Third Watch

Season 5 Episode 16

Family Ties (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

Bosco's trouble-prone brother professes to be drug-free and offers Bosco a tip on a murderous turf war between rival Ecstasy dealers. Acting on the information, Bosco reteams with his rehabilitated former partner, Yokas, to bust up the operation fronted by an unlikely religious sect--a major coup that irritates ambitious Cruz. Meanwhile, in the wake of the firehouse shooting, a psychiatrist, Dr. Madeline Breene (recurring guest star SUSAN DEY - "LA Law"), interviews an uneasy Kim and Carlos for any lingering aftereffects and makes some startling evaluations. Kim, Carlos and Holly Levine go to mandated counseling to talk about what happened with Doc. Their counselor, Dr. Breene, becomes very concerned for their mental health and the fact that they have no outlet for their stress. Bosco's mom engineers a reunion between Bosco and his brother, Mikey. Mikey is finally off drugs, and is receiving his 6-month medallion from Narcotics Anonymous. As a gesture of goodwill, he gives Bosco and Faith some information on some Hassidic Jews who are dealing huge amounts of ecstasy. Bosco and Faith make a good bust, and Faith has fun rubbing it in Cruz's face. In the meantime, after a drug-dealer is murdered outside a rave, Cruz finds herself on the track of a drug-war between dealers of ecstasy with monkey faces on it, and dealers of ecstasy with dolphins on it. Cruz realizes that Mikey Boscorelli is dealing the dolphins, and set up the Hassids, who were dealing the monkey faces, using Bosco, so that he could get rid of the competition. Cruz tells Bosco, and Bosco is infuriated with his brother, even though he defends him to Cruz. Cruz tells the Hassids they were set up, and uses them to get info on Mikey. Cruz and her partner Dade go after Mikey, but Dade gets shot. Fred is furious with Faith for partnering up with Bosco again. Monroe is on a 30-day suspension for losing her off-duty gun.