Third Watch

Season 2 Episode 21

Exposing Faith

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 14, 2001 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Bosco (as Faith is humming): Knock it off.
      Faith: What?
      Bosco: You're creepin' me out.
      Faith: Me being happy creeps you out?
      Bosco: A little bit.
      Faith Well, it's a good thing that you're not gonna see me over the next three days because I'm gonna be really, really happy. 'Cause Fred and I are alone.
      Bosco: Don't remind me. Fred and Faith's freakfest is on.
      Faith: What are you doin' over the next three days?
      Bosco: Oh, I don't know. I thought I'd take the first two to burn the visuals of you two havin' sex right outta my mind. And then, I don't know.
      Faith: So, I was thinking, if I take the light bulb out we can do it on the fire escape.
      Bosco: Why do you have to do that? Hmm?
      Faith: Because if I leave the light bulb in the neighbors might see us.
      Bosco: No, why do you have to tell me about it?
      Faith: Because I love that face you make.
      Bosco: I don't make a face.
      Faith: So, you think that I'd end up with like fire escape lines on my ass if we did it on the fire escape? (Bosco makes a face) There's the face. Bosco, you know what I'm thinking?
      Bosco: Hmm?
      Faith: If we did it in two different directions I could get like, ass waffles. (laughs)
      Bosco: Oh, stop it!

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