn\'t have its own unique voice. The show plays it surprisingly safe, unfolding its story crisply and more than competently, but also without any big surprises, twists or turns. It goes where it needs to go, using characters that it needs to get there, but little more.

    Ironically, what we all came here to see, the big heist, fails to generate as much excitement as the show\'s apparent B-story - which involves the impossibly trying relationship between Nick and stepdaughter Tammi. This family dynamic is usually a tack-on story networks use to bring in a larger demographic and yet here it is played out with electrifying results. Braugher we already know as one of TV\'s most talented actors who can\'t get a break (more on him later), but Whitman is a real discovery. She plays this with a heart-breaking emotional realism well beyond her years. You\'d imagine it would be tough to steal the show from Andre Braugher, but Whitman does it. The scenes between the two of them are emotional fireworks.

    It is Tammi\'s story that moved me the most and that is the one where we actually feel the most is at stake even though it has nothing to do with Chinese assassins and mid-air heists. Fortunately, the show knows what it has and Witman\'s story is folded nicely into the main story without a missed beat.

    The other thing that keeps \"Thief\" compelling is the simple brilliance of Andre Braugher in the lead. The man doesn\'t know the meaning of the word obvious. Nothing is big, nothing is overplayed. It is a quiet, sophisticated, even hypnotic, performance where on the page there could just as easily have been nothing. Braugher has once again created a character that keeps the audience guessing about where his loyalty actually lies: the money, the team, his own code of ethics, his new stepdaughter or his wife. In contrast to Braugher is Michael Rooker as an over-the-top brutal caricature of a cop who screams like he\'d rather be in a broad Stephen Bochco series than in a character drama like this.

    Where \"Rescue Me\" and \"Nip/Tuck\" are on fire, \"Thief\" is lukewarm. Even Bochco\'s \"Over There\" was a riskier and more inventive series, before it collapsed on itself. As every storyline races to the end, the show\'s focus gets smaller. There are a lot of irons in the fire, maybe too many, and not a balanced payoff. It would have helped if \"Thief\" fleshed out the rest of the team members a little more, but hopefully that will be something to settle in future seasons. It isn\'t as fully realized and clever as \"The Sopranos\" and doesn\'t have the silently simmering tension of Showtime\'s \"Sleeper Cell\", but \"Thief\" becomes a careful, well-made, visually gorgeous heist series with two spectacular lead performances to keep it moving.
  • Solid, if not a little underwhelming.

    Not my favorite FX series, but Thief packed a lot into it's 6 episodes. Andre Braugher was terrific in the show and deserving of his emmy nod. Mae Whitman was fantastic as well, showing a side of herself that I wasn't expecting after her run as the quiet Ann in Arrested Development. The tone of the show was a good shade of uneasy grittiness that I love

    My main issue with the show was that while solid foundations were set and a lot happened, it was all rushed and ended too quickly without much satisfaction. Characters had problems that didn't have much backstory or resolutions, serving merely as a minor distraction to the main story at hand. When characters died or something else happened, I found myself more indifferent rather than sympathetic.

    I hope the show gets another go round to build on what it established(Which would probably make this season better to me in retrospect), but being that it wasn't much of a ratings grabber the first time and listed as a Mini-series, I doubt it.

    Overall, this was a fun way to spend a month and a half between The Shield and Rescue Me, but I was expecting so much more with the standards that those 2 shows set.
  • this as the most brilliant performances performd for a tv show in years of that quality and time. it is totaly under appreiateed and miscalulated by thoughs that missed or did not see it.the talent was good, excellent, it was of great magnitude.

    I would love to meet with the actors if I could to left them know what they did with that show. That show was the only reason why I join to do a review on it I will do whatever to bring it back. Like they say put up or shut up, I would for a new series to be done. there anyway to email the producers or actors to let them know how well they are appreciated. That a real life show, that's how its done. The writers was incredible. I'll invest in a new series. Seriously.....
  • Now that Heist is gone there shon'nt be any probez since thief atleast offers that kindah entertainment....

    This showz' really tight & i think itl be possible to make a season 2, with some "BIFF" in it. Imagine the Chinese dude continuing with his lil money chase & Nick as well after his buddy for some revenge...This showz' gatt e "gutts", & id give it a 100%...thats what series ur all about, competition & survival>>>>>>
  • Thief has some of the best and bravest writing on tv. Think Hustle meets the Sopranos yet original.

    This show needs to be renewed. Thief is dark and intriguing with interesting characters. The main character is hard to rally behind but, like Tony Soprano, he has redeeming qualities. The writing has more complex dynamics within it's characters than most crime dramas. Andre Braugher is exquisite as the lead. The first season was very short, but the show holds great potential. FX should have Fox reair it this summer to draw more viewers. Do not drop this show! It's much better viewing than 95% of this year's programming. If you like gritty drama from a thief's perspective, Thief is for you.
  • The real Heist vs Thief

    Heist: A bad show all over, badly acted, badly written, badly directed.
    Thief: May not be the best show around but is way ahead of Heist.

