Third Watch

Season 6 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2004 on NBC
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Maritza calls on her own experience to persuade a rape victim to identify his attacker and sign a complaint after she collars the perp and gets a confession; Ty's prison visit to his father's killer has devastating consequences for both of them; Faith frantically searches for her son when Fred's girlfriend reports that he's missing; the former partners come to blows after Ty accuses Sully of being part of the cover up in the death of Ty's father; both Ty and Sasha deny telling I.A.B. about the knife when Maritza questions them; Sasha uncovers further details about the conspiracy to murder Ty's father and the ensuing cover up.moreless

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    Coby Bell

    Coby Bell

    Ty Davis Jr.

    Molly Price

    Molly Price

    Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

    Anthony Ruivivar

    Anthony Ruivivar

    Carlos Nieto

    Skipp Sudduth

    Skipp Sudduth

    John "Sully" Sullivan

    Jason Wiles

    Jason Wiles

    Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli

    Tia Texada

    Tia Texada

    Maritza Cruz (Episodes 80-132 , recurring previously)

    Mick Hazen

    Mick Hazen

    Charlie Yokas

    Guest Star

    Dylan Baker

    Dylan Baker

    Jonathan Daniels

    Guest Star

    Brian Dykstra

    Brian Dykstra

    Dan Jones

    Guest Star

    Charles Haid

    Charles Haid

    Cathel T. Finney

    Recurring Role

    Joe Lisi

    Joe Lisi

    Lt. Swersky

    Recurring Role

    Joe Badalucco

    Joe Badalucco

    Jelly Grimaldi

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Faith is back at work after striking her "deal" with Finney Sr. in the last ep. While this deal may hold up regarding her not being prosecuted in a court of law, police officers have a catch-all discipline known as "conduct unbecoming" and there is absolutely no way Faith would be allowed to return to work after admitting that she murdered someone who was in custody.

    • QUOTES (50)

      • Davis: You know who Cathal Finney is?
        Monroe: Yeah, it's Brendan's Father.
        Davis: Yeah, um…Sully thinks he killed my dad.

      • Davis:Irish boys were running things back then. Maybe they put up a blue wall. Sully couldn't get over it.
        Monroe: What makes you think you can?
        Davis:What makes you think I can't?

      • {Capt. Finney catches Monroe looking at old files}
        Capt. Finney: 1983?
        Monroe: It's a long story.
        Capt. Finney: I got time.

      • Swersky: Councilman Daniels' wife has been calling the PC's office off the hook. Husband didn't come home last night.
        Sully: What's she want us to do?

      • {to Grace}
        Carlos: Girls always want the honey when other bees start buzzing around it. Look, if it doesn't work out, I'll break you off some.

      • Grace: You guys got here fast.
        Cruz: We've had an APB out on Councilman all night.
        Carlos: He's a jerk.
        Grace: Would you stop?
        Carlos: He punched me, on my good side.
        Cruz: You have a good side?

      • {on the phone}
        Davis: Raymond Morris. He's up for parole next year.
        Sully: I thought I told you to lay off of this.
        Davis: I thought he got life.
        Sully: Yeah, well, you were seven years old. 25 years probably sounded a lot like life back then.

      • {seeing Caroline at the police station}
        Jelly: Damn. I knew she looked familiar.
        Yokas: Who is she?
        Jelly: Your husband's girlfriend.

      • {to Councilman Daniels}
        Cruz: Well, if this was about money, that Rolex would be on his wrist right now.

      • Daniels: When he was doing it, all I could see was my son's picture.
        Cruz: Doing what?…You were raped, weren't you?

      • Cruz: I'm gonna need to take some photos of your injuries. It can be useful in court.
        Mrs. Daniels: We'll never get into court if you don't get out there and find this guy.
        Cruz: Thank you, ma'am. We're doing our very best.

      • Caroline: Look, Faith, I'm sorry we had to meet like this.
        Yokas: Yeah. 'Cause otherwise it could've been a real treat.

      • Finney: I thought you and I were partners. You got problems, so do I.
        Davis: This ain't Boy Scouts, Fin.

      • Finney: You know, my dad calls guys like Sully sideliners. They suit up but they never get in the game.
        Davis: Sully's been in plenty of games.

      • {to Davis}
        Finney: Look, we don't need to spoon or nothin'. All I'm saying is, if we're in this car for eight hours a day I can feel the weight.

      • {hitting the rapist with the car}
        Sully: You dented my car, moron!

      • {to Daniels at the lineup}
        Cruz: No one can hurt you now.

      • {to Daniels}
        Cruz: At least let's get him on the robbery. You're gonna let him go out there and do the same thing to someone else?

      • {to Daniels}
        Cruz: You're supposed to be tough on crime, huh?! Don't do this!

      • Cruz: Ready to come clean, Rough Rider?
        Rapist: You got nothing.
        Cruz: We got DNA from a rectum that says otherwise.

      • {to the rapist about Daniels}
        Cruz: He's a two term incumbent. And when people find out what you did to him? Oh, they're gonna be all up in yo' ass.

      • {to the rapist}
        Cruz: {sniffing} Do--- do you smell that? That's the creek you're floating up.

      • {to Capt. Finney}
        Finney: Yeah, I'm learning a lot from Davis too, you know? I was expecting Denzel in Training Day, but, you know, he's nothing like that.

