Third Watch

Season 3 Episode 6

He Said, She Said

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2001 on NBC
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He Said, She Said
During a sweep for prostitutes, Faith and Bosco tragically misjudge a sexual encounter between a young woman and a man in a car to be consensual; the situation spirals out of control when the girl later claims she was sexually assaulted while the cops laughed it off; Carlos considers a willing Ty as a potential roommate candidate.moreless

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    Coby Bell

    Coby Bell

    Ty Davis Jr.

    Michael Beach

    Michael Beach

    Doc Parker (Episodes 1-103)

    Eddie Cibrian

    Eddie Cibrian

    Jimmy Doherty (Episodes 1-101)

    Molly Price

    Molly Price

    Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

    Kim Raver

    Kim Raver

    Kim Zambrano (Episodes 1-111)

    Anthony Ruivivar

    Anthony Ruivivar

    Carlos Nieto

    Nicolas Martí Salgado

    Nicolas Martí Salgado


    Guest Star

    Ray Garvey

    Ray Garvey

    Desk Sergeant

    Guest Star

    Susan Mitchell

    Susan Mitchell


    Guest Star

    Stephen Singer

    Stephen Singer

    Dr. Peterson

    Recurring Role

    Brad Beyer

    Brad Beyer

    Jason Christopher

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Nikki M. James guest starred in two later episodes, but takes on a different role as Neda. The 93rd and 94th episode in season 5. Goodbye to all that and Surrender.

    • QUOTES (29)

      • Faith: Hey. ... I told them it was me. You should be okay on the complaint. They're gonna try the bastard and... good news, it won't effect ESU.
        Bosco: I don't give a damn about ESU.
        Faith: Yeah, well, you're welcome, anyway.
        Bosco: ... I helped him do it, did I?
        Faith: What?
        Bosco: I made her stay in the car.
        Faith: I closed the door.
        Bosco: I told her... to stay in the car. I- I made her. I made her.
        Faith: Bosco, we didn't know.
        Bosco: I can't be that guy.
        Faith: Bosco...
        Bosco: I can't be that guy. I can't be the guy who helped the girl get raped.
        Faith: We didn't know.
        Bosco: But I can't. I can't.
        Faith: We didn't know.
        Bosco: I can't be the guy. See? I can't be the guy. I can't. (walks away, clearly upset)

      • District Attorney: Okay, lemme ask you this, Officer Boscorelli badger Shaquana Golden, call her a whore and laugh at her?
        Faith: No.
        District Attorney: Did he create such a charged environment that it was impossible for Shaquana to ask for help?
        Faith: No. ... I did.
        District Attorney: What?
        Faith: I thought she was a prosititute. I joked around with her. I used the word 'whore' and when she tried to get out of the car...
        District Attorney: She what?
        Faith: She tried to get out of the car. She looked upset. I thought she was afraid of being arrested. So, I told her to relax, I put her back in the car and I shut the door.
        Judge: She tried to get away and you put her back in the car with the defendant?
        Faith: Yes. I saw the fear in her eyes and I misread it. I think she was in a bad situation and I failed to understand it at the time. I failed to help her. I made a bad call. I'm sorry I didn't protect you. It was my job and I didn't do it well, I'm sorry.
        Judge: This is going to trial.

      • Faith (about Shaquana): We judged this girl wrong the second that we saw her. I can't turn my back on her.
        Fred: So don't.
        Faith: Yeah, but what if I testify at this hearing tomorrow? It gets used against Bosco at the complaint review. I mean, I can't turn my back on him either. He's always been there for me, always. He can't lose his job because of me.
        Fred: It wouldn't be because of you. He's a bigmouth.
        Faith: He wants ESU so bad. Wh- What is that?
        Fred: Maybe he doesn't deserve a promotion.
        Faith: He works so hard. He studies. He spends hours at the range.
        Fred: Yeah, yeah. But maybe he forgot the most important part of what he's supposed to be doin'.

      • Faith: Are we just gonna ignore this?
        Bosco: I told you, there's nothin' to talk about.
        Faith: The preliminary hearing is tomorrow.
        Bosco: Well, he didn't rape that girl.
        Faith: Look, I know this could screw you up going into ESU. Another complaint doesn't look good.
        Bosco: You think this is about ESU?
        Faith: Well, what is it then? I mean, why can't you even consider the fact that we might have been wrong?
        Bosco: If I can't trust my instincts, how do I function, huh? How do I do my job? Now, I'm supposed to be some kind of damn mind reader, no I don't think. She's lyin', Faith.

      • Sgt. Christopher: You don't know about Davis?
        Carlos: No, what about him?
        Sgt. Christopher: He's a little light in the loafers.
        Carlos: Get outta here. He's always talkin' about the chicks he scores with. Ooh, it's a smoke screen.
        Sgt. Christopher: He does talk a lot about it.