    Heist: Based in fact but a completely unbelievable show. No one I have ever met speaks the way the people do in this show. Also an openly racist and obese cop would not have a job at an LA (Rodney King) Police Department and there is also no way they would partner the racist guy with the Very obviously offended black man.
    Thief: Based in fact and a completely believable show. I believed the guy doing coke looked like a real coke head. I believe Clifton Collins Jr.'s character was sorry far having to kill him. I believe that those men would do anything for their families and for their payoff.

    Thief is a great show and Heist is a midseason filler made to take audiences away from it.
  • This show rocks!

    I like this show. It is similar like The Shield, Nip/Tuck, and Rescue Me, but I like this one the most. I just like action parts and stuff, but I don't like a few scenes on any episode that is getting really really boring. People recommend watching this on FX.
  • Fantastic! Thief has me sitting on the edge of my seat!

    Fantastic! Thief has me sitting on the edge of my seat! With every turn brings more complications for Nic and the other thieves. I'm rooting for the thives to get away with the big 40 Million dollar heigst. I can't wait for next weeks episode!

    It looks like too many people have found out about the blotched heigst. But, complications and personal struggle are what make the show great.
  • Master Thieves Conjure Their Skills Through Personal Complications And Job Complications. Above All Else, Get The Job Done.

    I think that most robbers/cops shows have their different style, but this one tackles different more serious issues. I think that the pilot episode is one of the best with new shows, especially a drama like this.

    Racial diversity, and tension will take this show into more than one season easy.
  • I hope they don't kill everyone off.

    I tuned into this show because of Andre and am going to give it a few more episodes to really suck me in. First of all, there is no comparison to HEIST as this is a very different show. This show comes off much more serious and reminds me of the movie HEAT with DeNiro and Pacino.
    I read a review here where someone didn't believe that a smart guy could also be a Crackhead. Go back and watch the tape of Marion Barry, the mayor of Washington DC. It can happen to anyone.
    Linda Hamilton is like fine wine and looks awesome as always. It will be interesting to see how things progress and how Andre and his associates will continue to elude the police and the Chinese mob while doing their "job". Keep in mind that they also have to find a hacker to replace the guy the just "let go".
    One final word; I'm glad this is on FX instead of Fox so that the show can push the envelope.
    OK--- I just watched last night's episode and was startled that Linda Hamilton's character was killed off. I also learned a new way to torture someone. It was gripping and gruesome and riveting.
    So now the crew has lost it's financier and fence (not to mention Andre's best friend); as well as their brain from last week's episode. I hope they don't kill everyone off. It will be extremely difficult for the gang to get new jobs or to get funding for future jobs.
    The U.S. government is not stupid. The heat from stealing 40 million dollars will be unbelievable. The real question is are they cool enough to get through it together? I hope it stays realistic.
    Stay tuned... I know I will.
  • Heist vs. Theif..

    Personally i like Heist better because it is more of a chiller, cool and has humour in it. It is much like the movie "Italian Job". On the other hand Thief is a more serious type of show. Heist gets my vote, Thief is just too serious, "dark" and depressing for me..
  • Mr Braugher does it again

    Well what can i say? I was an avid fan of Homicide, thus the amazingly intense Andre Braugher. I had no expectations for the show,but it had two things going for it 1. Mr Brauhger and 2. It\'s on FX. I have to say I was \"wowed\" It blew me away. I found the darkness of the show more appealing than Heist (i was sadly dissapointed in )But the characters are so much more belivable and two dimensonal. Also the actress that plays the stepdaugher is a really great actress, hard to belive it is the same girl who played george michaels girlfriend anne on arrested development. I have a must see show for tues to hold me over till Nip/Tuck comes back on!
  • Well what can i say, what can i say to let you know this is one of the most exciting shows I’ve see for a long time. The pilot is better than most film I’ve see last 6 month!

    Please, please, let me say that sh.. again, please see this, and keep it on your TV each time it comes on, even tho you properly download it from that net.
    We don’t want some thing so one to be candled just because there is not enough tv viewers.

    This show has a crew of actors not seen for a long time.

    It’s a dream team..
    All of them are so so good, and I got so much out of seeing this show.
  • Theif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Sir, More !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This Show Grab Me In The Previews And It Has A Death Grip On Me After The Pilot I Love It More, More, More! This Is Why I Write. This Is Why My Nights Are Free. The Shield. Now Thief. The Acting Is Great, Big Ups To Andre. Please Sir, More!!!!!!
  • Why did I watch this?

    Thief was supposed to be a really good show that replaced Shield. Shield is a very good show, which would make Thief a tough act to follow. It did. I enjoyed watching it. I was shocked that his wife died so early, but this just tells you that the show is capable of anything. I have been satisfied.