Third Watch

Season 2 Episode 21

Exposing Faith

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 14, 2001 on NBC



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    • Faith: I'm not an heiress.
      Photographer (laughs): I guessed that.
      Faith: Thanks for letting me say that I was. ... I never went to college.
      Photographer: So what?
      Faith: And I'm married.
      Photographer: Good for you.
      Faith: I have two kids. I think that this weekend was a vacation from who I really am.
      Photographer: Was it fun?
      Faith: I guess I was spending the last few days, pretending that I was somebody I wasn't. Like, I was sorta sick of being me.
      Photographer: You really look a lot more confident than you let on. You seem.... at peace with yourself.

    • Faith: Sometimes I wish I was someone else.
      Photographer: Why?
      Faith: Because I'm not a very interesting person.
      Photographer: I wouldn't be photographing you if you weren't interesting.

    • Bosco: Fred, here's what I'm thinkin'. We're friends, right? If it comes down to it, why kill ourselves over this, right? It's a big truck, too big for a coupla guys who live in the city. If it's just you and me, you take your hands off the truck, I'll sell it, buy a little sporty car and give you 1,000 dollars of what's left over.
      Fred: Don't talk to me.
      Bosco: Cash.
      Fred: She still hasn't answered the phone.
      Bosco: Oh. Well, why don't you just give in and go look for her.
      Fred: Get away from me.
      Bosco: Don't be so touchy.

    • Photographer: So what do you do?
      Faith: Do?
      Photographer: Yeah, for a living.
      Faith: I'm independantly wealthy. You know, travel the world, summer in Maine, you know, the whole bit.
      Photographer: Oh, really?
      Faith: What? I don't look like an heiress?
      Photographer: I wouldn't actually know what an heiress looks like.
      Faith: And you?
      Photographer: I'm a photographer. Do I look like a photographer?
      Faith: You look like a pool shark.
      Photographer: Did we make a wager?
      Faith: Nope.
      Photographer: That's a shame.

    • Fred: I can't reach her.
      Bosco: Excuse me?
      Fred: Every break we get, I call home and Faith hasn't answered the phone.
      Bosco: Come on, man, she's probably just... All day? It's almost 10:00.
      Fred: I know!
      Bosco: Whew, Fred.
      Fred: What? What? What?
      Bosco: I don't know.
      Fred: You playin' me?
      Bosco: I'm just sayin' that it's an awful long time not to be able to reach her is all.
      Fred: You're one dirty son of a bitch, Bos. Playin' Bill's religion, playin' me with Faith.
      Bosco: Fredrick! I can't believe that you think I would sink that low. Well, I'm just sayin' that Faith is the type to be at home.
      Fred: You think she's not at home?
      Bosco: Unless she found somethin' real fun to do. It's just that... Well, I'd be nervous.

    • Holly: I gotta pee.
      Faith: What do you have like, the smallest bladder in the world?
      Holly: I had four kids.
      Faith: Enough said.

    • Holly: Jeez, Faith you look great.
      Faith: Yeah, well, I had a weekend scheduled for totally nude, no kids in the house, loud love making. But if Fred wants to spend the time with his hands on a truck instead of me-- you know what, that's his choice.
      Holly: Cigarette?
      Faith: No, Fred would kill me if he ever though I... Yeah, yeah I want a cigarette.

    • Fred: What's the thing that I've wanted more than anything for years now?
      Faith: I don't know if we should talk about that now 'cause Bosco's in the house.
      Bosco: Yeah, please, don't.
      Fred: What if I told you that I could get a brand new truck for free?
      Faith: A truck? Where you gonna park it?
      Fred: We'll figure that out.
      Faith: Baby, this is New York. You don't buy a truck, and then figure it that out.
      Fred: Not buy. Free.
      Bosco: Wait a minute, how are you gonna get a free truck?
      Fred (holds up a flyer): All you gotta do is keep your hands on it.
      Bosco: Lemme see that. (reads the flyer) Harley-Davidson edition?
      Faith: Your hands?
      Fred: Yeah, yeah. A buncha people put their hands on the truck, last person standing takes it home for free.
      Faith: That sounds stupid.
      Bosco: No, it says it right here. Gigantic truck contest.
      Faith: Yeah, then you gotta pay for insurance and taxes.
      Fred: But the truck's free.
      Bosco: It's free.
      Faith: Yeah, don't say it again.

    • Bosco: Hey, Faith, do you think it's possible that cancer can be caused by havin' surgery?
      Faith: What?
      Dr. Thomas: Your partner's out of his mind.
      Faith: Yeah, no kiddin'.
      Bosco: No, no, I know people who were diagnosed with cancer after havin' surgery.
      Dr. Thomas: Oh, two people. That proves it then.
      Bosco: Yeah. Oh, you eggheads, man. You can't accept the fact that you might be killin' people.
      Dr. Thomas: Eggheads?
      Faith: Bosco, I wanna go get changed so I can go home.
      Bosco: Yeah, in a minute.
      Faith: No. Now. (the next shot of them is walking into Faith's apartment)

    • Faith (to Emily): I'm tellin' you, if I have to write you another tardy note this week, they're gonna send me to the principle's office.
      Emily: I'm coming. Why do you have to be so impatient?
      Fred: Impatient?
      Faith: Impatient? She's copping an attitude with bigger words than she used to.

    • Brig: You guys need any refills?
      Faith: No, Brig, we're good.
      Brig: You're good. Him…
      Faith: It's my cross to bear.
      Bosco: What the hell does she have against me?
      Faith: She just doesn't understand you.

