Thintervention with Jackie Warner

Monday 10:15 PM on Bravo Premiered Sep 06, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 10/25/10
      The clients have been away from Jackie for six weeks, struggling to use everything that she taught them to realize their ultimate weight loss goals. The clients' friends and family are brought together for a final reveal and celebration. Jackie shares footage from one last workout that compares the differences in the clients' current bodies to those they had at the beginning of "Thintervention." The scale will have the final say in their success, as each client nervously takes part in the final weigh-in.moreless
    • Sink or Swim
      Episode 7
      Jackie has one last week with the clients before she sends them off to work the program on their own for six weeks. In order to jumpstart their transition, Jackie takes the clients to a sports and fitness resort so she can work them out around the clock. In the extreme workout, a rowing challenge pits the clients against each other, heating up the level of competition. Afterwards, Jackie brings everyone together for a final dinner before the weigh-in, only to surprise them with a tempting array of fattening foods that they mustn?t succumb to.moreless
    • Sweat is Sexy
      Episode 6
      Finally, the clients have begun to see differences in both their weight and confidence levels, so Jackie presents a new theme of the week: getting in touch with their "inner sexy." The extreme workout brings this theme to fruition when Robin Antin of the Pussycat Dolls leads a sweat-filled dance where everyone has a chance to strut their stuff. The clients focus on trying new methods to further their newfound weight loss results and anxiously await to see if their efforts have paid off at the weigh-in.moreless
    • Big Fat Liar
      Episode 5
      Some of the clients are seeing drastic changes while others aren't seeing a huge difference.
    • Chase the Burn
      Episode 4
      Jackie adopts a new method in week four?s basic training, sending the team on a three-mile run through Magnolia Park. Later in the week, Jackie takes the clients through an epic firefighter workout, complete with hunky firefighters. With tension building amongst the group, a few of the clients lash out at Jackie for her strict training methods. At the weigh-in, it becomes clear that the group is divided in two between those who are consistently losing weight and those who aren?t.moreless
    • 9/20/10
      After three weeks of intensive training, the program has begun to take its toll on the clients. After a series of heated exchanges, Jackie challenges the group to meet for dinner to resolve their issues. Sadly the tension levels only continue to rise and Jackie has the crew work their frustrations out on the stairs of the Rose Bowl stadium. The exhausted clients meet for an emotional group therapy session to truly confront their weight issues. Later that day, despite their hard work, many are left disappointed standing on the scale at the weigh-in.moreless
    • Uphill Battle
      Episode 2
      Week two begins with basic training, which does not produce such great results. Jackie surprises the clients when she pairs them up for the week to support each other through the weight-loss process. The newly formed teams then gather in Griffith Park for the extreme workout, where they?re tethered to each other for a grueling hike up the mountainside. At the end of the episode, the crew supports Bryan in group therapy when he opens up about a painful childhood event.moreless
    • Series Premiere
      Episode 1
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