Third Watch

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2002 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Faith answers the door for Bosco, she says she thought it was Fred because he locked himself out, he forgot his keys. Not long after, when Bosco's breaking down with tears and is in Faith's arms, we see Fred coming in the apartment. If he left his keys and is locked out, how can he just walk into the apartment like that?

    • Unless he was panicking, it seems unlikely that Ty wouldn't know rescue breathing without Carlos' guidance. Police, as the first on the scene, would often be required to administer primary medical care, up to and including CPR, before EMS arrives.

  • Quotes

    • Sully: Don't you have a test to take?
      Faith: What's goin' on?
      Sully: Well, your informant paid off. The Fed's just took down our bank robber who Boscorelli promptly punched in the face.
      Faith: What?
      Sully: Yeah. In front of everybody.
      Faith: Well, what the hell was he doing at a stakeout anyway?
      Sully: He wasn't on a stakeout. We weren't supposed to be there. He couldn't help himself. He's not right in the head, Faith. There's something really wrong with him. He'll be lucky to get off with a suspension. And forget about ESU.
      Faith: Do you think Swersky would let me talk to him for a minute if I asked him?
      Sully: No. Faith, no. Go take your test.

    • Fred: You can just stand there and tell me that Bosco distracted you from nailing this test? Is that what happened?
      Faith: I don't know, maybe I just choked.
      Fred: That's crap. You don't choke. You could've taken this test hanging by your ankles and you would've passed it.
      Faith: Fred, you know what, this is my career…
      Fred: No, it's not! It's our life! It's about better life for yourself, for your kids and for me. You let Bosco get in the way of that.
      Faith: No, Bosco had nothing to do with this. It was me.
      Fred: Yeah, yeah, defend him as usual.

    • Brian O'Malley (about Bosco's panic attacks): It's like a little mini-movie, right? All the worst crap you've ever seen in your life, running out before your eyes in fast motion.
      Bosco: So you're a cop?
      Brian O'Malley: I was a cop. Now, I counsel guys like you.
      Bosco: Listen, I really don't want the department knowing.
      Brian O'Malley: Like I said, guys like you. These episodes, are they effecting your job?
      Bosco: No.
      Brian O'Malley: Okay, bye.
      Bosco: Excuse me?
      Brian O'Malley: Get out. If you're gonna stand there and lie to me, you might as well go home. Why waste our time? … You drinking?
      Bosco: Not too much. A few days a week, maybe. A few shots.
      Brian O'Malley: Bourbon.
      Bosco: How'd you know?
      Brian O'Malley: Goes down great, doesn't it? Like little razor blades scraping away at that bile in the back of your throat.
      Bosco: Yeah. Definitely.
      Brian O'Malley: Quit. Definitely. Unless you wanna end up in AA with another problem to solve. Life's hard enough.

    • Brian O'Malley: Why don't you tell me about the episodes? The images you can't shake. The things that make your chest go tight and cut off your air. What is it you see? Close your eyes.
      Bosco: I don't wanna do this. I don't wanna close my eyes.
      Brian O'Malley: I'm serious. Close your eyes. (Bosco reluctantly does) What is it that you see?
      Bosco: Blood. I'm on the ground. This guy cornered me in a building and he hit my vest.
      Brian O'Malley: And then what?
      Bosco: Shaquana.
      Brian O'Malley: She's there, too? Your girlfriend?
      Bosco: No, it's a separate thing. She's uh… Shaquana, she's-- she's a long story. See, we didn't think she was being raped and she was. Then I always move onto Hobart.
      Brian O'Malley: Glennie Hobart. Knew he really well. He was a good cop.
      Bosco: So then you know what happened.
      Brian O'Malley: Yeah. Bang. So this other stuff-- You getting shot, the girl getting raped, is that around the same time as this thing with Hobart?
      Bosco: Hobart was the latest and the other stuff happened a few months before.
      Brian O'Malley: A few months before but after September 11th.
      Bosco: Why bring that into this?
      Brian O'Malley: Why not? It's a big deal.
      Bosco: It was about the biggest. You know what? I'm pretty much over that. This isn't about that.
      Brian O'Malley: Really? You were on duty?
      Bosco: Why we even goin' there?
      Brian O'Malley: There more you won't, the more I want to.
      Bosco: I was off duty. I woke up at some chick's place. I heard the roaring of the plane by, so I ran down.
      Brian O'Malley: Down what street?
      Bosco: I don't remember the street.
      Brian O'Malley: Most guys know exactly where they were.
      Bosco: I was pulling people out.
      Brian O'Malley: Out of the rubble? What tower?
      Bosco: See, people don't know. You watch channel four news, and you think you know, but listen to me, you don't know.
      Brian O'Malley: Okay, I don't know. Yet everything that causes your PTSD happened after the 11th.
      Bosco: Who said anything about PTSD?
      Brian O'Malley: I did. Post-traumatic stress disorder.
      Bosco: I know what it is. Listen, to me, a bank bag exploded in my face. That's it. That's all.
      Brian O'Malley: Okay, thank you for coming.
      Bosco: That's it?
      Brian O'Malley: Yeah, that's it. I told you not to lie to me. That's it.
      Bosco: I'm-- I'm not coming back.
      Brian O'Malley: You're not invited.

