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  • Thinkabout was a series of sixty programs to help students in Grades 5 & 6 become independent learners and problem solvers by strengthening their reasoning skills and reviewing and reinforcing their language arts, mathematics and study skills.

    What a great way to enjoy school. Remember that feeling you\\\\\\\'d get when you\\\\\\\'d walk into class and see the TV set sitting in the middle of the room? Excitement that you wouldn\\\\\\\'t have to do anything but watch TV for 15 minutes or half an hour. That you could actually learn something watching TV contrary to what your parents were telling you, and hear some pretty cool prog rock influenced music also (For all you music fans)

    I Wish there were more TV shows like this for kids to watch today. Kids today have nothing to learn from that\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s interesting anymore. They could watch japanimation all day and not learn a thing because they\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re too interested in the cool drawings instead of the underlying story.
  • A great show from the 1970's and early 80's, when AIT and TVO ruled public tv stations during the school year.

    When I think of the good old days of public tv, this is the first show on my list of favorites. Produced by AIT (the Agency for Instructional Television, at the time, now known as The Agency for Instructional Technology), this series of 15 minute shows with strange music and cool graphics, as well as an unusual sense of humor, had me captivated from the moment I first saw it. Unique story lines involving interesting characters, with good production values and cliffhanger endings designed to get the viewer to "thinkabout" what they just saw. All in all, a very interesting show, and one of many educational tv shows from that era that I hope has been preserved out there, somewhere...