      • {on the phone}
        Prison Guard: There's some officer here to see Raymond Morris.
        Capt. Finney: Oh, yeah? What's his name?
        Prison Guard: Ty Davis.
        Capt. Finney: You don't say.

      • Davis: I don't look familiar?
        Morris: Can't say that you do.
        Davis: You killed my dad. But, you know, you shot him in the back of the head. I guess you wouldn't notice the resemblance.

      • Morris: I'm not gonna talk about this.
        Davis: Yes, you are. You owe me. You owe my mother, my sisters.

      • {to Morris}
        Davis: I don't get it, man. 21 years ago you were begging for somebody to listen to you. Why are you flipping the script now? What's he got on you? Is he sending your mom checks? Kicking you back cigarette money? What?

      • Morris: Funny.
        Davis: Oh, I'm glad that you can find the humor in all this. Maybe I should go down to the parole board, beg 'em not to let you out of here.
        Morris: Come on, man.

      • Davis: Decorated officer in his nice dress blues. I bet I could be quite persuasive.
        Morris: That ain't right, yo.
        Davis: What the hell do you know about what's right?

      • {to Davis about how Capt. Finney set up the murder}
        Morris:…window faced a spot in the park where he said your pops would be. Bastard even gave me the gun…The only thing he didn't tell me: dude I shot was a cop…I ain't stupid enough to kill no cop.

      • Davis: You told people this story?
        Morris: I bitched to everybody. My attorneys, the judge. Even your dad's partner.
        Davis: Who, Sullivan?
        Morris: I sent him letters for years. I gave him dates, times, places. Figured he'd be the only one to care about this mess. You think I ever heard from him? Nope.

      • Davis: You're gonna testify to this.
        Morris: Yo, let's get this straight…
        Davis: I'm gonna get a D.A. down here. You're gonna testify to this.
        Morris: They're not gonna listen to you. These white boys did to your old man. Look what they did to me.

      • {to Davis}
        Morris: In 12 months, I plan on walking out of here. Alive. That won't happen if they find out I'm talking to you.

      • {on the phone}
        Daniels: This is Councilman Daniels.
        Cruz: Oh, uh, too late. I cut him loose two hours ago.
        Daniels: Sorry to hear that.
        Cruz: No you're not. All you politicians stand for the same thing: nothing.

      • {on the phone}
        Cruz: What happened? You had a change of heart?
        Daniels: You could say that.

      • {on the phone – about the rapist}
        Daniels: He's at the SRO on 152nd Street and Lex.
        Cruz: How do you know that?
        Daniels: I'm a councilman, Sergeant. I got ins everywhere.
        Cruz: Jonathan, how…
        Daniels: And by the time you get here, it will be handled.

      • Rapist: You ain't serious.
        Daniels: Were you serious?!
        Rapist: You don't have the balls.
        {Daniels shoots the rapist in the groin}
        Daniels: Now neither of us do.

      • {to the rapist}
        Daniels: Do you know what you did to me?! You destroyed me!

      • Cruz: It's over. Put the gun down.
        Daniels: No.
        Cruz: Jonathan…don't do this.
        Daniels: I'm not doing anything. You are.

      • Cruz: I'm not gonna shoot you.
        Daniels: How can I live with this?!

      • Cruz: How's your family gonna live without you? Huh?
        Daniels: Stop talking. Just do it!
        Cruz: You don't wanna die.
        Daniels: I'm dead already.

      • Cruz: I know what it feels like. I know what it feels like to…to wanna wash the filth off you.
        Daniels: Pull the trigger.
        Cruz: You think it was hard for you to step up? I'm a police sergeant.
        Daniels: Do it!
        Cruz: I do that, they win. We can't let them win.

      • {Daniels in holding the gun to his head}
        Cruz: That's week, Jonathan. That's what the weak ones do. They make decisions and then ten minutes later they can't live with them!

      • {to Daniels}
        Cruz: You went to Yale. You'll get this knocked down. You'll be out in no time and then you'll write a book about it. That's what happens to people like you. I, on the other hand, have to get up every day, by myself, and talk worthless pieces of crap of ledges! Now, I'm not gonna ask you again--- get up!

      • {to Daniels}
        Cruz: That's how you wanna play it? Then go ahead…Because if you think that blowing your head off makes you a man, then you're right, your son doesn't need you.

      • {to Sully}
        Davis: Went and saw Raymond Morris today. Turns out he had my father's back more than his own partner did.

      • Sully: If I had gone up against the department on this, do you think they would've let your mother keep your father's pension? Huh? How was she supposed to take care of you and your sisters. How was she supposed to pay for you to go to Columbia?
        Davis: Well, that doesn't make it right.
        Sully: This isn't about being right. This is about what is. I keep trying to tell you we're solving problems out here and that's what I did.

      • Davis: That wasn't enough, Sul.
        Sully: All right, you know what? You can think whatever you wanna think. I don't give a damn. But don't you ever question my loyalty to your father again. You don't have that right.

      • {to Monroe about Davis' father's murder}
        Brian: I'm not saying it's right, but on 45K a year, it's what happens.

      • {to Monroe}
        Brian: I gotta be honest with you, Detective. You're going up against people who had no problem killing a cop. They don't care about your family, or Davis'. They will do whatever it takes to protect their money, because that's what this is about. Don't think you're here on the sly. They're already 12 steps ahead of you, so be careful. These guys will take out anyone who stands in their way.

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