The Thin Blue Line

Season 1 Episode 6

Kids Today

Aired Unknown Dec 18, 1995 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • The red car Grim and Kray exit for their bust is left diagonally to the house and sidewalk. Kray is seen leaving from the driver's seat.

      After the hippie informs them the kids are out with Fowler, there's a long shot of the raver house and the red car is now parallel to the sidewalk !

  • Quotes

    • Grim: Look, I'm not having you disgracing this station with a load of wishy-washy, diddle, cock-up- your- social- worker, fol-de-ral, blame-it-on-society, psycho-sicko-socio, claptrap crap!

    • Fowler: You know what your trouble is, don't you? You've got no bottom.
      Grim: Did you just call me a man with no bottom?
      Fowler: Yes, I did. Apart from the one you use to communicate with.

    • Grim: (to Kray, about not ruining the nicking of the ravers) It's my ass and if you stuff it, I'm going to be very red in the face.

    • Kray: (openly sarcastic) Brilliant, sir. Try not to be too hilarious; I only have one pair of these trousers.

    • Goody: It'll be good getting back to nature and living life in the raw.
      Gladstone: You're not thinking of taking your clothes off, are you Kevin?
      Goody: As if! My mother'd do her raving nana.

    • Fowler: (to Kevin) Well, I hope you learned your lesson, laddie.
      Goody: (nodding) I have; thank you for asking.

    • Fowler: (about nightsticks) I've always been satisfied with fourteen inches hanging by my side.

      Tuxedoed Man:Do you know who my father is?
      Dawkins:'Fraid I can't help you there. Have you asked your mother?

      Fowler: Ecstacy? I'll tell you what ecstacy is- finishing a scale model of the Fourth Bridge!

      Goody: He was using racist language, sir.
      Fowler: He has swastikas tattooed on his arms! I don't think you can expect a chorus of Ebony and Ivory!

      Fowler: Nobody gets any younger, except Joan Collins.

    • Habib: I think the first step is to stop seeing these kids as nothing but criminal thugs, sir.
      Fowler: And what other description might one find for those who vandalise property, steal cars and instruct me whenever I venture out of my helmet to remove the 'cold tit' from my head?

    • Fowler: I admit we don't like them, but if it were illegal to be sex mad, tone deaf and impossible to understand, we should have to arrest the entire population of France!

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