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  • Solid, if not a little underwhelming.

    Not my favorite FX series, but Thief packed a lot into it's 6 episodes. Andre Braugher was terrific in the show and deserving of his emmy nod. Mae Whitman was fantastic as well, showing a side of herself that I wasn't expecting after her run as the quiet Ann in Arrested Development. The tone of the show was a good shade of uneasy grittiness that I love

    My main issue with the show was that while solid foundations were set and a lot happened, it was all rushed and ended too quickly without much satisfaction. Characters had problems that didn't have much backstory or resolutions, serving merely as a minor distraction to the main story at hand. When characters died or something else happened, I found myself more indifferent rather than sympathetic.

    I hope the show gets another go round to build on what it established(Which would probably make this season better to me in retrospect), but being that it wasn't much of a ratings grabber the first time and listed as a Mini-series, I doubt it.

    Overall, this was a fun way to spend a month and a half between The Shield and Rescue Me, but I was expecting so much more with the standards that those 2 shows set.