Third Watch

Season 6 Episode 17

Kingpin Rising

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2005 on NBC
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Kingpin Rising
Cruz connects the dots that link Marcel Hollis to the murder of Darren Maddox, while Marcel begins to organize a street war against the 55th Precinct. Elsewhere, Yokas, Sully, and Bosco track a missing teen to a vampire cult.

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  • Bosco is back! Other than that, A good episode with some interesting things happening.

    If there was one thing I hated about season 6 was the stupid decision to keep Bosco out for so long. I mean, Most people, Including myself prefer Bosco over anyone else in the show. And without Bosco, No other characters really stood out. With only five episodes left, Bosco is back. Though, Some would say too late, As Bosco's absense made Season 6 kind of lackluster. This was a good episode. The stuff with Dante made me laugh out loud. The cops making fun of him was priceless. I didn't really care for the whole Marcel/Cruz storyline much. It just seemed rushed. The best part of this episode, Other than Bosco being back, Was Sully's speech to him in the car. For some reason, I found that to be kinda touching, Especially since neither men have really gotten along. This was the best episode of Season 6 in a long time. Maybe it's just me, But without Bosco around, Things just didn't feel the same. He's the one member who just makes the show what it is to me, And I was glad to see him back.moreless
Coby Bell

Coby Bell

Ty Davis Jr.

Molly Price

Molly Price

Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

Anthony Ruivivar

Anthony Ruivivar

Carlos Nieto

Skipp Sudduth

Skipp Sudduth

John "Sully" Sullivan

Jason Wiles

Jason Wiles

Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli

Tia Texada

Tia Texada

Maritza Cruz (Episodes 80-132 , recurring previously)

Angela Reed

Angela Reed

Carrie Haynes

Guest Star

Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean

Marcel Hollis

Guest Star

Luke Robertson

Luke Robertson


Guest Star

Manny Perez

Manny Perez

Manny Santiago

Recurring Role

Joe Badalucco

Joe Badalucco

Jelly Grimaldi

Recurring Role

Joe Lisi

Joe Lisi

Lt. Swersky

Recurring Role

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    • Jelly: I dunno why they reach out. Whole building's blowing up around them, they think they're gonna stop it with their hands.

    • Jelly: I need four unidentified stiffs like I need an aerobics video.

    • ME: The smell doesn't bother you?
      Jelly: 15 years married to my ex-wife, burned meat doesn't smell that bad.
      ME: She was a bad cook?
      Jelly: No, she just stunk.

    • Cruz: Play-Tone is his name.
      Jelly: Play-Tone? What the hell kind of nickname is that?

    • Cruz: You mind if I work this a little?
      Jelly: You clear these four briquettes, I'll buy you a new car.
      Cruz: Better than that, I'll get to lock up a smooth-talking cabron thinks he's smarter than me.

    • Davis: I'm hooking up with Rhonda at O'Malley's after shift.
      Finney: This is like the third date, right?
      Davis: Yeah. Well, this is the first time we're actually "going out," if you know what I'm saying.
      Finney: Go stud, go.

    • Finney: I'm gonna go by Grace's.
      Davis: Oh, that's right. I forgot, you're married.

    • Sully: You've seen her three times, huh?
      Davis: Yeah, is there a problem with that…Dad?

    • Swersky: Sully, Monroe went sick. Some kind of flu.
      Davis: We're not gonna miss her.
      Sully: Cut her a break, will ya?
      Davis: No.

    • Swersky: Don't you wanna know who you're riding with?
      Sully: Please tell me you're not sticking me with some rookie I'm gonna have to baby-sit all day.
      Bosco: Actually, boss wants me to keep an eye on you.

    • Bosco: I'm back to show you all how it's done, ladies.

    • Finney: How are you? I'm Finney.
      Bosco: Bosco.
      Finney: It's nice to meet you, sir.

    • Bosco: I'm back.

