Third Watch

Season 6 Episode 22

Goodbye to Camelot

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 06, 2005 on NBC
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Goodbye to Camelot
Gangbangers assault the 55th Precinct station and set it afire, trapping Sergeant Cruz and Officer Monroe. While Bosco and other police return fire, the future of their beloved "Camelot" house is in dire jeopardy -- as is the life of one dedicated cop. In the confusion, murderous gang leader Marcel escapes, Yokas fears for her visiting daughter's safety -- and a nervous Carlos preps to propose to Levine.moreless

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  • all about best ever T.V. show to come out the states for many years THIRD WATCH. I TAPED THE WHOLE OF THE FINAL SERIES WHEN WAS ON MORE 4 last year including goodbye to Camelot and yeah defo was one of the best when the 55 got bombed Cruz nough REmoreless

    I didn't start watching third watch till 2002 and it had already been on for a while but watched from beginning when channel 4 restarted the series from the beginning and very quickly became addicted to it although have not seen series 3 and have been trying to get hold of this for a long time (??? so if anyone knows any sites where i can watch would be so cool) i am aware of of a site called graboid video where you can download films and most T.V. and third watch is on there is on there but alot of stuff won't download but also costs alot so anyone else got any other sites let us know cheers.

    but yeah review wise best prog to come from U.S. ever i think as it involves all three of the services just wish they where still making it.

    But i guess all good things come to an end best character defo Bosco then sgt. Cruz but yeah if i find it first will update this if anyone else find then post it up.

  • Amazing end of the series. Completely memerable and well done!

    This series final of Third Watch cended with a bang! I thought that it was completely well done espcially considering that the end of the show came as a surprise to all. I have seen many shows end and none ended as well as this one did. It came together with a happy ending for all of the characters that we had grown to love. I believe that it truly showed the personality of all of the characters that we had grown to love throught the years. If it was reality, that is where i would expect all of them to be. Even though it was kinda predicatable it was still extremly heartfelt and sweet.

    It was very nice how the sereis originals were brought back just for quick cameos, but they were still recionizable by all. I was a little upsetting that they did not reconize the 2 cast members that were killed off in earlier seasons(Alex Talyor and Bobby Caffery).

    All in all, this finalie left room for a 10 year reunion show at that same time that it left fans with a complete ending. This show ended extremly well. Even though i hated that it had to go soo early how they did it will be remembered by all fans forever.moreless
  • i`ve been a fan of third watch since 1999 and as in the first episode it was great to see bosco chasing sombody in the very last scene of END OF TOUR as he did in the opening sequence of WELCOME TO CAMELOT.. i`m really going to miss it..cheers byemoreless

    i`ve been a fan of third watch since 1999 and as in the first episode it was great to see bosco chasing sombody in the very last scene of .end of tour. as he did in the opening sequence of welcome to camelot.. i`m really going to miss it..cheers bye
  • Goodbye to Camelot.

    being a volunteer nypd police officer, this show really got me. I loved the show and the final episode just got me. I was happy for carlos who finally got to be with Holly. But someone mis spelled the island. its STATEN ISLAND :-) I know, I live here *grins*. But it was a very good show and Im sad that its over

    Editors Note: I been DVR-ing the episodes on A&E, I seen snippets of the 1st episode on YouTube, but some reason (call me a baby I guess) I cry harder on the final episode. I guess nothing will ever replace 3rd watch, and I doubt it ever willmoreless
  • The best show ever plays it's last episode...

    Third Watch was one of the best. During this episode, so much was resolved. Carlos and Holly got married, in the backround you see Jimmy and Kim holding a baby and with there son Joey. Though, that will never bring a great show back. The Police Department was destroyed. As it burned, and the action kept rolling, the fans watched. As the show fades out, and the credits start rolling, many many fans world-wide......cried. From Bosco to Doc, the fans met every original character. The show ended with Sully narrating the future. Fans are pleased that Third Watch got a good ending, and just doesn't end in the middle of the season. The show made you feel as if you were part of there brotherhood, which is why many fans will never forget Third Watch.

Coby Bell

Coby Bell

Ty Davis Jr.

