Third Watch

Season 3 Episode 13

Cold Front

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2002 on NBC

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  • The showcase for this episode is the bitter cold of winter and a grandmother and her family freezing, litterally in an apartment building. Grandmother is frozen in ice. Faith starts efforts for appeal to keep joey. Doc is the star on many counts.

    Anger overwhelms Doc as he finds out that the partner (Jerry) that trained him is working malpractice now and has the case of the person he saved but came out paralyzed.

    Jimmy begins to see that he can't parent alone as he doesn't even know that his son is to play Jesus in the Easter pagent, didn't even know there was a pagent. Faith tells Taylor she will appeal custody. In the mean time, she agrees to help a lot with Joey.

    The main story was a grandmother frozen in ice on the floor of an apartment building without heat. Doc is the one that is called by the others to tell them what to do. They all work to save her. In the end, though they know it was Doc that made it happen. That made him realize how important his job was to him. He takes his Jerry to the scene of an incident when he had just started, when Jerry made a serious mistake. Jerry in response to his concern about not losing his job, tells him it is tough but Doc nearly breaks down, and admits that the job is his entire life. He has nothing else. Jerry walks off and won't accept a ride. Cliffhanger.

    Very well written. The other story lines didn't move much.
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