      • Faith: Why don't we talk about what happened tonight?
        Shaquana: I told you what happened. AJ raped me.
        Faith: So, what? When we stopped you, you don't say anything? 'Cause I gotta say, you had the chance. ... Look, is all this happening because your embarrassed to tell your mom that you had sex with him? Shaquana... It is time to tell the truth. It really wasn't rape, was it? ... Was it?
        Shaquana: You can't make me lie. He raped me.
        Faith: Okay, so after we stopped you...
        Shaquana: Not after, it started before. He put his stinkin' thing in my... in my... and then you stopped us.
        Faith: Well, then why didn't you scream? Why didn't you say anything to us?
        Shaquana: I don't know. I was freakin', it was like I couldn't talk, my brain wasn't workin' right. I was watching myself do this stuff but I couldn't feel anything. Then I heard this voice say 'Not God, but Officer something' and I thought... But I couldn't get why he was laughin' at me. I just couldn't get it.

      • Faith (about Shaquana claiming she was raped): That kid didn't expect to see us walk through that door.
        Bosco: Will the real Shaquana please stand up?
        Faith: Is that mother gonna be in for a shock or what?
        Bosco: We saw the evil twin, and now we got the victimized angel?
        Faith: What do we do here?
        Bosco: What? A hooker raped? At best, it's theft of servicees. Just tell them mother what the girl's real job is so we can go back to work.
        Faith: Was she hookin'? I mean, maybe she's just a kid havin' sex and tryin' to keep it from her mom.
        Bosco: Come on, you saw her.
        Faith: Yeah. Yeah.

      • Bosco (about getting into ESU): First there's an interview. Then there's more testing at the range, I got that so covered. Yoga helps with my agility, it keeps me centered.
        Faith: Yeah, I noticed how you glazed right over the interview part. You oughta take a class in how to pretend to be somebody you're not.
        Bosco: We need to get you out there to the range so you can practice some.
        Faith: Oh, that's my other favorite thing. Hookers and guns. Maybe Cosmo will do an article on me, 'the new woman.'

      • Faith: Hookerfest. That's exactly how I hoped be spending my evening.
        Bosco: You need to keep a more positive mental attitude. Have you ever considered yoga?
        Faith: Shut up, Bos.

      • Doc (Carlos is reading the ads in the paper): You lookin' for a new job?
        Carlos: I should be.
        Doc: I don't know who'd hire you after what I'd tell 'em.
        Carlos: Like I'd use your as a reference.
        Doc: Still pouting over working with Taylor.
        Carlos: I'm not pouting.
        Doc: Looks like pouting to me.
        Carlos: Maybe you should focus less this way and more on that fruit loop you got for a partner now.
        Doc: Hey, watch your mouth.
        Kim (walks in): What's he talking about, a woman he has no chance with?
        Carlos: No, a breakfast cereal.
        Doc: Nevermind. Go change. I'll be in the bus. (Doc and Kim walk off, and Carlos makes a crazy motion to his head with his hand)
        Taylor (walks in, seeing his motion): It's good to see somebody who understands themselves. Oh, no, no, take your time. See, I already got the bus all cleaned up and ready to go. (takes the newspaper from him) Tomorrow, you clean up the bus, alone.

      • Taylor (about the paper Carlos was reading): I thought you only read the funnies.
        Carlos: I'm trying to find a decent apartment that I can afford. You know what I need?
        Taylor: Lessons and basic social skills?
        Carlos: A roommate.
        Taylor: You're not lookin' at me.
        Carlos: Like I want ladies underwear and Nair in my bathroom.
        Taylor: Isn't that stuff already in your bathroom?
        Carlos: A roommate, yeah.
        Taylor: I'm sorry, I- I just have to ask. Who could you find that would be that desperate?
        Kim: Ugh, is he talking about women again?
        Carlos: Know what? You two should ride together.

      • Sully: The guy insists on prosecuting for candy bars.
        Davis: You heard him. (forgein accent) 'The law is the law.'
        Sully: Oh, yeah like he doesn't sell liquor and cigarettes to pre-teens everyday.
        Davis (forgein accent): 'Profit is profit.'
        Kid: Where am I going?
        Sully: Prison.
        Kid: Really?
        Davis: No, you're not going to prison, come on.
        Kid: My stomach hurts.
        Sully: Don't say that.
        Kid: Really, my stomach hurts a lot.
        Sully: Of course it does.
        Davis: Hospital. He's a juvenile, we gotta take 'em. Let's go.
        Sully: You know, it used to be, that you'd call the parents and the come down and kick junior's ass a little bit. Those were the good old days.