Molly Price

Molly Price

Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

Anthony Ruivivar

Anthony Ruivivar

Carlos Nieto

Skipp Sudduth

Skipp Sudduth

John "Sully" Sullivan

Jason Wiles

Jason Wiles

Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli

Tia Texada

Tia Texada

Maritza Cruz (Episodes 80-132 , recurring previously)

Kim Raver

Kim Raver

Kim Zambrano

Guest Star

Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian

Jimmy Doherty

Guest Star

Michael Beach

Michael Beach

Doc Parker

Guest Star

Aidan Quinn

Aidan Quinn

John Miller

Recurring Role

Yvonne Jung

Yvonne Jung

Holly Levine

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Aidan Quinn who plays Captain Miller appeared unbilled and had no lines.

    • After Ladder 100 uses the ladder to break the window to the 2nd floor of the 55th precinct, you can briefly see a newspaper clipping of Ty's "Hero Cop" article from episode 67, Lights Up.

    • When Carlos visited Doc at the mental hospital he refered to Doc's deceased wife as "Linda". Her name was "Deborah" Or "Debra". Which ever spelling you prefer.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Cruz: Not expecting one person.
      Bosco: One?
      Cruz: Yeah. You got a cell phone?
      Bosco: Yeah...?
      Cruz: What I want you to do watch for the right time and then call for backup.
      Bosco: How am I gonna know when you're ready?
      Cruz: You'll know.
      Bosco: Are you sure?
      Cruz: There's no one I'd rather have backing me up. (Then Cruz kisses Bosco goodbye)

    • Cruz: Marcel Hollis thinks that the only thing keeping street gangs from ruling New York is...organization. Says if they all got together they'd outnumber us.
      Bosco: Jagoff.
      Cruz: Yeah. Except he's right.

    • Levine: Yokas just dissed us.
      Carlos: I need to talk to you.
      Levine: I am so tired of people thinking that EMS is not a worthwhile career...
      Carlos: I've been trying all night---
      Levine: You know what, we didn't go to medical school, but we have an awful lot of training and do a pretty damn good job out here under very difficult circu---
      Carlos: Damn it, Holly, will you marry me!?

    • Bosco: Um, where did all this come from?
      Cruz: Been on the street 13 years. You never got any weapons?
      Bosco: I turned 'em all in.
      Cruz: I didn't.

    • {to Cruz when they go to get Marcel and stop at her apartment}
      Bosco: He's in your apartment?
      Cruz: I'm not that person, Bosco.
      Bosco: What?
      Cruz: A talk-first person. It's weakness. No one respects weakness. Even tried religion. Can you believe that? Me, lighting candles and chanting. Crazy.
      Bosco: Not really. Can't.

    • Cruz: Hey! Your eyes all messed up?
      Bosco: What?
      Cruz: You have trouble seeing?
      Bosco: Get away from me...
      Cruz: No. If you're gonna do this with me I gotta know the truth.
      Bosco: If I'm gonna do what with you?
      Cruz: I might be able to find Marcel Hollis. He's gonna be heavily armed.
      Bosco: Let's go.
      Cruz: Can you see?
      Bosco: Yeah.
      Cruz: Come with me.

    • Yokas: Bosco...
      Cruz: I'll talk to him.
      Yokas: You?
      Cruz: You two aren't exactly friends, right?

    • Swersky: You have information on this guy? Gotta make a request to Operations.
      Bosco: Who gives a damn about that!? Those jagoffs just attacked our house!
      Finney: Do we know who they are?
      Cruz: Yeah. It was Marcel Hollis and his gang. And it wasn't an attack, it was an escape.

    • Swersky: It's out.
      Sully: And no one was seriously hurt.
      Jelly: Not exactly. We got a prisoner that ain't gonna make it to court.
      Yokas: We do?
      Jelly: Yeah. Your child molester.
      Yokas: Wow. Maybe there is a God.

    • Bosco: Well, whoever it was, they must be gone. Or he wouldn't have made it this far.
      Carlos: I almost didn't.
      Sully: Everybody's out back.
      Carlos: Anyone gonna shoot me if I go back there?
      Bosco: We didn't shoot you, did we!?

