Third Watch

Season 5 Episode 5

Goodbye to All That

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2003 on NBC
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Goodbye to All That
Over her protests, a judge marked for execution is placed under a protective detail and gives Sully and Ty a scare when she slips away to get a cup of coffee; Levine uses an unorthodox way to get a patient's mind off his pain; when no physical reason can be found for Faith's intense pain, her doctor refers her to a psychiatrist; Kim is livid when Doc gives her an official letter of reprimand for disregarding field regulations just the way he did several times; in an effort to get out of the bag and off the street, Maritza convinces Swersky to let her set up a sting operation to catch a chiropractor who's fronting for prostitution, and pays a terrible price for continuing her "lonesome cowboy" approach to apprehending criminals.moreless

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  • Cruz gets raped

    OMG I cant believe Cruz gets raped in this episode. like what happened i dont understand did she get payed and of course refuse why wasnt monroe there to help her wasnt she around why didnt she fight back like she do everything else

    she was a dumb a** in this episode
Coby Bell

Coby Bell

Ty Davis Jr.

Michael Beach

Michael Beach

Doc Parker (Episodes 1-103)

Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian

Jimmy Doherty (Episodes 1-101)

Molly Price

Molly Price

Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

Kim Raver

Kim Raver

Kim Zambrano (Episodes 1-111)

Anthony Ruivivar

Anthony Ruivivar

Carlos Nieto



Barbara Halsted

Guest Star

Nikki M. James

Nikki M. James


Guest Star

John Schiappa

John Schiappa

Frank Morgan

Guest Star

Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow

Mona Mitchell

Recurring Role

Joe Lisi

Joe Lisi

Lt. Swersky

Recurring Role

Jeremy Bergman

Jeremy Bergman

Charlie Yokas

Recurring Role

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    • Sully: 1 person dead 6 lucky not to be. I don't know you ask me that qualifies as need.

      Deputy Chief Sage:Your Honor we're putting you under a protective watch

      Judge Halstead Him i want him with me.

      Deputy Chief Sage: Sullivan?


    • Woman: Officer! Officer!
      Cruz: No habla Ingles.
      {woman starts speaking spanish}
      Woman: You gotta help me.
      Cruz: Somebody better be dead.

    • {to Sully}
      Davis: What kind of lemonade are you drinkin', man?

    • {seeing the woman's complaint is a double parked car}
      Cruz: Somebody's under there, right?

    • Woman: I can't get out. What if I have to go somewhere later.
      Cruz: Later? You mean you don't even got to go somewhere now?

    • Man: I told you I was gonna be moving it.
      Cruz: Don't "gonna be moving" anything. Do it now!

    • Cruz: He's moving his car. Life's good for you, Cha-Cha? Life's good for everybody? Good.

    • Sully: I ain't about to piss him off by not showing up for his annual slap-and-tickle.
      Davis: Slap-and-tickle?
      Sully: Slap-and-tickle. What'd I say?
      Davis: Slap-and-tickle.

    • Man: I'm moving my car. How you gonna write me up?
      Cruz: With this pen.

    • Sully: Give me two seconds, I'll have my car. I'll give you a ride home.
      Davis: Yeah, that'd be a pleasant ride.
      Sully: Hey, if it's about my attitude don't worry. As soon as we leave I'm in a much better mood.
      Davis: It's about being seen in your car.
      Sully: Hey, that car's a classic!

    • Cruz: I can't even write a ticket without it becoming an event.

    • Cruz: This is organized, all dressed up like a medical service.
      Swerksy: I don't care if it's dressed up like twin cheerleaders.

    • Swersky: Oh, so this is for me?
      Cruz: You, me, decent citizens. Young girls, forced into a dirty life.
      Swersky: You forgot nuns and orphans.
      Cruz: Why hurt when I'm trying to help?

    • Bosco: Hey, we got wounded here.
      Carlos: We got wounded everywhere, Bosco.

    • Doc: What do you have?
      Carlos: It's like Baghdad East.

    • {to Cruz about her role in the undercover assignment}
      Monroe: So basically I'm working the camera in a porno flick?

    • Monroe: And you think this is gonna work?
      Cruz: Why wouldn't it?
      Monroe: What if none of these guys wanna pay to have sex with you?

    • Kim: "Hold this crystal"? A guy is bleeding out of his leg, how's holding a crystal gonna help him?
      Levine: When he was holding the crystal he wasn't thinking about his leg.

    • {to Doc}
      Kim: For a guy who graduated to a desk, he sure doesn't spend much time behind it.

    • Kim: You know what I don't get, is with everything that I see--- a guy has a piece of car wedged into his face and I just go back for more.
      Doc: How can you not?

    • Halsted: Him. I want him with me.
      Deputy Chief Sage: Sullivan?
      Sully: Crap...

    • Sully: I don't want to baby-sit this woman!
      Davis: Special detail, Sul. Say it like that, it feels much better.

    • Sully: Yesterday my car goes up in a ball of flames, today I gotta play nursemaid to Judge Perfect!
      Davis: Maybe we should get you a nurse's outfit. Little hat...
      Sully: Whole thing sucks.
      Davis: Are you familiar with the theory that you attract what you send out? Negative energy comes right back at you?
      Sully: Listen, Kojak, you're gonna go all happy-crappy New Age on me, you can get out and walk your ass to the detail.
      Davis: Yeah, you know what? That's much more positive.

    • Dr. Shea: There doesn't seem to be anything wrong.
      Yokas: There's a bullet in me, in my back, and you're gonna tell me there's nothing wrong?
      Dr. Shea: Well, regarding your pain, no. The bullet is not a factor.
      Yokas: Really? 'Cause I wasn't limping around like this before I took the bullet.

    • Man: You have a pretty mouth.
      Cruz: And they say romance is dead. Using my pretty mouth will be $150.

    • Monroe: I just don't think we're making good use of our resources.
      Cruz: Well maybe you should write someone a letter. Someone who actually gives a damn.

    • {about the letter}
      Carlos: This came for you.
      Kim: It's official.
      Carlos: Right. That's probably why the word "official" is stamped all over it in big, red letters.
      Kim: Play nice.

    • Doc: Kim, it's not my function to reprimand you at a scene in front of your subordinates.
      Kim: Not your function?
      Doc: Exactly.

    • Kim: Oh, you want to show me your power? Okay Doc, you're powerful, all right? You're up there with the Gods. Just stay away from the rest of us.

    • Cruz: What kind of girls do you like?
      Man: Uh, not-white.
      Cruz: And you got trouble finding not-white girls in New York City? What, do you live in a Woody Allen movie?

    • {to Judge Halsted}
      Sully: Get in the car or I'm gonna help you in the car and enjoy doing it.

    • {to Cruz}
      Monroe: If you take that shower we're never gonna be able to prosecute that guy. Get dressed, we're gonna go to the hospital. We're gonna get a rape kit done.

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    • Sully: Listen Kojak if you're gonna go all new age on me. you can get out and walk your ass to the detail

      This line is a reference to the detective that sucks on hard candy on a stick which Davis was doing