      • Bosco: Sometimes this job ain't half bad.
        Faith: Thank God you don't feel this good very often.

      • Yokas: Sometimes I think hookers are the only ones out here that have a worse job than I do.

      • Man: I wanna talk to the cops.
        Carlos: I heard you the first 25 times that you said it, sir.
        Man (sees Sully walking by): Officer, Officer. I need help.
        Sully: Looks like you're already in pretty good hands, sir.
        Man: My old lady hit me over the head with a smoover.
        Sully: What the hell's a smoova?
        Man (makes an irnoning motion): You know, to smoov out your clothes. (Taylor makes an ironing motion, mocking the drunk man)
        Sully: The hospital will contact the police after you've been looked at, sir.
        Man: But you're already here!
        Carlos: Ah, love is in the air.

      • Carlos: You guys know anyone who's looking to share an apartment? I wanna move into something bigger and I figure a rommate is the way to go.
        Sully: No.
        Davis: What area are you lookin' in?
        Carlos: I don't care, as long as it's nice. (Taylor makes a 'no' motion behind Carlos)
        Davis: Really? What kind of money are we talkin' about? (to Taylor) What? What?
        Carlos: What? You're interested?
        Davis (to Taylor): What are you doing?
        Carlos (turns around, and Taylor acts like she's stretching): What is your problem?
        Taylor: Nothing.
        Carlos: Why don't you go wait in the break room? We got man things to discuss.
        Taylor: Man things? Don't make me kick your ass, Carlos.
        Davis: Ooh.
        Taylor: I'm not doing the run sheets. (shoves them at his chest)

      • Sully (about Taylor and Carlos): There's a partnership made in heaven.

      • Sully: Let's go meet your attorney, Baby Face.
        Kid: Who?
        Sully: Your attorney. That's the one that's gonna help you beat the rap.

      • (Bosco and Faith are at the Golden's apartment and Mrs. Golden has already buzzed them into the building and they are now at the door to her apartment)
        Mrs. Golden: Yeah? Who is it?
        Faith (to Bosco): Who does she think it is?

      • Faith (about Shaquana): We should've seperated them.
        Bosco: What?
        Faith: We should have taken them both out of the car and found out what was goin' on, even if it was consenual.
        Bosco: What good would that have done? Look, she didn't tell her mom that we stopped her. She knew we saw what she looked like.
        Faith: Yeah, well, she's lying all over the place.
        Bosco: Yeah, so to speak.

      • Bosco: Allen Johnson?
        AJ (answers the door in his boxers): Yeah. Let me grab a shirt.
        Faith: Yeah, don't worry about the pants.
        AJ: Okay.
        Bosco: The young lady that we saw you with earlier today? Says you raped her.
        AJ: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I didn't rape anybody.
        Faith: Well, then why would she say that?
        AJ: You saw the two of us. Did it look like she was gettin' raped?
        Bosco: All we can say was that we were together.
        Faith: And that's not gonna help your case.

      • Bosco (about AJ): Man, this guy is gettin' it royally.
        Faith: Oh, yeah, and all he did was screw an 18 year old girl while his wife and his kids were at home.
        Bosco: Don't transfer.
        Faith: Transfer?
        Bosco: It's a psycological principle, alright? I read about it in The Fundamentals of Police Investigation. It's one of the books recommended by Hobart.
        Faith: I really don't like you this way.

      • AJ: Man, this girl is known. Whores all over the projects then goes to church with her mom. You know what I'm talkin' about? She's like an expert at decpetion, man. You cannot believe a word. She's trippin'.
        Faith: So you were entrapped in extramarital sex with a girl who was recently a minor?
        AJ: You never wanted a little somethin' something on the side, Officer?
        Faith (to Bosco): Enjoy yourself with Mr. Smooth Talker here. I'm gonna go upstairs and see how the statements are goin'. (walks off)
        AJ: You know what she needs, don't you?
        Bosco: Yep. Yoga.

      • (to Bosco after he comes running into the locker room)
        Sully: Center yourself Yoga Boy. You're starting to sweat.

      • (to Bosco when his shirt is all wrinkled)
        Sully: Looks like you could use a smoova.

