Third Watch

Season 5 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2004 on NBC
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Distraught over losing an appeal to her suspension, Sasha gets into a car accident that claims the life of a young child; Sully and Ty take the L.S.A.T.; tensions flare between the cops and the firefighters when Maritza goes after J.D., the newbie firefighter, who turns out to be an ex-cop who ratted out Maritza's former partner for stealing drug money; Faith and Fred are still at odds over her return to work; Walsh is promoted to lieutenant; Ty watches over a devastated Sasha, who's racked with guilt over the car accident, Doc's shooting spree, and the events surrounding the deaths of Tanzi and Nardo; J.D. gives Faith and Bosco important evidence he discovered as he put out the fire resulting from Sasha's car accident, which leads the cops to uncovering the basis for the accident and exonerating Sasha.moreless

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  • cruz gets another enemy, sasha gets the lead in killing a boy

    one of the normal episodes, but after the adventurous other episodes like family ties i have to admitt i got a bit bored. i mean of course was the whole situation with the car crazy and luckily it finally came out that the whole accident was a set up to get money from the insurance, but there were better episodes than that. what we get is another example of a father who cares more about money than his own family. the whole "if our son sits in the car, too, we will get more money" thing reminded me of the last episode, where anthony gives his son micheal to the department for the reward.

    okay, there were worse episodes, too.moreless
Coby Bell

Coby Bell

Ty Davis Jr.

Michael Beach

Michael Beach

Doc Parker (Episodes 1-103)

Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian

Jimmy Doherty (Episodes 1-101)

Molly Price

Molly Price

Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

Kim Raver

Kim Raver

Kim Zambrano (Episodes 1-111)

Anthony Ruivivar

Anthony Ruivivar

Carlos Nieto

Joseph Sikora

Joseph Sikora

J.D. Hart

Guest Star

Jayson Ward Williams

Jayson Ward Williams


Guest Star

Paul Borghese

Paul Borghese

Marty Hill

Guest Star

Bill Walsh (III)

Bill Walsh (III)

Billy Walsh

Recurring Role

Joe Lisi

Joe Lisi

Lt. Swersky

Recurring Role

Yvonne Jung

Yvonne Jung

Holly Levine

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Officer Davis is coming late for the exam. Before he sits down next to Sully he receives a pencil from Sully. As the camera turns, Sully is still holding a pencil in his hand and the teacher is handling out a test sheet for Davis. The camera once a again turns and Sully takes a new pencil out of his shirt.

  • QUOTES (43)

    • (at her review}
      Monroe: I made a mistake and I am not here to argue that. But Monte Parker stealing my gun was… the man has been a loyal and trusted member of the FDNY, or at least had been. You can ask anyone, not just me. Who could've seen this coming?

    • Monroe: Look at my record. It is spotless. This is the first mistake that I've made of any kind. I do my job. I do it damn well, strictly by the book.
      Captain: Forgive me, Officer, but I get a little dubious when I hear "first mistake" and "by the book."

    • {about Doc}
      Hill: In a few years…
      Monroe: In a few years?
      Hill: No one will even remember, let alone care what happened.
      Monroe: I'll care and I'll remember.

    • {about Monroe}
      Davis: Just go easy man. She's having a rough time.
      Bosco: Oh yeah? Have her take a number.

    • Carlos: Oh man. I do not like the looks we're getting.
      Levine: What looks?
      Carlos: From Billy, DK, all of them. It's like we're guests in our own house again.
      Levine: That was Steeper, not those guys.

    • Carlos: Have they invited us back in yet?
      Levine: Yeah. A week ago.
      Carlos: What!? No one told me!
      Walsh: It was so much funnier watching you freeze your ass off.

    • Carlos: Oh, nice! Nothing I like more than a good joke at my expense.
      DK: Bet your long johns can stand up on their own now, huh?

    • Hart: Is Lieutenant Walsh around?
      Walsh: You're looking at him, Probie.
      Hart: John David Hart reporting for duty, sir.

    • {studying for the LSATs}
      Davis: Damn Analytical Reasoning.
      Sully: More like no rhyme or reasoning.
      Davis: I think it's "A."
      Sully: I'm gonna go with "C."
      Davis: I think it's "D." "D."
      Sully: It's "D."
      Davis: Nice.
      Sully: I think I'm screwed.

    • {Sully and Davis are parked}
      Yokas: Move it along, ladies.
      Davis: Hey.
      Bosco: Runnin' silent, runnin' deep.
      Davis: We got our radios on.

    • {to Davis and Sully about taking the LSATs}
      Yokas: I think it's great. Knowing what you want and going for it.
      Bosco: I could go for a cheeseburger right about now.

    • Yokas: Is Monroe all right?
      Davis: That depends on your definition.

    • {talking to a witness at the accident scene}
      Yokas: Look, uh, we're not gonna be in touch with you, this is just for the record.
      Woman: Good. 'Cause I'm not one to get involved.
      Yokas: I can see that.

    • Bosco: Who'd figure Monroe for a lead foot anyway?
      Yokas: Why? What should they look like?

    • Yokas: You see many fires start like this in the trunk.
      Hart: Not really. Then again I haven't seen that many fires.

    • {Yokas and Bosco are talking to Hart at the accident scene}
      Walsh: Yo, PD! You wanna stop distracting my guy?
      Bosco: What, distract one of New York's Bravest? Is that even possible?

    • {about the little boy from the accident}
      Monroe: What was his name?
      Davis: There's no reason to put yourself through that. Don't…
      Monroe: This was all my fault. I should at least know his name.