    • Cruz: So…I was right, huh?
      Jelly: Yeah, Play-Doh, Ben-Gay, and T-Ball. Whatever the hell their names were.

    • Levine: Good afternoon, Grace.
      Grace: Are you just visiting?
      Levine: I'm reporting for duty.

    • Grace: I thought you were taking a few days while Carlos recuperates.
      Levine: Yeah, you know, it turns out Carlos is not that fun to be around when he's sick.
      Grace: "Turns out"? He's not that much fun to be around when he's perfectly healthy.

    • {to Marcel}
      Jelly: I don't know what you two got going on, but I don't give a damn. I got four murders to clear and she says I should talk to you about it. So shut the hell up, and listen to your rights.

    • Bosco: Who do you think you're talking to, some rookie?
      Sully: You're acting like one.
      Bosco: Well, sorry if I can't act more like your little rat bitch.

    • Sully: An hour back and I already hate you.
      Bosco: Good.
      Sully: Good!
      Bosco: Hate me! Call me names. Just don't ask me if you can help me. Or if you can do anything for me. I'm not handicapped.
      Sully: Still a jerk.
      Bosco: 100 percent.

    • Cruz: Play-Tone. G-Money, C-Note…and Bam-Bam.
      Marcel: {laughing} Bam-Bam.
      Cruz: Them dying's funny to you?
      Marcel: No, but Bam-Bam, that's a funny name.

    • {to Marcel}
      Jelly: You're about to get a size 11 up your ass.

    • Jelly: Do me a favor Cruz, don't help me anymore.

    • Carrie: Officer!
      Sully: Oh, great.
      Bosco: I hate yoo-hoos.
      Sully: We agree on something.
      Bosco: I'm like a magnet to 'em, too.

    • Cruz: He walked in.
      Santiago: Seriously?
      Cruz: Do I look like I'm in a joking mood, Manny?

    • Cruz: Guys like Hollis…there's always someone willing to take the hit for him.
      Santiago: They know how to play people.
      Cruz: Yeah, they do. Vulnerable people…weak people…children…

    • Bosco: Yokas.
      Yokas: Yeah?
      Bosco: You didn't ask if we touched anything.
      Yokas: I don't need to.

    • Super: I'm not afraid of these fools. Boys wanna be men.

    • {looking around Kimmie's room}
      Yokas: And I gave Emily a hard time about her N'SYNC poster.

    • Bosco: Weird kid.
      Yokas: Teenager.
      Bosco: Weird teenager.
      Yokas: That's redundant.

    • Bosco: You're good at this.
      Yokas: What?
      Bosco: Seems like you know what you're doing.
      Yokas: Hmm. Fooled you.

    • Mrs. Dawkins: All I wanted was a place where we weren't afraid to go out the door. And now I have one and I can't bring myself to go inside.

    • Marcel: I love that beautiful smile.
      Cruz: Yeah? I developed it about the time that Deborah Dawkins told me that you gave Michael the gun to kill Maddox.
      Marcel: I feel so sorry for that old lady. She's so---
      Cruz: She didn't like the house as much as she thought she would, Marcel. You're under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder.

    • Marcel: You're making a big mistake.
      Cruz: Really? And yet I can't stop smiling.

    • Yokas: You guys wanna, uh, ride with me on this?
      Sully: I could use some air.
      Bosco: Yeah, I could do this later.
      Sully: Where we going.
      Yokas: To talk to some vampires.
      Sully: I gotta say, I didn't see that coming.

    • Marcel: Putting me in jail is serving the community?
      Cruz: Well, I don't know about the community…but it's doing a whole hell of a lot for my attitude. How' bout you, Manny?
      Santiago: Mita, mita. I got goosebumps.

    • Marcel: I ain't nobody's hero.
      Cruz: We can agree on something.
      Marcel: What you think the streets gonna be like with me locked up?
      Cruz: Better.
      Marcel: We'll see.
      Cruz: No, actually, I'll see. You're gonna be in a four-by-six room with a open toilet and a roommate who thinks you two are married.

