Third Watch

Season 6 Episode 10

Rat Bastard

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2004 on NBC



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    • Davis: What the hell are you doing here?
      Finney: Davis…
      Davis: He actually sent you back here?
      Monroe: Don't do this, Ty.

    • {during Roll Call}
      Swersky: Okay, listen up! I got a few announcements.
      Davis: Yeah, I got one too, Lieu. Um…Monroe made detective everybody. Actually, I guess you always were one, right? I got called down to IAB yesterday, had a little chat with Captain Finney, all of a sudden our little community-oriented holier-than-thou Detective Monroe walks in, yelling at Captain Finney about her cover being blown. Her IAB cover.

    • {to Monroe}
      Sully: Filthy rat bitch.

    • Monroe: You didn't have to do that.
      Davis: You have a good day.

    • Yokas: Sully, is it true what they're saying about Monroe?
      Sully: Davis saw Detective Monroe yesterday, at her IAB office.

    • Swersky: Where are you going, Faith.
      Yokas: I--- I was gonna go talk to Officer Monroe.
      Swersky: Not today.

    • Monroe: Lieutenant, I know you may not believe this, but I took the job with IAB for a very important reason.
      Swersky: Spare me the nobility. You need to transfer out of here immediately.

    • {about Monroe}
      Finney: Davis, she is your girl.
      Davis: She was my girl, man.

    • Davis: Did you know?
      Finney: Know what?
      Davis: That she's working for your father.
      Sully: You expect him to tell you the truth, man?
      Finney: I don't think anybody was asking you…
      Davis: No, I'm asking you something and you're not answering. Did you know?

    • Monroe: With all due respect sir, I'd like to stay.
      Swersky: No, you're on a desk until I can get you the hell out of my precinct.

    • Swersky: No one is gonna ride with you and I am not putting you out there alone.
      Finney: I'll ride with her.
      Davis: What?
      Sully: Now why does that not surprise me?

    • Monroe: You don't have to do that, Brendan.
      Davis: Yeah, Brendan, you're having enough trouble fitting in around here.
      Finney: Look, I don't give a damn about fitting in, man.

    • Swersky: This is far from done Monroe.

    • Sully: Cops come after her, they're coming after you, too.
      Finney: Yeah, and I'll be waiting.

    • {about Monroe and Finney}
      Sully: There goes a match made in heaven.
      Davis: Like me and you are any better.

    • Stu: Stu Szczelaszczyk.
      Carter: Ah, don't ask me to pronounce that. That's, uh…
      Stu: My dad took me to see my first Carter Savage film when I was six.
      Carter: Please tell me that you're only 12 now.

    • Carter: Well, thank you, Mr. Sliziziz---
      Walsh: We call him "Lotta Z's."

    • Monroe: So why'd you tell Swersky you'd ride with me?
      Finney: When I was younger I was always sticking up for the unpopular kids.

    • Monroe: I don't really think we should talk about your father or IAB.
      Finney: Why? You don't wanna hurt me or you don't trust me not to rat you out to him?
      Monroe: It's hard to trust anybody after knowing him.
      Finney: Thanks.

    • {to Yokas}
      Monroe: I had to do my job. But I didn't pretend to be your friend.

    • Yokas: I'm gonna tell you something Monroe--- Transfer. To far away.

    • {to Monroe after Yokas confronts her}
      Finney: You might be the most unpopular kid I ever stuck up for.

    • Sully: I'm gonna testify against Finney if she can make a case.
      Davis: What made you change your mind?
      Sully: Same thing that made me keep my mouth shut when I figured out CT Finney killed your old man…You.

    • {to Mr. Wilcox}
      Cruz: So what did he look like? Other than being a son of a bitch?

    • Cruz: I almost lost my life at Rikers.
      Monroe: Are you crazy?!
      Cruz: I will kick your ass!

    • {to Monroe}
      Cruz: We're not through, bitch!

    • {after learning the murder victim was former IAB}
      Yokas: Seems like IAB is a theme today.

    • Carter: Don't treat me like I'm stupid!
      Stu: Hey, man, I--- I never said you were stupid.
      Carter: Come on, man. You're supposed to be my biggest fan. That was straight out of Lethal Bullets. It was my movie right before Lone Wolf.

    • Walsh: I left some turnouts for you on the rack.
      Carter: Cool. What's a turnout?

    • Stu: You ever heard of Lethal Bullets?
      Walsh: Aren't they all?

