Third Watch

Season 5 Episode 17

Family Ties (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

In the second of a two-part story, Cruz believes that Bosco's troubled brother is involved in the deadly shooting of a crime-unit officer and discovers that the other suspects linked to the Ecstasy-dealing drug gang are using armor-piercing ammunition, rendering bulletproof vests useless. Bosco must find his fearful brother before the vengeful Cruz does. Meanwhile, the fire department's psychiatrist, Dr. Madeline Breene (recurring guest star SUSAN DEY), tries to insinuate herself with the distrustful paramedics as she probes into their collective psyche after a bloody firehouse incident.

Dade, although his vest protected him from most of the bullets, dies when his heart stops. A doctor later tells Cruz that it's because the bullets were spiked with liquid teflon. Cruz and the rest of anti-crime hunts for Mike Boscorelli as a cop killer. Bosco finds his brother and they have a heart to heart. Bosco tells Mikey that he believes that he didn't kill the cop, but says he has to take him in. Anthony Boscorelli, Bosco's dad, tells Cruz where to find his wayward son, and asks about a reward for turning in a cop killer. Bosco pleads with Cruz not to hurt his brother, and Mikey actually gives up Spider, the guy who really did the shooting. After a gun battle, the anti-crime unit and the cops of the 55 take down Spider. In the process, Faith saves Cruz's life, although for a moment Cruz thinks Faith is gunning for her. Cruz pisses of Jelly Grimaldi, who was investigating the murder of the dolphin-carrying drug dealer. Dr. Breene tries to convince the paramedics that they need to talk to someone about the trauma that they have been to, even if that someone isn't her. Fred still doesn't like that Faith is back at work and back with Bosco.
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