    • Bosco: Hi.
      Faith: Hi. I thought you were Fred… He um… he locked himself out.
      Faith: Are you alright?
      Bosco: Can we talk?
      Faith: Yeah. Come in.
      Bosco: How'd the test go?
      Faith: Not so good.
      Bosco: Really?
      Faith: Yeah, and Fred's really upset.
      Bosco: I can't imagine you not passin'.
      Faith: Yeah, well, anyway… You alright? Swersky came down pretty hard?
      Bosco: Suspended for a week. Desk duty for another week after that. Mandatory counseling.
      Faith: That's not so bad Bosco, considering.
      Bosco: You know, I got down there right when the second tower was being hit---
      Faith: What?
      Bosco: ---and they were already jumping from the North Tower. People falling, you know? And I'm watching them, all the way down. There was nothing that I could do.
      Faith: There was nothing that any of us could do.
      Bosco: They were just falling. But so hard and so fast and then, it seemed like it took forever, 10 seconds, 15, I don't really know. I saw a couple people holding hands. Faith, I saw women holding their dresses down. And that sound, that thump. And I'm just standing there. I'm just standing there doing nothing. I pointed a few people this way and that way, but… I was frozen. It was like I was frozen. I was numb. I couldn't believe it. And then, and then there was this rumble. It was like nothing I ever heard before. This huge wave of sound. So I ran. I ran away, Faith.
      Faith: Bosco, the tower was coming down.
      Bosco: I just… I ran. I kept running. I remember I just kept running. I kept running. And that, that, that, that cloud came. And I couldn't see a thing. I could see nothin'. It was just pitch black. But I was still running. (starts crying) I couldn't breathe. I thought that was it. I must have run right into a building 'cause that's when I finally stopped running.
      Faith: Everybody ran.
      Bosco: I didn't go back.
      Faith: Yes you did.
      Bosco: I sat on the street and I just, I couldn't… I couldn't, I could not go back.
      Faith: Bosco, I saw you there.
      Bosco: I sat there. I was…I was afraid.
      Faith: Bosco, I saw you there. You were helping people.
      Bosco: No, later, you saw me later. 'Cause I sat there. And it must have been for like… it just must've been for an hour. I was there sitting, for an hour. I don't know how long. I could have been there for two hours.
      Faith: Bosco, you were probably in shock.
      Bosco (starts crying harder): Faith, I ran. God help me, I ran…
      Faith (softly): Bosco… (hugs him and soothes him) It's okay, it's okay. Bosco, it's okay.

    • (Bosco and Sully are working together and Sully is driving)
      Bosco: I feel like I'm riding a lawnmower.
      Sully: Wanna walk?
      Bosco: It'd be faster.
      Sully: Look, Bosco, you can complain all you want to but you're not driving this car. You got it?
      Bosco: When's Davis get back?
      Sully: Not soon enough.
      Bosco: What is it with you, huh? Not getting it enough at home?
      Sully: Look, my home life is off limits. You got it? Just settle whatever beef you got with Yokas, will 'ya? As soon as Davis can walk unassisted you're outta here.
      Bosco: I got no beef with Faith. … Why she say something to you?
      Sully: What is this? Junior high school?
      Bosco: Excuse me… But she's riding with Gusler outta charity. That kid's… he's… he's a mess.
      Sully: How you sleepin'?
      Bosco: Hey, you know what? I feel terrible about Benny Ross, but I'm not blaming myself for it. Alright? It's a dangerous job. Bad things happen. It's nothing to get all mental over.

