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  • Please put THIEVES on DVD!

    Great camaraderie between John & Melissa. Very entertaining show.

    Here we are, all these years later, and I keep searching for the DVD release ... without any luck.

    So sad is me!
  • We, the lucky bastards that managed to see this short lived and amazingly under appreciated series are sure to be the same people signing petitions on line for a dvd release.

    Am I the only one to think that 2001 brought us a LOT of good series that were cut short with no really good reasons, sure we had to make room for those crappy reality shows, but at least they could gave us a hope for the future or at least a website were you could buy the remaining unaired episodes via online (shame on you, Itunes, you were years too late for the rescue!) instead of leaving us searching in ebay and hoping our tivo will find them in some remote channel, So anyway, the show had two thieves (initially unkown rivals) caught by the FBI, with the typical proposal, to earn their liberty in exchange of working together to recover stolen good from other thieves, In Mexico there's a saying "Thief that steals from another thief gets 100 years of pardon", so I guess the FBI just go for the sure thing. (I think Microsoft did the same thing with the Sasser virus guy, didn't they?, and so we got a series with action, comedy and, (at least until the cancelation)the inevitable romance between our beloved thieves/heroes... Did I mention they were a Male and a Female thieves?, no? well, they were, otherwise, I'm sure this show would be kept in the air at least in Showtime or something...just kidding!!! .....But I'm sure the female was making out with the Male dad's at some point....

    Anyway great show, I managed to keep a taped vhs of it, but Alas only got 3 episodes, so it will have to do until we get a dvd release, HOW COME we get that BLADE series on dvd and not this one, which it's far better?
  • The show that spiced up Friday nights and made me wanna stay home...

    The show never recieved much coverage from over that year's summer but the commericals flooded in. Since I'm a sucker for any robbery or thievery story/movie/game/book/show/etc, I decided to check it out. I was a bit skeptical but I was simply overjoyed at the end of the episode. The show provided great stories and with great chemistry between the actors and actresses. The funniest episode had to be when they went to the stables and John Stamos wanted to steal a vial of Secretariat's "genetic specimen". (LOL) Overall, it was a fantastic show that was pulled rather suddenly. They should've have at least gave it a time slot change, though they may've dont it, I don't remember.

    Kudos to all those fans out there, we must petiton for a DVD!
  • too bad it was cancelled!

    when i first saw this show, i was also in the process of getting hooked on alias. the funny thing being that out of the two, if i had to pick one, i'd have picked alias to get the ax. i really saw potential for thieves and thought it was a clever idea. good character chemistry and infinite possibilities for storylines. too bad it didn't even see the end of it's first season.

  • Melissa George... Thieves on DVD?

    I was sad when Thieves was cancelled. I think it was on Friday nights, so a lot of people didn't check it out.

    The sexual tension and arguing between Melissa George and John Stamos as Rita and Johnny was hilarious. I found the premise of the show to be interesting. Two cat burglars get caught and then hired to do dirty work for the FBI.

    All I can really say about this show is Melissa George. Melissa George, Melissa George, Melissa George.

    I was sad to see Thieves go, but Melissa has been in a lot of great things since such as Sugar & Spice, Mulholland Drive, Alias and Amityville Horror.

    I wish this show would come out on DVD!