Third Watch

Season 5 Episode 21

Higher Calling

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2004 on NBC
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Higher Calling
The Boscorelli family suffers a tragic loss at the hands of Donald Mann, who blames Bosco, Faith and Maritza for the death of his son in a high-speed chase; the Yokas family heads off in different directions; the Martin family splits apart into separate jail cells for the parents, and a return home for Rebecca to the mother from whom she was stolen as an infant; the paramedic family at the 55 gets a new member, Grace Foster, which makes no one involved very happy.moreless

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  • i feel so sorry for bosco he tried so hard to safe his brother and finally lost the battle ;-(

    this was one painful episode!!! seeing bosco not wanting to believe that the torso belonged to mikey really made me cry. and i am absolutely his opinion that this is cruzes fault!! she was the one responsible for donald mann's son's death. what makes it even worse is that bosco had seen the torso of his brother.

    so beside this really painful part of this episode, the fact that monroe and faith finally found rebecca's real mother makes it seem less worse. it is just unbelievebale that she was stolen... i can't imagine what it must feel to finally get the child back you considered dead for several years.moreless
Coby Bell

Coby Bell

Ty Davis Jr.

Michael Beach

Michael Beach

Doc Parker (Episodes 1-103)

Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian

Jimmy Doherty (Episodes 1-101)

Molly Price

Molly Price

Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

Kim Raver

Kim Raver

Kim Zambrano (Episodes 1-111)

Anthony Ruivivar

Anthony Ruivivar

Carlos Nieto

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons

Donald Mann

Guest Star

Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler

Lester Martin

Guest Star

Kate Jackson

Kate Jackson

Jan Martin

Guest Star

Allison Daugherty

Allison Daugherty

Dianne Mann

Recurring Role

Patti D'Arbanville

Patti D'Arbanville

Rose Boscorelli

Recurring Role

Joe Lisi

Joe Lisi

Lt. Swersky

Recurring Role

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    • Swersky: You're riding with Monroe today. Yokas took a vacation day.
      Bosco: She won't leave that kid in the hospital.

    • Swersky: Cruz is setting arrest records with that Ecstasy ring.

    • Bosco: Most of these guys know Mikey just got collared. All right, what, they start falling too?
      Cruz: They're not that smart.
      Bosco: Not that smart? Smart enough to know when they get to Riker's and they look around to see who among them is missing.

    • Bosco: The only thing I'm thinking about is my brother, okay?
      Wynn: Well, if I were you then I would be worried less about Cruz and more about your brother's lawyer, who's down in lockup.
      Bosco: What about him?
      Wynn: They say he's their lawyer, too. And they're asking to see him.

    • Bosco: Mikey's done with you. I want all the records you got on him.
      Lester: I'm not exactly in a position to give them to you, am I?
      Bosco: You're gonna be in a worse position for five to fifteen.

    • Davis: So you're going, right?
      Sully: Come on.
      Davis: Come on what?
      Sully: Well, you know, taking the LSATs is one thing. Actually going to Law School is another.
      Davis: No, no, you gotta go.
      Sully: Why?
      Davis: It's destiny. You gotta go.
      Sully: Destiny, huh?

    • Davis: Yes. You took the test on a lark, right? You did great. That's…that's destiny right there. Me, I got more time to put in. I got more dues to pay.
      Sully: Time with Monroe you mean.
      Davis: Hey, I don't hate the job like you do, okay? I can see myself putting in a few more years.

    • {Lloyd runs into the car}
      Sully: Wow! Nice form, but he didn't stick the landing.
      Davis: Purse doesn't match the shoes.

    • Lloyd: Oh, I'm so stupid, stupid, stupid…
      Davis: Yeah, you are.
      Sully: You gotta be the worst purse-snatcher on the planet.

    • Kim: Carlos Nieto. Grace Foster.
      Carlos: Hey, how you doing?
      Grace: You know the 6-8?
      Carlos: Yeah, that's Bed-Stuy, right?
      Grace: The 6-8 is a warzone. GSW's, knife wounds, hammer wounds, OD's. We had to hose down the inside of the bus three times a tour.
      Carlos: Wow.

    • Grace: It was non-stop medic heaven and I kicked its ass for three years and how does the city repay me? With a transfer to this undermanned country club.
      Carlos: Country club?
      Grace: So while I'm figuring out how to get back out there, how about you do us both a favor?
      Carlos: Sure.
      Grace: One- I got a face. Two- Don't even think about trying to be friends. And three- Don't ever let me hear you refer to me as a newbie. Got that?

    • {about Grace}
      Carlos: That chick is…
      Kim: Ugh, yeah.
      Carlos: …so hot.

    • {about the headless corpse}
      Grace: See the little rubbery thing? Epiglottis and Vallecula.
      Sully: It's all just guts to me.