      • Bosco (about Mrs. Golden filing a complaint): This broad's gonna ruin my life because her daughter's a whore?
        Faith: Bosco, I think it's possible that...
        Bosco: That what?
        Faith: ... that we messed up.
        Bosco: What?
        Faith: I talked to her last night. I think Shaquana's credible.
        Bosco: You do?
        Faith: I believe her.
        Bosco: She was dressed like Lil Kim.
        Faith: So?
        Bosco: So, she was bangin' him and you saw her.
        Faith: I don't think so. I think that he was raping her when we pulled them over, and we messed up.
        Bosco: Are you kiddin' me? Excuse me?
        Faith: She said that it was happening when we stopped them.
        Bosco: We were-- we were standing two feet from her! We got guns, we're cops! She said nothin', not a yelp, not a damn peep.
        Faith: She was in shock and I think that we scared her into not askin' for help.
        Bosco: No, she did't say anything 'cause she wanted to make her 20 bucks.
        Faith: We made a mistake.
        Bosco: How many times have we had girls cry rape just to get themselves out of trouble?
        Faith: A lot, I know, I know.
        Bosco: So, what makes this different?
        Faith: This is bad.
        Bosco: What makes this different, Faith?! Women cry rape if they're bumped too hard in the subway. How's anybody supposed to take it seriously?
        Faith: Because we're supposed to figure out the difference! That's our job! What if we left a kid in a car with a rapist?
        Bosco: That did not happen, Faith. You hearin' me? I did not do that.
        Faith: Not you, we. We.
        Bosco: Didn't happen. Didn't happen.

      • District Attorney: You stopped them?
        Bosco: Swerved across a double yellow.
        District Attorney: So what was their interaction like?
        Bosco: Ordinary, considering she was getting friendly with his johnson.
        District Attorney: Friendly?
        Bosco: Very.
        District Attorney: And she didn't appear to be in distress.
        Bosco (looking at Faith): Absolutley not.
        District Attorney: Great, my own cops will be the defendant's best witnesses, there's no case.
        Faith: ... We did witness him pushing her head into his lap.
        Bosco: Pushing? Did you see pushing?
        District Attorney: When?
        Faith: When they were swerving, we
        were behind them.
        District Attorney: He pushed her head down?
        Bosco: Yeah, Officer Yokas. Was she pushed? Or did she jump? Huh? Did he force her?
        Faith: I don't know.
        District Attorney: You believe that she was raped?
        Faith: Yeah, I do.
        District Attorney: Why?
        Faith: I don't know, hindsight, I guess.
        District Attorney: That's not evidence, I can't win this. (Bosco and Faith share a long look)
        Bosco: She thinks I scared the girl, so she couldn't ask for help.
        District Attorney: Did you?
        Bosco: She looked like a hooker. I joked like she was a hooker.
        District Attorney: A hooker?
        Bosco: That was our assignment. We were shaggin' 9th Avenue hookers. That's where we saw them.
        District Attorney: If she looked like a prostitute, why didn't you seperate them?
        Bosco: Miss Bleeding Heart here, was hungry.
        Faith: Don't you put this on me.
        Bosco: She was on the guy, her shirt was open--
        Faith: She was in shock.
        Bosco: How do you know? Huh, Faith?1
        District Attorney: Did she look scared?
        Faith: Yes.
        Bosco: Uh uh. Not to me. (walks away)
        District Attorney: I don't know about this.
        Faith: I really think that guy raped this girl.
        District Attorney: If we push this, it's really gonna look bad for the two of you.

      • (Bosco is doing yoga)
        Davis: I believe you've lost your torch, Miss Liberty.
        Bosco: She says in a few weeks I should be able to put my feet behind my ears.
        Davis: Who?
        Bosco: My yoga teacher.
        Sully: She say when you'd be able to pull your head out of your ass?
        Davis: That's the advanced class.
        Bosco: You can't rock my world. I'm centered, I'm breathing, I'm floating... (Davis accidentally pushes Bosco into Faith, while mocking his yoga)
        Faith: Damn it, Bos!
        Bosco: Do you have to be so juvenile?
        Davis: Sorry. I'm sorry. (to Faith) Sorry.
        Bosco: I can't tell you people anything.
        Davis: Bosco was practicing his yoga.
        Faith: What, are you trying to get into your teacher's knickers?
        Bosco: I'm striving to improve myself.
        Sully: Striving?
        Bosco: It's something that nobody around here has any ambition for.
        Faith: Well, until recently, your idea of improving yourself was like clipping your toenails.
        Bosco: Nice.
        Faith: Oh come on, like paisians like you do yoga. You like to play with guns, you do fantasy football.
        Sully; Don't forget touching themselves. (Davis laughs)
        Bosco: Keep laughin'. I'll be leaving you people soon enough. Yokas and I are joining the law enforcement elite.
        Sully: Are you becoming ninjas?
        Bosco: ESU. We're gettin' into ESU. (Faith gives him a glare)

      • (over the loudspeaker to get a car to pull over)
        Bosco: Greetings. This is not God, but this is his close friend, Officer Boscorelli. Please pull over.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Bosco said, "Will the real Shaquana please stand up?". This is an allusion to Eminem's hit song "Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?" from the 2000 Marshall Mathers LP.

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