Third Watch

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2002 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Brian O'Malley: Why don't you tell me about the episodes? The images you can't shake. The things that make your chest go tight and cut off your air. What is it you see? Close your eyes.
      Bosco: I don't wanna do this. I don't wanna close my eyes.
      Brian O'Malley: I'm serious. Close your eyes. (Bosco reluctantly does) What is it that you see?
      Bosco: Blood. I'm on the ground. This guy cornered me in a building and he hit my vest.
      Brian O'Malley: And then what?
      Bosco: Shaquana.
      Brian O'Malley: She's there, too? Your girlfriend?
      Bosco: No, it's a separate thing. She's uh… Shaquana, she's-- she's a long story. See, we didn't think she was being raped and she was. Then I always move onto Hobart.
      Brian O'Malley: Glennie Hobart. Knew he really well. He was a good cop.
      Bosco: So then you know what happened.
      Brian O'Malley: Yeah. Bang. So this other stuff-- You getting shot, the girl getting raped, is that around the same time as this thing with Hobart?
      Bosco: Hobart was the latest and the other stuff happened a few months before.
      Brian O'Malley: A few months before but after September 11th.
      Bosco: Why bring that into this?
      Brian O'Malley: Why not? It's a big deal.
      Bosco: It was about the biggest. You know what? I'm pretty much over that. This isn't about that.
      Brian O'Malley: Really? You were on duty?
      Bosco: Why we even goin' there?
      Brian O'Malley: There more you won't, the more I want to.
      Bosco: I was off duty. I woke up at some chick's place. I heard the roaring of the plane by, so I ran down.
      Brian O'Malley: Down what street?
      Bosco: I don't remember the street.
      Brian O'Malley: Most guys know exactly where they were.
      Bosco: I was pulling people out.
      Brian O'Malley: Out of the rubble? What tower?
      Bosco: See, people don't know. You watch channel four news, and you think you know, but listen to me, you don't know.
      Brian O'Malley: Okay, I don't know. Yet everything that causes your PTSD happened after the 11th.
      Bosco: Who said anything about PTSD?
      Brian O'Malley: I did. Post-traumatic stress disorder.
      Bosco: I know what it is. Listen, to me, a bank bag exploded in my face. That's it. That's all.
      Brian O'Malley: Okay, thank you for coming.
      Bosco: That's it?
      Brian O'Malley: Yeah, that's it. I told you not to lie to me. That's it.
      Bosco: I'm-- I'm not coming back.
      Brian O'Malley: You're not invited.

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