Third Watch

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2002 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Bosco: Hi.
      Faith: Hi. I thought you were Fred… He um… he locked himself out.
      Faith: Are you alright?
      Bosco: Can we talk?
      Faith: Yeah. Come in.
      Bosco: How'd the test go?
      Faith: Not so good.
      Bosco: Really?
      Faith: Yeah, and Fred's really upset.
      Bosco: I can't imagine you not passin'.
      Faith: Yeah, well, anyway… You alright? Swersky came down pretty hard?
      Bosco: Suspended for a week. Desk duty for another week after that. Mandatory counseling.
      Faith: That's not so bad Bosco, considering.
      Bosco: You know, I got down there right when the second tower was being hit---
      Faith: What?
      Bosco: ---and they were already jumping from the North Tower. People falling, you know? And I'm watching them, all the way down. There was nothing that I could do.
      Faith: There was nothing that any of us could do.
      Bosco: They were just falling. But so hard and so fast and then, it seemed like it took forever, 10 seconds, 15, I don't really know. I saw a couple people holding hands. Faith, I saw women holding their dresses down. And that sound, that thump. And I'm just standing there. I'm just standing there doing nothing. I pointed a few people this way and that way, but… I was frozen. It was like I was frozen. I was numb. I couldn't believe it. And then, and then there was this rumble. It was like nothing I ever heard before. This huge wave of sound. So I ran. I ran away, Faith.
      Faith: Bosco, the tower was coming down.
      Bosco: I just… I ran. I kept running. I remember I just kept running. I kept running. And that, that, that, that cloud came. And I couldn't see a thing. I could see nothin'. It was just pitch black. But I was still running. (starts crying) I couldn't breathe. I thought that was it. I must have run right into a building 'cause that's when I finally stopped running.
      Faith: Everybody ran.
      Bosco: I didn't go back.
      Faith: Yes you did.
      Bosco: I sat on the street and I just, I couldn't… I couldn't, I could not go back.
      Faith: Bosco, I saw you there.
      Bosco: I sat there. I was…I was afraid.
      Faith: Bosco, I saw you there. You were helping people.
      Bosco: No, later, you saw me later. 'Cause I sat there. And it must have been for like… it just must've been for an hour. I was there sitting, for an hour. I don't know how long. I could have been there for two hours.
      Faith: Bosco, you were probably in shock.
      Bosco (starts crying harder): Faith, I ran. God help me, I ran…
      Faith (softly): Bosco… (hugs him and soothes him) It's okay, it's okay. Bosco, it's okay.