    • {Kim has to step away from the headless corpse}
      Grace: Yeah, you 5-5 medics are hardcore.

    • Lloyd: I got an open wound.
      Grace: Wound? You call that a wound? Buddy, [pointing to the headless corpse] that's a wound.

    • Jelly: Somebody didn't like this guy.
      Davis: What, the no arms, no legs, no head give that away?

    • Dianne: We can protect you, Jan.
      Jan: You know what? I don't wanna talk to you, okay? I'll talk to her, but not to you.
      {Dianne leaves}
      Jan: I don't like her.
      Yokas: Yeah, I got that.

    • Jan: Imagine, just for a minute, okay, that you and your husband have a child, all right, and she's really clumsy. She's falling down all the time. And this one time she's in the next room eating and she falls, only you think she's choking on the vegetables, so you call the police. And they say you hit her. You and your husband, who wasn't even there. Can you imagine?
      Yokas: No. But I can't imagine having those bruises all over my body, either.

    • Jelly: You notice how I didn't ask you guys if you touched anything, seeing as how you're a couple of wily veterans.
      Davis: But you're asking us now?
      Sully: He's got us, Davis. Go ahead and give him back the leg.

    • Yokas: Don't you have to pee?
      Jan: I hold it. Let the water do its thing.
      Yokas: Well, if you wanna go, I won't tell.
      Jan: He'd know.

    • Monroe: How's the uh, torso?
      Sully: You mean torso and hand.
      Monroe: You're kidding?
      Lloyd: Whoa, you found a hand now, too?
      Davis: Yes, Lloyd, we found a hand.

    • Sully: You're the lawyer?
      Davis: The lawyer with the kid, Sul.
      Lester: She fell.
      Sully: Yeah, right, Counselor.

    • Yokas: Rebecca's awake.
      Jan: She's okay?
      Yokas: Yeah, she's more than okay. She's talking.
      Jan: What about?
      Yokas: Well, she pretty much backs up what you said. That it wasn't Lester.
      Jan: See? Told ya'!
      Yokas: Yeah. She said it was you.

    • Yokas: In the morning before Lester went to court. And you didn't call 9-1-1 until the afternoon? What the hell were you thinking, Jan? You're walking around your apartment, you're pretending like your daughter is laying unconscious on the floor!?
      Jan: You don't understand.
      Yokas: You're damn right I don't understand!

    • Jan: We were so happy. Then one day he shows up with this…baby. He brings her into our home and things were never the same again. Never.

    • Davis: Any more body parts turning up around town?
      Jelly: Not yet, but they will be as soon as they start stinking. The only thing I'm not counting on is the head. That's the part nobody finds.

    • Jelly: Starting to look good to you?
      Sully: What's that?
      Jelly: Detective. We've been waiting on you a long time, Sul.
      Sully: I appreciate the thought, Jelly, but I got other plans.
      Jelly: Yeah, like what, zookeeper?

    • Sully: You know that DOA we had earlier?
      Bosco: What about it?
      Davis: We got an ID and, uh…
      Bosco: And?
      Sully: It's your brother.
      Bosco: What, he's connected somehow?

    • Davis: No, Bosco, it's him.
      Sully: It's Michael.
      Bosco: Give me that. This is wrong. This…it's wrong. You guys are wrong. I'll call him.
      Swersky: Bosco…

    • Sully: Bosco, it's Michael.
      Bosco: I just talked to him yesterday.
      Sully: I'm sorry, man.
      Bosco: Come on…No. You're wrong. You're wrong.

    • Bosco: You killed my brother!
      Lester: I didn't know your brother was dead!
      Bosco: And for what?! For what?! For money?! For leverage?! For--- for what!?

    • Jan: Lester's a brilliant attorney. And it's not only the affluent he defends. It's the underprivileged, the down trodden. And they pay him any way they can.
      Yokas: With a child?
      Jan: Merchandise, services. We got our whole apartment painted for nothing a few years ago.

    • Yokas: Jan, someone gave him their child!
      Jan: He always wanted one.
      Yokas: And you couldn't have children?
      Jan: Well, we had some close calls.
      Yokas: What does that mean?
      Jan: I caught them in time.
      Yokas: What--- what are we talking about, abortion?
      Jan: Would you want a daughter with this face?! I mean, even with Lester's jeans, why even take the chance?!

    • Yokas: If she thinks this kid can, in any way, bring Lester back to her once he serves his time, she's gonna want her.
      Dianne: That's a scary thought.
      Yokas: And we cannot let that happen.

    • Yokas: Did you do it? Bosco's brother?
      Lester: Now how would I accomplish that, osmosis?

