Third Watch

Season 2 Episode 22

...And Zeus Wept

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 21, 2001 on NBC

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  • team effort

    Everyone pulls together to deal with a school shooting, first the police who enter a danger zone to secure it dealing with the casualities one by one and then the medics.

    A very interesting sequence occurs as the fire house discusses school shooting and motivations with everyone taking a different view point.

    The opening sequence has the shooter pass by various members of the Third Watch after he gets his parents' gun and manages to sneak it into class. For dramatic license it works but they 'overlook' school starts at 9 a.m. (more or less) and the Third Watch shift starts at 3 p.m. Moreover given its the Third Watch that answers the calls for help then the shooter waited until the afternoon before he shot the place up. Odd sequence of events.

    One of the last scenes is poignant. The shooter was smoked out of his hiding place with tear gas. In the hospital he reaches out to the most compassionate Third Watch character, Doc, and holds his hand. Doc pulls away. Even St. Doc has his limits.
  • alot of teamwork and action...

    This episode is one of the best, it follows the story of the kid, and shows how important it is to be involved with your teenagers and children. The kid sneaks his fathers gun into school, and kills many students, and wounds others that are lucky. It shows how the mother was too busy to notice that her teenage son stole his fathers gun and put it in his backpack as he was leaving for school, she was busy feeding her baby. In many homes, this is the case, this is why Third Watch brought this to the attention of many Parents world-wide. This episode also shows a girl injured talking after she was shot, she says "i don't even know him". That shows how innocent she was, bringing back to show how important it was for parents to get talking with there kids. I don't know if the producers of Third Watch were setting this as a goal, but I know they achieved it.
  • Third Watch does a school shooting episode as the second season ends.

    I thought this was a pretty average way to end Season 2. I would say disappointing since Season 2 is one of the best seasons Third Watch had. The ending to the first and second season were average, As they only started getting it right with the 3rd, 4th and 5th seasons. As for the episode, The acting was good. But the acting is always solid on Third Watch. It's just that every cop show has done a school shooting episode. It's hard to be original. Kim's scene was all right, Though, She should have told Jimmy she was trying to kill herself then and there. I did like Doc being level headed when the people in the firehouse were talking about why kids shoot up schools. Not a bad episode by any means, But just average. There are alot of better episodes of Third Watch. And better ways to have ended one of their best seasons.