Third Watch

Season 5 Episode 9

A Ticket Grows in Brooklyn

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2003 on NBC
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A Ticket Grows in Brooklyn
As Carlos desperately searches for a bone marrow match for Kylie, he digs deeper into his own past and discovers that he wasn't abandoned by his parents, but was found clinging to his dead father's hand after a car accident; after a local station picks up the story, Carlos gets a call from a woman claiming to be his mother; Bosco and Monroe find themselves going after a small-time mobster putting the squeeze on an honest family-run linen company after the son of the linen company owner dies in a suspicious fire.moreless

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    Coby Bell

    Coby Bell

    Ty Davis Jr.

    Michael Beach

    Michael Beach

    Doc Parker (Episodes 1-103)

    Eddie Cibrian

    Eddie Cibrian

    Jimmy Doherty (Episodes 1-101)

    Molly Price

    Molly Price

    Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

    Kim Raver

    Kim Raver

    Kim Zambrano (Episodes 1-111)

    Anthony Ruivivar

    Anthony Ruivivar

    Carlos Nieto

    Nicholas Turturro

    Nicholas Turturro

    Allie Nardo

    Guest Star

    Steven Randazzo

    Steven Randazzo

    Victor Tanzi, Sr.

    Guest Star

    Brian Haley

    Brian Haley


    Guest Star

    Joe Lisi

    Joe Lisi

    Lt. Swersky

    Recurring Role

    Yvonne Jung

    Yvonne Jung

    Holly Levine

    Recurring Role

    Bill Walsh (III)

    Bill Walsh (III)

    Billy Walsh

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (36)

      • Bosco: This is a civil matter now go call your attorney, Go see Judge Judy I don't care.

      • Monroe: Tickets for bird feeding? Now that's real police work.
        Bosco: It's a quality of life summons.
        Monroe: All that's gonna do is leave a bunch of hungry pigeons.

      • Monroe: While your increasing the city's revenue Officer Bloomberg, I'll be taking a stroll.
        Bosco: A little advice, from someone who's been a cop longer...
        Monroe: Oh, I can't wait.
        Bosco: Nothing good comes from walking around out there.

      • Guy: Oh, come on Officer, that's pretty close. Cut me a break, man. That's close.
        Bosco: Look, the law does not say "pretty close." It doesn't say "somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 feet from a hydrant."

      • Monroe: Back in business, huh Zeke?
        Zeke: Yo, Sasha. No, no. That's my Grandmama.
        Monroe: {takes the phone from Zeke} Hey, how you doin' Grandmama-dawg? You still working them two jobs with that bad hip 'cause your good-for-nothing grandson can't get an honest job instead of stuffing phones so people can't get their change? Hello? Hello? Oh, man, we mighta killed Grandmama-dawg.

      • Bosco: We're gonna volunteer for jobs now?

      • {to Monroe after they watch the truck go through the building}
        Bosco: That's what you get for getting out and walking.

      • {to Monroe who is patting down Tanzi}
        Bosco: When you're done fondling the raging bull, your transport is here.

      • {seeing the truck lodged in the building}
        Davis: Oh, my goodness. What'd you do this time Bosco?

      • Bosco: You're ignoring me now?
        Monroe: Would that I could.
        Bosco: What the hell does that mean?

      • Davis: Hey, good luck.
        Bosco: I'm gonna need it.
        Davis: I was talking to Sasha.

      • Tanzi: I'm sorry. I screwed up, Ma. It's all my fault.
        Monroe: Don't hear that much.
        Bosco: Let me get you a tissue.

      • {about Bosco}
        Tanzi: Why's he gotta be such a hard-ass?
        Monroe: 'Cause his mother dropped him. On purpose.

      • Monroe: Don't you have any obligation to your own?
        Bosco: "My own"?
        Monroe: Tanzi? He's Italian.
        Bosco: Our names end in a vowel and you expect me to give them special attention?

      • Swersky: Cut the kid loose.
        Bosco: Are you serious?
        Swersky: When am I not?

      • Bosco: You know the difference between you and me?
        Monroe: You think there's only one?
        Bosco: I treat everyone the same. It don't matter where they're from or what color they are.
        Monroe: You really believe that?
        Bosco: Yeah, I do. It's true.
        Monroe: You wish you knew yourself that well Bosco.
        Bosco: Just because my family left the boot doesn't mean I got olive oil in my veins.