    • {going to notify Rose about Mikey}
      Sully: Want us to come in with you?
      Bosco: No.
      Sully: You sure?
      Bosco: Yeah.
      Sully: Well, we ain't going anywhere.
      Bosco: Thanks.

    • Dianne: You plead "no contest" to misdemeanor abuse. It'll cost you six months.
      Lester: And my daughter.
      Yokas: God willing.

    • Lester: It was a pleasure doing business with you.
      Yokas: Go kill yourself.

    • {at an accident scene}
      Man: She ran the light! Is anything broken!?
      Grace: We know your lungs are okay.
      Kim: Yeah, no kidding.

    • Carlos: Still with the bad Chinese?
      Kim: No. Now I have a throbbing headache.
      Grace: Yeah, obviously stress-related.

    • Carlos: Look. I respect how much you loved your old detail. But we aren't any country club.
      Grace: Yeah. Okay.
      Carlos: Don't walk away from me. Come here. You know what? None of us were born the day that you got here. You don't know anything about us. You have no idea how many calls we take. How many lives we've saved, and lost, how many bullets we've ducked, no matter how minor you manage to make it all sound. I don't care whether you came from Bed-Stuy or Baghdad. You're not gonna minimize my experience here just because it's not yours. So you either learn to respect us the way that we respect you, or just keep your mouth shut until you've clawed your way back to that warzone where you'd rather be. You got that?
      Grace: {to Kim} Guy's got stones.

    • Yokas: We only cut him a deal on the abuse case.
      Bosco: In exchange for what?
      Yokas: His little girl.
      Monroe: Bosco, it's complicated. We're just trying to find her real parents, okay?
      Bosco: Of course you are. Save the world.

    • Yokas: What? What, something good can't come out of this?
      Bosco: Like what? What good?
      Yokas: Something! Anything! I mean, is that too much to ask? That out of this horror show that's so incredibly demoralizing and dehumanizing and disgusting…I mean is it too much to ask that maybe something decent can come from this? I don't know. Something, anything?

    • Cruz: I'm sorry.
      Bosco: You're what? You're sorry? You? I told you what would happen. I told you to slow down. But you didn't care about Mikey. You didn't care what would happen to him. None of you care!

    • Cruz: I honestly don't think that those guys suspected him.
      Bosco: Really? Honestly? And how the hell would you know?
      Cruz: I don't know.
      Bosco: No, you don't. But you should. You're no better than a criminal yourself. You don't get to cry! You don't get to cry!

    • Cruz: We will find who did this, Bosco. I promise you, okay? And your brother will have justice.
      Bosco: "Justice"? Is that what he'll have?

    • {seeing Lester in jail}
      Yokas: Oh, this is much more appropriate.

    • Yokas: We found Rebecca's mother.
      Lester: No you didn't.
      Yokas: And Child Services is gonna help in her rehabilitation. And they're gonna re-introduce Rebecca's mom.
      Lester: Where did you find her?
      Yokas: Oh, there's not a deal in the world that would make me tell you that. But I will tell you this; you're never gonna hurt that little girl again.
      Lester: And I'll tell you for the last time, I did not cause those injuries.
      Yokas: I know, she and Jan are very clumsy.

    • Lester: That is my only failing. That I didn't give her a mother worth a damn. That pathetic excuse for a human being. That woman is a waste of flesh and bone. Constantly having to be led by the nose. And frankly I was getting exhausted. So thank you. You did me a favor, sending little Rebecca back to whatever trailer park she came from. Good job.
      Yokas: {banging on the cell door} Hey guys, child abuser.

    • Monroe: That made my day. Hell, my week.
      Yokas: Yeah, that didn't suck, huh?

    • Yokas: This morning I--- I couldn't explain to Fred why I needed to do this. You know, why helping that girl meant so much to me.
      Monroe: I bet you know now.
      Yokas: It's really about making a difference, isn't it? I mean, it's a cliché for a reason. You try and you fail and you get kicked to the ground and you lose so many times and then you have that one win. You get that one taste of that happy ending, and you learn, you know, that you really can make a bad thing right…and then all the losses, you know, they don't hurt so much.
      Monroe: Yeah, that's the feeling.
      Yokas: Now if I could just explain that to Fred.

    • Davis: There they are!
      Sully: That'll make a bad day better, huh?
      Monroe: Oh, man, it was amazing. You should've seen this woman's face.
      Davis: I wish I had.

    • Donald Mann: You did well.
      Lloyd: Thank you, Mr. Mann.
      Mann: And you actually saw the cop learn of his brother's death?
      Lloyd: Witnessed the whole thing with my own eyes. He even saw the body. What was left of it.
      Mann: And he suffered--- Boscorelli?
      Lloyd: He still is sir. If you saw the way he went after this lawyer guy. Trust me sir, he was crying.
      Mann: Good. He's going to cry a lot more before he dies.

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