    • Bosco (as Faith is humming): Knock it off.
      Faith: What?
      Bosco: You're creepin' me out.
      Faith: Me being happy creeps you out?
      Bosco: A little bit.
      Faith Well, it's a good thing that you're not gonna see me over the next three days because I'm gonna be really, really happy. 'Cause Fred and I are alone.
      Bosco: Don't remind me. Fred and Faith's freakfest is on.
      Faith: What are you doin' over the next three days?
      Bosco: Oh, I don't know. I thought I'd take the first two to burn the visuals of you two havin' sex right outta my mind. And then, I don't know.
      Faith: So, I was thinking, if I take the light bulb out we can do it on the fire escape.
      Bosco: Why do you have to do that? Hmm?
      Faith: Because if I leave the light bulb in the neighbors might see us.
      Bosco: No, why do you have to tell me about it?
      Faith: Because I love that face you make.
      Bosco: I don't make a face.
      Faith: So, you think that I'd end up with like fire escape lines on my ass if we did it on the fire escape? (Bosco makes a face) There's the face. Bosco, you know what I'm thinking?
      Bosco: Hmm?
      Faith: If we did it in two different directions I could get like, ass waffles. (laughs)
      Bosco: Oh, stop it!

    • Bosco (to Bill who keeps talking about God): You want to have to go up and face a pissed-off God?

    • Bosco: Yo, Whoopi. Come and get your little playmate over here before he becomes a statistic.
      Leroy: You talkin' about my hair?
      Bosco: Oh, come on, man. Join the 21st century. I haven't arrested a hairstyle like that since Michael Jackson was black.
      Leroy: Oh, no, you didn't.

    • Bosco: Looks like it's just you and me Fred.
      Fred: Lucky me.

    • Photographer: So, how does an heiress do that to her hand?
      Faith: I fell off a polo pony.
      Photographer: You play polo?
      Faith: No. I just fell off the pony.
      Photographer: You wanna go see somethin'? I... There's this group of people that you'd find very interesting.
      Faith: A group, huh?
      Photographer: Yeah.
      Faith: Listen, don't try to hustle me like you did on that pool table earlier.
      Photographer: Yeah, I want all your money.
      Faith (laughs): Fat chance. My daddy has a whole stable of lawyers. He keeps them right next to the ponies.
      Photographer: That's scary. Look, I promise, if you don't find these people interesting you can just turn around and leave.

    • Leroy: You haven't stopped flappin' your gums since we put our hands all up on this mother.
      Bosco: Give it a rest, Huggy.
      Leroy: Huggy?
      Bosco: Yeah, you know, Huggy Bear.
      Leroy: Huggy Bear? Oh, no, you didn't.
      Bosco: Oh, and quit saying 'oh, no, you didn't.' I did. I said it. You're all a bunch of cartoon character sterotypes.

    • (After she listens to the message on the answering machine, Fred tells her to get her ass down to Battery Park)
      Faith: Get my ass down here?
      Fred: There you are! ... What are you wearin'?
      Faith: I'm sorry, 'get my ass down here'? What are you, some kind of Neanderthal man now?
      Leroy: Lady, you have to come on so strong?
      Fred: Mind your business.
      Leroy: Her screamin' is my business. I got a bad headache and a worse attitude.
      Bosco: Hit her, Leroy. Lift up your little gloves and go hit her.
      Faith: Bosco, what are you doing here?
      Bosco: I'm winnin' a truck.
      Fred: Why didn't you answer the phone last night?
      Faith: Because I was out.
      Fred: All night?
      Faith: Don't worry about it.
      Fred: You dressed like that?
      Bosco: If I was you Fred, I'd give in right now and go save your marriage.
      Faith: Bosco, you get your ass on the other side of that truck. Don't make me come after you. (Bosco shuts up and moves to the other side of the truck)
      Leroy (laughs): Hey, lady, I changed my mind, you can stay here as long as you like.
      Faith: We had this whole weekend planned, Fred. We were gonna be alone together, really alone for the first time since Emily was born. And you gave that all up for this stupid truck. You know what, you're havin' the weekend you want, I'm gonna go have the weekend that I want.
      Fred: Where you goin'?
      Faith: I'm going to an art gallery opening.
      Fred: You never want to go to stuff like that.
      Faith: Well, you never want to spend the whole weekend with your hands on a truck. So, isn't this great? We're growing! (walks off)
      Bosco: That is some outfit. (Fred gives him a look)

    • Faith: So, what now?
      Photographer: Just have a seat, relax.
      Faith: Yeah, I hate when people say that.

    • Fred: I missed you.
      Faith: I missed you, too. ... What happened with your truck?
      Fred: Uh... (puts the keys in her hand)
      Faith: You're kidding me? (they laugh)
      Fred: Leroy said the guy who's married to that lady who told Boscorelli off deserves that truck.
      Faith: So it was my winning personality again, huh? (laughs)
      Fred: One of your best qualities.
      Faith: Yeah.
      Fred: You know, we still got a day left of the weekend.
      Faith: You blew your chance, mister.
      Fred: I'm completely out of luck?
      Faith: Well, there might be one thing. ... Have you ever made love in the back of a brand new sport-Harley-Davison-edition pickup truck?
      Fred: Mrs. Yokas! (they laugh)
      Faith: Fred, I love you.
      Fred: I love you.

  • Notes

    • Although he appears Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) does not have any lines

    • Ty (Coby Bell), Jimmy (Eddie Cibrian), Kim (Kim Raver), Sully (Skipp Sudduth) and Alex (Amy Carlson) do not appear in this episode

    • Music: The Four Tops did "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)" from their "Essential Collection" cd; Whitesnake did "Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City" from their "Snakebite" cd.

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