Third Watch

Season 6 Episode 7

Leap of Faith

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

Cruz is arrested, and quickly assaulted in lock-up. At her hearing, the judge doesn't grant her bail and puts her in Riker's until her trial date. To save her life, Cruz starts a fight at Riker's in front of a guard and gets put into isolation. Faith is in the middle of a custody hearing with her husband and her kids when IAB officers come and take her away. She is furious and scared, but C.T. Finney assures her that once she gives a statement against Cruz, she can go back to her hearing. Faith craftily gets herself full immunity in the Donald Mann case before giving her true statement that she was the one who shot Mann. Finney is furious with Monroe, who says she warned him they weren't ready to arrest Cruz. Cruz is set free. Faith tells Cruz she still doesn't like her and didn't want her help, so she doesn't owe her anything. Cruz says it doesn't matter, she doesn't rat out cops no matter what. Holly is disappointed with the way that Carlos deals with an obviously suicidal and slightly disturbed woman. When the woman finally stands on the ledge of her building, Sully tries to talk her down, while Finney makes the brash move of climbing out to save her. Both cops fumble the job, and the new firefighter, Stu Szczelaszcyak, rescues the woman with a ladder. Sully yells at Finney, calling his dad a liar and a murderer. Ty later asks Sully what that was all about, and Sully admits that he believes C.T. Finney was responsible for Ty's father's death. Rose is by her son's bedside when Bosco finally opens his eyes.