Things I Hate About You

Bravo Premiered Jul 01, 2004 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Unknown
      Episode 13
    • Christie vs. Michael
    • Carter vs. Annie
      Carter vs. Annie
      Episode 11
    • Wendy vs. Michael
      Wendy vs. Michael
      Episode 10
    • Arty vs. Robin
      Arty vs. Robin
      Episode 9
    • Janice vs. Jamie
      Janice vs. Jamie
      Episode 8
      Things Janice Hates About Jamie: He won't get rid of old junk; He's a male bimbo; He's a control freak at the supermarket. Things Jamie Hates About Janice: She's too harsh when it comes to speaking her mind; She's a control freak when it comes to decorating; Treats Jamie like a maid.moreless
    • Sandra vs. Michael
      Things Sandra Hates About Michael: He's constantly taking food off of her plate even while she's still eating; He picks on her about the size of her butt; He annoys her by poking and picking at her body. Things Michael Hates About Sandra: She's always late; Very picky about how the laundry should be done; She takes things out of other people's garbage if it's still useful.moreless
    • Bruce vs. Pebbles
      Things Bruce Hates About Pebbles: She acts like a fashion expert; She makes dirty, innapropriate jokes in public; Picky about what she eats because she thinks she's fat. Things Pebbles Hates About Bruce: He likes to stay up late but not with her; He puts things off until the last minute; Loves his cats but won't take care of them.moreless
    • Brian vs. Gina
      Brian vs. Gina
      Episode 5
      New Jersey newlyweds Brian, a former football coach, and Gina, a former cheerleading coach, go head-to-head. Things Brian Hates About Gina She won't let him open the wedding presents until they remodel the kitchen; She mauls him and begs for affection; She nitpicks over the colors of his clothes. Things Gina Hates About Brian He acts like a little boy when it comes to breasts; He doesn't know how to drive; He's disorganized when it comes to the laundry.moreless
    • Tom vs. Ed
      Tom vs. Ed
      Episode 4
      Coupon fanatic Tom vs. Ed, the snore king. Things Tom hates about Ed He snores so loudly that Tom can't even sleep; Never pays attention to how much he's paying for things even when he's being overcharged; Gets angry at everyone and starts to swear everytime he's behind the wheel. Things Ed hates about Tom Nuerotic about how the house is kept but could care less about how clean the car is; Won't buy anything at the supermarket if he doesn't have a coupon for it; Teases Ed about his weight and makes it difficult for him to stay on a diet.moreless
    • Melissa vs. Don
      Melissa vs. Don
      Episode 3
      Talkaholic Melissa and backseat driver Don go head to head. Things Melissa hates about Don: Is an agressive driver; Talks baby-talk; Works his life around sports. Things Don hates about Melissa: Talks too much in social situations; Criticizes the way he eats; She's a perfectionist.
    • Rob vs. Jeanette
      Rob vs. Jeanette
      Episode 2
      Married New York couple Rob, 33, and Jeanette, 30, battle it out. Things Rob hates about Jeanette: Picky about her food; Talks too much on the phone; Lies about her shopping habits. Things Jeanette hates about Rob: Freaks out over his car; Acts like a know-it-all (even when he's wrong); Picks disgusting things off his body and leaves them all over.moreless
    • Renee vs. Patrick
      Renee, a 33-yeal-old morning radio personality, and Patrick, a 25-year-old sound engineer and her producer, are a couple from Connecticut who battle it out to prove that the other is the more annoying person in the relationship. Things Patrick hates about Renee: Treats her dog better than Patrick; Constantly asks for massages (from everyone!); Is always in a panic rush. Things Renee hates about Patrick: Farts and burps really loud; Plays the guitar while Renee is watching TV; Constantly forgets things.moreless