    • Swersky: Where are you going?
      Bosco: I'm going to see who's shooting at us.
      Swersky: Come out back so we can regroup.
      Bosco: Come on, Boss. You gonna let somebody attack the house?
      Davis: He's right, Lieu.

    • Cruz: Go! I'm ordering you! Go!
      Monroe: What are you gonna do, write me up?

    • Bernie: They make a run, it's my ass, not yours.
      Sully: Another couple of minutes, Bernie, and all of our asses are gonna be fried!

    • {over radio}
      Swersky: 5-5-Lieutenant to Central. 10-13! Shots fired! We need those units forthwith, Central! The precinct is under attack! Repeat, the precinct is under attack!

    • Sully: The 55 closed that day. The one i knew anyway. It's being rebuilt ten blocks away. The thing is the new precinct won't be on the corner of King and Arthur anymore, so there won't be any Camelot. The idea of Camelot, a place where heros gather in force, before going out to battle, that'll still be alive, and whatever building becomes the 55, it lives in every police station and fire station in the city, hell in the country, in the world for that matter. Bob Swersky retired as the deputy chief. He spends his days playing with his 12 grand kids; being our boss prepared him for that pretty well.
      Dk took over the squad when Billy Walsh got promoted to battalion chief. Stu LottaZ's ended up taking over Jimmy Doherty's rescue Squad. Stu Dk and Walsh saved 17 people one day from a garment factory fire. They all won medals of honour. Carlos and Holly got married. Today they've got three kids and a big house on Staten Island. Ty says Carlos is a good father. He finally found the family he always wanted. Ty and sasha are still seeing each other. They say they are going to get married once their careers slow down, but I think it's gonna be a while. He's an anti-crime Lt. in charge of half of Manhattan, and Sasha's running for city council. According to the papers I get up here, she's leading the polls. Brendan is Lt. Davis's seargent on the anti crime task force. They make a pretty good team. Their troops have more arrests than any team in the city. Grace Foster put 3 more years on the street and then became an instructor for the EMS. She couldn't work out in the field anymore, being pregnant and all. In the end her mother was right, she became a teacher. She and Brendan are celebrating their first anniversary next week.
      When Faith reported to Major crime she got a surprise. Her boss, besides leading the department of homicide clearances, never lost her compassion for cases that involved a kid. She and Captain Miller are thinking about moving in together, after Emily finishes college that is.
      Maritza Cruz was awarded the medal of honour. Intelligence estimates that the amount of firearms recovered from that building saved numerous lives, mostly police officers. To this day someone places a single rose on her grave every morning. Bosco, well Bosco's doing the same thing he's always done, balls out, every day, every job, kicking ass, taking names, and being the police.
      Me, I've found my own little piece of heaven, a small cabin, 108 feet away from a beautfiul lake, nothing but peace and quiet, the one thing i do battle with now is the occasional northern. But i consider myself lucky to be a part of that brotherhood, even for a little while..... CRAP!

    • Jelly: You have more stuff than me and i've been here ten years.
      Sully: Because you ate everything that wasn't nailed down.

  • NOTES (6)

    • The firefighters were watching Romeo Must Die during the attack on the 5-5; one of the tracks played in Romeo Must Die is Keep Hope Alive by Crystal Method, which is the same track used for the opening credits of Third Watch.

    • Maritza's date of death was May 6th, 2005 which was the same as the airdate of this episode.

    • The song at the end of this episode, "Battersea", by Hooverphonic, was also the song at the end of the series premiere.

    • Michael Beach (Doc Parker), Eddie Cibrian (Jimmy Doherty) and Kim Raver (Kim Zambrano) reprise their roles. This means that all the original cast members are present in this episode except for Bobby Caffey (Bobby Cannavale). Bobby Caffey was shot and killed in the second (2nd) season. Michael Beach is the only one that had any lines though

    • The episode title for the series finale is similar to the title for the series premiere, which was "Welcome to Camelot".

    • Sergent Maritza Cruz' gravestone lists her birth year as 1976 (though Tia Texada who plays Cruz was born in 1972) and death in 2005.