Third Watch

Season 4 Episode 21

Closing In

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

After spending the night with Cruz, Bosco searches her apartment for the missing notebook. Cruz is obsessed with getting Buford the Godfather of the California Meth Trade. He managed to lose the FBI and DEA, but Cruz is hot on finding him since he may be the head of the Meth ring in New York. Cruz tries to squeeze Noble for more info, but he says he doesn't care about bad publicity anymore, he asks for his notebooks

back and finds one missing, which infuriates him.

Kim explains to Carlos how Noble stood her up. Noble walks up to apologize to Kim and Carlos takes him on, but is quickly shooed away by Kim. After going back and forth with Carlos she finally decides to give him another chance. She calls him and sets up a date later that night.

Faith and Fred sit down to have a talk with Emily about sex. The talk does not go the way Faith wants when Fred gives Emily the ok to have sex. He just wants her to let them know so they can talk about contraception. Faith lets Emily know the next day that she loves her no matter how many fights they have, she loves her and that will never change.

Cruz decides to follow Willie G and see if he leads them to Buford. Willie G meets up with Stevie and when they enter a building shots ring out and Cruz and Bosco run in to find Willie G dead and Noble holding the gun. Cruz lets Noble go because she says he has to lead them to Buford. When Cruz explains what happened to the detective, she says Bosco is the one who saw the shooter. Bosco soon realizes that Cruz's lies are going to get him in trouble soon. The detectives find Stevie and bring him in, but he has a different story, including a mysterious writer he was supposed to meet to get high. Bosco becomes worried that their lie will come out; Cruz tells him that he needs to stick with the story. Cruz and Bosco head up to see Noble at his hotel (where Kim spent the night) to get Buford's address. While they are waiting to bust Buford, Cruz and Bosco discuss the notebook she hid in her apartment and how it is common knowledge on the street that she plants evidence to bust people. She tells him not to snoop in her apartment any more and he says he won't be there again.

At work Faith meets her new partner Sasha, who went to the Academy with Davis. Faith walks in on Bosco and Cruz and gets a bad feeling, but Sasha tells her that she has a policy of not sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. Faith says she likes that, but her concern for Bosco is evident. The next morning Bosco shows up at Faith's door and tries to ask for help. She takes Sasha's advice and tells Bosco she won't get involved.