Third Watch

Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 13, 2002 on NBC

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  • Another great episode, by a great show...

    Blackout, where Bosco is forced to go up on the curve after arresting a guy for drugs, then the whole thing with the guy coming on the hood with a bullet hole in him, this is when you say "damn, now this is why I watch this show!". It contained Action, and Drama, where Fred was having a heart attack and Sully and Davis were in the middle of a riot, with a civilain and a NYPD Sargent (i think it was). This was a classic that all Third Watch lovers could enjoy. I know when I watched a good episode is when I get chills from it! and this one gave me many.
  • A lesson well learned

    Our Third Watch Crew have to deal with the Black out in New York City and Faces all the problems that comes with it. Sully is teaching Davis the difference about being a cop and up holding the law and how things can change when people are uptight. Being in a blackout and no power in the city can make the people go crazy. Faith and her husband are trapped and he having a heartattack was so touching. Bosco is on his own beat and having to deal with the crowd of people thats very upset because of a shooting! This episode I am giving a 9.
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