Third Watch

Season 1 Episode 10

Demolition Derby

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2000 on NBC



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    • (to Kim)

      Jack: So you can hear my confession. So I can meet God, not perfect, but with a clearer heart.

    • {about how Yokas got the camera}
      Bosco: What did you say?
      Yokas: Girl talk.

    • (to the reporter to get her to give up the camera)

      Yokas: Look, I realize what you have to turn yourself into to do your job. I have to do it everyday. But there's a man in there who wants to leave a final message to his daughter. And this is a moment you need to ask yourself "am I a human being or not?"

    • Frank: …and this whole slab comes down full force on one of us.
      Jimmy: Which one?
      Frank: Does it matter?

    • Jack: I'm a screw-up. Girls don't like that.
      Bobby: You'd be surprised.

    • (over the radio)

      Captain: Bobby, if those guys can't stand up and walk out with you, you gotta leave them.

    • Carlos: He's not gonna make it. We should cut our losses. There's guys in there that need us.
      Doc: Kid, I'm elbow deep in this guy's chest. When it's time to call it quits, I'll tell you.

    • Reporter: You have your job to do and I have mine.
      Bosco: Well, guess what? Today my job wins.

    • (about Doc canceling his date with "ankle girl")

      Carlos: You cancelled because you think she looks like your dead wife. You want my opinion? My opinion is you need help.

    • {after Doc tells him that he cancelled his date "with ankle girl" because she looks like his dead wife}
      Carlos: Oh yeah, you're right. I mean, they look exactly alike. They both have hair. Um, man, the resemblance is striking.

    • (about Malcolm after Davis has to chase him for several blocks)

      Sully: Little son of a bitch thinks he's Carl Lewis.

    • Yokas: Okay, let's talk about my sex life. Last night my husband was too drunk to get it up, and it's kinda bugging me, you know?
      Bosco: Whoa. Whoa. That is a little more information than I needed to hear. Now I have a picture.
      Yokas: No kidding.

    • Yokas: Bos, you know what? When somebody has a camera in your face, that is the time to not be a jerk.

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