    • Sully: You thought about what he's gonna do when you go after him?
      Davis: The minute I bring all this out CT's gonna do what he's gotta do to try to stop me and if he uh…when it gets bad, I'll just, I'll deal with it.
      Sully: Your father said the same thing.

    • Jelly: We got problems.
      Yokas: That's news?

    • {to Yokas about the bullet that killed Brian}
      Jelly: If that bullet didn't come from Brian McKinley's gun, our Christmas stocking just got filled with a big lump of coal.

    • Cruz: Hey, how is he?
      Sully: Who, Davis?
      Cruz: Yeah. You find out you're sleeping with the enemy it's…gotta affect you.

    • Walsh: What the hell is going on?
      Kid: We were fighting for the Ultimate Championship in The Ring of Death.
      Walsh: Well, The Ring of Death is now closed my friend.

    • {to the kid who recognizes him}
      Carter: My name is Savage. Wolf Hauser is a character, you dumb ass!

    • {to Carter at a fire call}
      Stu: This isn't a movie set! You can't screw this up.

    • {Mrs. Wilcox is dropping the drugs in the toilet}
      Cruz: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

    • Cruz: Officers, Mr. Wilcox has five seconds to either tell us who shot his daughter or he and his wife will not be here when she wakes up. Four…
      Mrs. Wilcox: Paul…
      Cruz: You'll never see your kid again. Three…

    • Stu: My old man uses a soda can.
      Carter: What?
      Stu: Carries around a soda for everybody to see. But he hits it all through the day with a pick-me-up. He'd be out cold by the end of the night.
      Carter: Yeah, well, you know, I do my own stunts. Six years ago I---
      Stu: If you're drunk, you're a risk to us!

    • {about Brian}
      Jelly: This guy used to protect some serious scum.
      Yokas: He was scum. He retired in '85 for medical reasons.
      Jelly: Medical like "I'm sick with cancer" or medical like "get lost and we'll make up a reason"?

    • Cruz: We don't need your help.
      Monroe: I'm doing my job.
      Cruz: Your job or IAB's?

    • {a dead rat is hanging in Monroe's locker}
      Davis: Looks like Christmas came early for you.

    • Monroe: I didn't mean for CT to come after you about that ticket.
      Davis: You could've fooled me.

    • {going after Skeeter}
      Finney: Monroe, you got nothing to prove.
      Monroe: Just make sure you have my back.
      Finney: Monroe, wait. Monroe!

    • Finney: {over radio} 5-David to Central. I've lost my partner. She was in pursuit of an armed suspect.
      Sully: {to Davis} It's your call.
      {Davis hits the lights}
      Sully: {over radio} This is 5-5 Charlie responding to 10-13. Need location.

    • {to Monroe}
      Skeeter: Bet you thought today was gonna be an easy day. Catch some criminals, lock 'em up, go on back to your nice house. Bet you thought today was gonna be a good day.

    • {pointing a gun at Skeeter}
      Monroe: Who's the bitch now?!

    • Finney: Come on, Sasha. Step back. Let me cuff this guy. Davis, talk to her, man.
      Davis: She can do whatever the hell she wants to do.
      Skeeter: Oh? That's what it is? Y'all gonna let her shoot me and y'all gonna cover it up? Huh?
      Finney: Sasha, come on. Come on, Sasha. You don't wanna do this. Don't give these guys the satisfaction to see you go down like this. Sasha, look at me. Come on.

    • {to Skeeter}
      Monroe: I'll take your ass to jail and let 'em kill you in there.

    • Stu: You gonna be okay?
      Carter: Yeah, if I don't get this job, I'll get the next one.
      Stu: I wasn't talking about that.
      Carter: I know.

    • Finney: We called for backup and nobody came.
      Cruz: It looks like there was response to me.
      Finney: Yeah, well it took long enough.
      Davis: You weren't at the original location, Finney. We had to find you.
      Finney: Right.
      Davis: Believe what you want.
      Finney: Man, what the hell happened to you?
      Davis: Sasha Monroe.

    • Sully: Brian McKinley was murdered?
      Yokas: You know him?
      Sully: I used to.
      Jelly: Found a Plus-P bullet in his brain.

    • Sully: Police bullet?
      Davis: Sharon told me that Raymond Morris was killed last week. Right after I talked to him.
      Yokas: Who's Raymond Morris?
      Sully: The drug dealer that murdered his father.
      Davis: Now this IAB guy's dead. This is CT Finney. He's out of control.

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