    • Marcel: Innocent people's gonna die.
      Cruz: Yeah, well, then just consider this a favor, 'cause, I mean, if it starts getting bad out there you'll be all safely tucked away.

    • Yokas: Alternative lifestyles. Welcome to New York City.
      Sully: Why don't they ever put 'em in the brochures?

    • Girl: Nice scar.
      Bosco: Nice teeth. Nice talkin' to ya!

    • Yokas: Well, I see you still have a way with the nutballs.
      Bosco: It's a gift.

    • Bartender: We don't serve alcohol.
      Sully: What's everyone drinking then?
      Bosco: You really wanna know?

    • Yokas: So you're a vampire?
      Dante: Sanguanarian. We don't like being referred to as vampires.
      Sully: Come on, Faith, don't you know anything?

    • Dante: Does all this amuse you?
      Yokas: No, I, you know--- whatever floats your boat.

    • Dante: Do you find your friend with the scar amusing?
      Bosco: Easy, Count Chocula. Or her "friend" will rip you a new one.

    • Yokas: …and you have to live with being a vampire.
      Sully: Sagittarius.

    • Yokas: You know, I gotta tell you, if I ever caught you with my daughter, you'd get to test that whole "vampires are immortal" theory.
      Bosco: Emily's not that stupid.
      Sully: Dante's not that immortal.

    • {to Dante}
      Yokas: You know, I came down here 'cause I actually thought that you might be dangerous. But now I realize that you're just an inadequate little man who can't handle the company of adults in the real world.

    • {Dante drinks "blood"}
      Yokas: Ooh. That's scary.

    • {leaving The Hollow}
      Sully: Now I can say I've seen everything.

    • Yokas: Don't ever try to understand a teenage girl.
      Bosco: I wish someone woulda told me that in high school.

    • {to Bosco and Sully}
      Yokas: Hang here a while. Keep an eye on Dracula.

    • {to Bosco, hearing that Kimmie has been found}
      Sully: Damn, your partner's good at this.

    • {about Kimmie}
      Yokas: She has a cut on her wrist.
      Grace: Self-inflicted?
      Yokas: Yeah, but, uh, not for the reasons that you think.
      Levine: There's more than one reason?
      Yokas: It's a long story.

    • Sully: Bet you didn't figure on watching fake vampires your first day back.
      Bosco: There was a time I didn't figure I'd have a first day back.
      Sully: I always knew.
      Bosco: No you didn't.
      Sully: When you were hurt, way back in the beginning, when we were coming over to your room and sitting with you, I realized something.
      Bosco: What, that you had better things to do?
      Sully: No. I realized why you rub me the wrong way.
      Bosco: 'Cause I'm so much better looking than you?
      Sully: When you first came on at the 5-5 you were this gung-ho, 100 miles an hour, true believer. All you wanted to do was catch bad guys.
      Bosco: And you were the opposite.
      Sully: No. I was exactly the same way when I came on. There was no one more excited about being the police. But the system beat it out of me. Bad guys I worked hard to get went free...cops I respected ended up being dirty. Even did a few things myself I'm not too proud of.
      Bosco: Yeah?
      Sully: So I kept waiting for it to beat you down. But you never let it. And that's what I realized one day sitting by your hospital bed. You piss me off so much because you remind me that I let the system beat me.
      Bosco: You're a pretty damn good cop, Sul.
      Sully: I don't really believe there's a greater good anymore. But you still do. So I always knew that if you woke up, you'd be back out here. 'Cause you're a true believer, Bosco.
      Bosco: I'm not gonna kiss you.
      Sully: Unless you wanna get shot again.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Cruz: Play-Tone is his name

      Play-Tone is also the name of Tom Hanks' fictional (later becoming real) record company, first used in the 1996 movie "That Thing You Do!".