    • Hart: Mind if I'm back in five?
      Walsh: Where you going?
      Hart: Across the street to see if I can find that cop, Yokas. Something about that accident…
      Walsh: Miss it already, huh?
      Hart: What's that?
      Walsh: Well, I read your file. You're not the first cop to make the jump. After all, that jobs sucks, this job's great, right?

    • Bosco: Hey, somebody steal your, uh, bag of kitty litter?
      Hart: That's funny.

    • Cruz: You gotta be kidding me.
      Hart: Hey, Cruz, whaddaya know?
      Cruz: I know everything.
      Hart: No, you only think you do.

    • Yokas: What are you two old pals?
      Hart: Very. So you ended up here, huh?
      Cruz: FDNY took in your sorry ass? Don't they have strong feelings about loyalty over there?
      Hart: Yeah. That'd keep you out I guess.

    • Cruz: You son of a bitch.
      Hart: What was that?
      Cruz: "You son of a bitch." That's what I said…
      Bosco: Oh Cruz, come on.
      Cruz: I said son of a bitch…
      Bosco: Cruz, easy. Come on.

    • Yokas: What the hell is wrong with you?
      Hart: Always a class act, Maritza.
      Cruz: Like you don't know, bitch.
      Hart: Yeah.
      Cruz: Oh, go on. Go back to your fireboys. They know you over there? J.D. Hart people! In the flesh! Officer Hartless of the 5-1, South Bronx. You know the name. Hartless the Rat. Bitch of the Bronx.

    • Swersky: What the hell's all the yelling!?
      Bosco: It's over, Boss.
      Cruz: Oh, no. It ain't over. That punk ass ratted out my entire team on some BS case and comes off smelling like he did his civic duty. And then I got these two over here acting all buddy-buddy in my own damn house.

    • {about Monroe's family}
      Davis: You should call 'em.
      Monroe: No.
      Davis: Sasha.
      Monroe: Call 'em and say what? "Can you come home 'cause I just killed somebody" ?

    • {"J.D. Rat" is written on the firehouse}
      Walsh: Look kid, if you got enemies…
      Hart: I don't, Lieutenant.
      Walsh: Then who do you know with balls enough to tag a firehouse?

    • {about Hart}
      Yokas: Oh, two, three years ago it was big news. I.A.B. put the squeeze on this kid and a bunch of bad cops went down. I think one guy even killed himself. I guess Cruz was somehow in the middle of it, like that's some big shock.
      Fred: I don't want to talk about her.
      Yokas: I'm not talking about her. I'm talking about the kid.

    • {to Sully and Davis}
      Bosco: Hey, Brainiacs!

    • Hart: Hey, Cruz! I don't need you writing smack about me on the firehouse.
      Cruz: What are you talking about?
      Hart: Don't even bother denying it.
      Cruz: Oh, like I would waste one second of my day to write something about your ratty ass.

    • Hart: When are you gonna give it up, Cruz?
      Cruz: When you own up to what you did.
      Hart: I told the truth, Maritza.
      Cruz: Your version of the truth.
      Hart: The only one I know. I wasn't gonna lie for anybody.

    • Cruz: Not even for Johnny Boy, huh?
      Hart: If Johnny couldn't live with what he did, that was his problem.
      Cruz: He couldn't live with what you did to him. He couldn't live with the disgrace. He was too proud to go to jail.
      Hart: Oh well, he wasn't too proud to steal money though, was he?
      {a fight breaks out between FDNY and NYPD}

    • {a cop is about to punch Carlos}
      Carlos: Not the face!

    • Walsh: Swersky. Keep Cruz away from my people.
      Swersky: Talk to your boy there, Walsh.
      Walsh: I intend to.

    • {yelling at Cruz}
      Swersky: Shut-up! All you do is talk! Now I want you to listen!

    • {to herself about Swersky after hearing him yell at Cruz}
      Yokas: I love that man.

    • Walsh: Why are you a fireman now?
      Hart: The same reason I wanted to be a cop. To help people. Protect and serve.
      Walsh: Well, you got a lot to learn. Like stay the hell away from Cruz.
      Hart: I can do that.
      Walsh: We'll see.

    • Yokas: We all know what this is, Andy. Let's not pretend that we don't.
      Davis: We just want to know why you did it.

    • Andy: We had to go along. We owe so much.
      Yokas: Well, you'll get to pay him back now.

    • Monroe: Do you believe in God, Ty?
      Davis: Uh, wow. Sometimes.
      Monroe: I do. More than ever. And he knows me, too. He knows he can always count on me to be the good girl. To do the right thing. But lately, I don't know. I've been leaning into this gray area. I mean, I helped Bosco put a gangster in the ground by playing it a little dirty. And I just thought, you know, maybe he'd understand because I've been good for so long. Maybe he'd just give a sister a pass. And then I hook up with Doc and he takes my gun and he shoots a man. And then yesterday I go for my appeal and I get completely dissed and I'm driving down the street and I'm angry. And then right on cue I crash my car and I kill that little boy. And now you're telling me that this was a setup, that it was an accident that found me that didn't have to happen but it did. God is watching, Ty. And he sees everything and he is letting me know that he knows that I'm bending the rules and he's not happy about it. He's not happy at all.

    • Yokas: Hey Hart! Got a minute?
      Walsh: Can we help you, Yokas?
      Yokas: Take it easy, Walsh, I'm not Cruz.

    • Yokas: That thing, uh, with Cruz. She probably has less fans in the department than you do.
      Hart: Yeah. Maybe.
      Yokas: Yeah, well either way, you're all right in my book.
      Hart: Thanks.

    • Swersky: (to Cruz) Shut up! All you do is talk! Now, you listen!
      Yokas: I love that man.

    • Faith: Don't put your hand in my face again.
      Maritza: Or what?
      Faith: Or what? You want some more what?

  • NOTES (2)