    • (Kylie is crying)
      Davis: Carlos. Get up, get up, get up. Get up!
      Carlos (waking up): Kylie?
      Davis: No, some other baby got in here. How can you possibly sleep through that?
      Carlos: Okay, okay. You need your formula, huh?
      Davis: I'm gonna tell you what she needs. She needs her own apartment, man.
      Carlos: Relax, man. I got it covered.
      Davis: You've been to the adoption agency?
      Carlos: Yeah, man. Been there, registered. Ready to go.
      Davis: Are you lying?
      Carlos: Hey, this is no dream for me either, you know?
      Davis: It's nothing personal, you know. Did they tell you how long it's gonna take?
      Carlos: Oh, not long at all. You know, a few weeks, a month.
      Davis: A month? No, no. You can't do it. You're going back to work today and I'm not babysittin'.
      Carlos: I'm not asking you to. I got a nanny coming, alright? You don't have to lift a finger.
      Davis: It's not that I wouldn't, alright? I mean, she's real cute and everything, it's just that I'm still healin' up here.
      Carlos: I got it, I got it.
      Davis: Alright, I'm goin' back to bed. You keep your trap shut there, little lady.
      Carlos (to Kylie in a baby voice): That's a mean old Uncle Ty. He got shot in his Mr. Wiggles.

    • Faith: Alright, so ask me a question.
      Gusler: True or false: 'A sergeant cannot occupy a seat in public conveyance'?
      Faith: It's true.
      Gusler: What's public conveyance?
      Faith: Political office. So was I right?
      Gusler: Well, why doesn't it just say that, then?
      Faith: I don't know, Steve. I'm a little preoccupied with taking the sergeant's test. So was I right or wrong?
      Gusler: What was your answer again?

    • (After the bank bag explodes in his face, the doctor tells him he had a panic attack)
      Bosco: Okay, I'll try and steer clear of any exploding bags. That's all it was, exploding bag. All right?
      Dr. Thomas: If you say so.

    • Faith: Sully, if you don't wanna wait, I'll take him in.
      Sully: Why? You got Gusler with 'ya.
      Faith: I know. I'm just sayin' if you don't wanna wait, I'll wait.
      Bosco: Lighten up, Mommy. I'll ride with Sul.
      Faith: Okay. Never mind.
      Sully: 'Mommy'? How do you put up with that?
      Faith: Oh, it's an acquired taste.

    • Swersky (during roll call): …In turn the bank promised a generous donation to the PBA widow's and children's fund, in Bosco's name. Not to mention they offered to chip in for his new pace maker.

    • (Bosco is on crossing guard duty)
      Girl: I'm gonna be a policeman someday.
      Bosco: Yeah? Good for you. Spectacular. (to a kid who's staring at him) What are you looking at?
      Boy: I didn't know men do this.
      Bosco: I'm sorry?
      Boy: I didn't know men do this.
      Bosco (blows the whistle loudly): Sully! That's it!
      Sully (who is sitting in the car. To himself): What now?

    • {Bosco has gone to see a shrink and gets kicked out}
      Bosco: I'm not coming back.
      Shrink: You're not invited.

    • Taylor (about Kylie): Look at her, she's so beautiful.
      Davis: Yeah, she's real cute.
      Taylor: Who would have thought-- the spawn of Carlos.

    • Davis:This child of yours needs a home, a real home, which unfortunately you can't give her.
      Carlos: Who says I can't?
      Davis: Oh, so… what you're not trying at all?
      Carlos: Yeah, I am but she's my kid. Have you seen what passes for parents out there, huh? Would I be any worse? I at least have the right to think about it.
      Davis: Yeah, exactly, please. Think about it, think about all of it. What about child proofing the apartment? You better think about that. Before this little girl crawls out of a window or stick hers finger in a socket.
      Carlos: She wouldn't do that.
      Davis: She wouldn't do that? You need to think this thing through, long term, man. Seriously.

    • Davis (as he's feeding Kylie): You haven't lived until you've had some of these strained…apricots. Hmm? Hmm? It looks good. The ducky likes it. Uncle Ty likes it.

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