      • Monroe: You really don't have any connection to your heritage?
        Bosco: Sure I do. I love pizza. I like spaghetti. I like "Goodfellas" and two out of the three "Godfathers." Past that, I'm about as as Italian as you are.

      • {about Kylie}
        Carlos: How could one kid be so unlucky? To be born to a one sibling psycho and a foster care reject who has no family?

      • Carlos: These people didn't see me into a good home and send me birthday presents every year, Doc. They dumped me on the Red Cross' doorstep. The Red Cross, you know, it may be good for a lot of things, but I'm pretty sure that they're not gonna be a blood match for Kylie.
        Doc: So you've never checked the records to see if there was anything there?
        Carlos: Never cared enough.
        Doc: Well, do you care enough now?

      • {about Bosco}
        Monroe: He's on some sort of summons mission.
        Swersky: Just when I think I'm too old to be surprised.

      • Bosco: You're gonna start with wiseguys now?
        Monroe: I'm just going to talk.
        Bosco: They're not gonna talk to you.
        Monroe: Well then they're gonna listen.

      • Bosco: I only speak-a English.

      • Bosco: If you're referring to that New York City police officer over there, we got problems, all right?
        Nardo: We all get the urge for a little chocolate cannoli now and then, but a steady diet of that my friend, could kill you.
        Bosco: So could insulting her again.
        Nardo: Come on, relax Paisan.
        Bosco: I'm not your Paisan, jagoff.

      • {about Mrs. Harding's house}
        Doc: This doesn't look familiar?
        Carlos: I was four. This old lady could have lived in a giant shoe and it wouldn't look familiar.

      • {to Bosco after seeing Tanzi's burned body}
        Monroe: Important enough to you yet?

      • {looking at Carlos' baby picture}
        Doc: Oh, those ears.
        Mrs. Harding: The boys teased him something terrible. They called him "Cups" because they stuck out like that.
        Carlos: "Cups".
        Mrs. Harding: Now that was a brooding child if I ever saw one. Sweet enough, but not so affectionate. Always off on his own. Sort of self-involved.
        Doc: You've come a long way, Cups.

      • Monroe: They asked that we stay away.
        Bosco: And you think we're gonna do that?
        Monroe: I hope not.

      • Bosco: Are you gonna let this couple get you all worked up, Aloysius? Huh?
        Nardo: My name is Alie.
        Bosco: Not according to your sheet, Aloysius.

      • Monroe: Don't let them get away with this.
        Tanzi Sr.: They already have. My son's dead.

      • Bosco: I had an idea last night.
        Monroe: Really?

      • {they get a call}
        Doc: Time to save a life.

      • Levine: Go meet your mom.
        Carlos: My mom.

      • Nardo: You got time for this?
        Jimmy: Slow night.
        Bosco: Just not for you, Alie.

      • Nardo: You think you're cute, Boscorelli? Coming in here and embarrassing me in front of our people here?
        Bosco: "Our people"? These mutts are your people, Alie. My people are the kind you've been trying to squeeze out of business.

      • Nardo: This ain't over yet.
        Bosco: Yeah? If not I'm gonna be in your life a lot, paisan. A lot. We're gonna be like, you know, goomba buddies.

      • Bosco: You name me one famous Italian cop.
        Monroe: Columbo.
        Bosco: Later.
        Monroe: Ciao.

    • NOTES (4)

      • Faith (Molly Price), Kim (Kim Raver), Cruz (Tia Texada), Emily (Bonnie Dennison) and Fred (Chris Bauer) do not appear in this episode

      • Doc mentions to Carlos right outside the foster mother's house, he ask Does anything looks familiar to you? Carlos says he was 4 years old then. This would make it be in the year of 1979 that Carlos was last there. Being that he was born in 1975. Making him 28 years old in this eipsode.

      • Carlos says that his birthday is May 11, 1975, which is the real birthday of Coby Bell, who plays Ty Davis.

      • Music: 3 Doors Down did "When I'm Gone" from their "Away from the Sun" cd.

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Bosco: Sure I do. I love pizza. I like spaghetti. I like Goodfellas and two out of the three Godfathers. Past that, I'm about as as Italian as you are.
        This is refferences to mob movies.

      • Bosco: This is a civil matter now go call your attorney, Go see Judge Judy I don't care.

        This is an allusion to Judge Judy who's a tv judge who settles small claims cases.

      • The title of this episode is a play on Betty Smith's book, titled "A tree grows in Brooklyn".