Third Watch

Season 6 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2005 on NBC
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Bosco is allowed back on the force once he requalifies, but his vision is fuzzy in his right eye and he can't shoot straight. He asks Faith to shoot for him, but she points out that he shouldn't be back on the streets if he can't shoot. Bosco gets bent out of shape and thinks that Faith is letting him down; he insists that he can't sit behind a desk for the rest of his life. Cruz is told by her doctor that if she doesn't get treatment, it's a death sentence, but Cruz says she'd rather enjoy her life than prolong it. In pursuit of a gangbanger, Maddox, who has been burying bodies of murder victims in other people's coffins, Cruz is more reckless than ever, and Santiago worries about her. Carlos tries to report Holly missing, but no one will take him seriously because she's still officially on vacation from work. Grace runs into a heroin-addicted homeless woman who turns out to be her mother, a nurse who became addicted to morphine while serving in Vietnam. Grace wants to take her mother to dinner that night and talk to her, but her mother runs away. Monroe is forced to admit to her partner, Sully, that she's pregnant, but makes him promise not to tell Ty. Sully tries to encourage Ty to talk to Monroe, but he's not interested.moreless

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    Coby Bell

    Coby Bell

    Ty Davis Jr.

    Molly Price

    Molly Price

    Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

    Anthony Ruivivar

    Anthony Ruivivar

    Carlos Nieto

    Skipp Sudduth

    Skipp Sudduth

    John "Sully" Sullivan

    Jason Wiles

    Jason Wiles

    Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli

    Tia Texada

    Tia Texada

    Maritza Cruz (Episodes 80-132 , recurring previously)

    Helen Mirren

    Helen Mirren

    Annie Foster

    Guest Star

    David St. Louis

    David St. Louis

    Darren Maddox

    Guest Star

    Sebastian Sozzi

    Sebastian Sozzi

    Robert Knapp

    Guest Star

    Manny Perez

    Manny Perez

    Manny Santiago

    Recurring Role

    Saundra McClain

    Saundra McClain

    Mary Proctor

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • When Bosco is having difficulty with his sight on the firing range, we see several spent shell casings fall from his weapon. Crimps in the top of the casings clearly show that he is firing blank ammunition, even though holes are pierced in the target when he fires.

      • When Sully stops the RMP because Sasha gets sick, a woman flags them down. The camera then switches position, looking towards the car, and you can clearly see there is no liquid on the ground.

      • When Cruz and Santiago are on the stairs going to check on Mrs. Knapp, you can see her front door is clearly wide open, yet when Cruz and Santiago go to enter the apartment, they have to open the door.

    • QUOTES (43)

      • Doctor: You realize…if you elect to forego treatment it's a death sentence.
        Cruz: Yes. It's a death sentence either way.

      • Cruz: I'm not looking to extend my life if I'm gonna be too sick to enjoy it.

      • {to Carlos about Levine}
        Yokas: Right now, she's only gone. That doesn't mean she's missing.

      • {about the car they're chasing}
        Finney: I'm gonna try to get next to him.
        Davis: You think that's a good idea?
        Finney: I'm pretty sure it's not.

      • {finding an extra body in the casket}
        Davis: Finney, we got a problem.

      • Finney: So if he was already dead, does that make this a fatality?

      • {about Carlos}
        Finney: What's he talking about?
        Grace: Who knows.

      • Davis: Casket flew out in the accident, broke open. Uncle Bob wasn't alone.

      • Santiago: This is why I want my ashes scattered somewhere hot where people hang on the beach and sip drinks with umbrellas in them.
        Cruz: This is why?
        Santiago: Well, this, and I don't wanna be worm food.

      • Cruz: Where's the driver?
        Davis: Right there. Says he doesn't know anything.
        Cruz: Oh, of course he doesn't.

      • {to Robert}
        Cruz: You got a permit for an extra dead body?

      • {to Robert}
        Cruz: This is a lot like a game of musical chairs. When, uh…when the music stopped you were the one holding the dead gangbanger. Now, I would say that warrants further review, wouldn't you, Officer Santiago?
        Santiago: Yes, ma'am.

      • Mr. Lynch: I'm mortified by this.
        Cruz: Well, unless they paid for a two-for-one special, I'll bet you're not as mortified as the Riccolo family.

      • {about Mr. Lynch}
        Cruz: If this guy's involved he's the shakiest bad guy I ever saw.

      • Carlos: This leg. Did you do this?
        Sully: Yeah, I also did some kidney surgery on him. What, I need that lawsuit?

      • Grace: After we take him back to the hospital we need to come back here.
        Carlos: Why?
        Grace: This Annie woman.
        Carlos: Yeah?
        Grace: She might be my mother.

      • Robert: I never killed anybody.
        Cruz: I actually believe you. A jury's not going to, but I do.

      • Cruz: You just stay by the car.
        Santiago: What?
        Cruz: All I'm gonna do is talk to him.
        Santiago: I'm not waiting by the ca---
        Cruz: Don't make me order you, Manny.

      • Cruz: The name uh, Anthony Rodriguez ring a bell for you?
        Maddox: Anthony Rodriguez in New York? There's probably 10,000 of them.
        Cruz: This one was found at the bottom of a coffin…Someone else's.
        {Maddox laughs}
        Cruz: That funny to you?
        Maddox: You don't think so?
        Cruz: No.
        Maddox: Then you don't have a sense of humor.

      • Cruz: Keep watching over your shoulder there, Mr. Maddox. 'Cause I'm gonna be right there behind you 'til I trip you up.

      • Bosco: It's the first time in 13 years I'm gonna have a new partner.
        Yokas: Yeah, but maybe you'll get someone who doesn't talk about their husband and kids all shift.

      • Carlos: You know how everyone has that one thing that they're scared of? Rats for me.
        Grace: You're scared of everything.
        Carlos: Mostly rats.

      • Grace: Mom.
        Annie: I asked you not to call me that.

      • Annie: You're a paramedic?
        Grace: For five years.
        Annie: Been that long since I saw you?
        Grace: Six years and eight months. Right when you left for rehab in Connecticut.
        Annie: Connecticut and I didn't get along.

      • {to Grace}
        Annie: Why did you want to be a paramedic? I always thought you'd be a teacher.

      • {to Cruz and Santiago about Maddox}
        Robert: My mother and my sister, man. He's been to my house! He thinks I'm talking he's gonna…he's gonna kill them. You just gave my family a death sentence.

      • Grace: You were in treatment.
        Annie: Yeah, yeah, a few times.
        Grace: So why can't you beat it?
        Annie: Because I don't want to.

      • Yokas: You don't want me to see it?
        Bosco: I don't want you to be depressed. How about you? How'd you do?
        Yokas: Same as always; I hit more than I missed, but I'll be damned if I know how.
        Bosco: It's 'cause you had a great teacher.

      • Annie: Be a teacher, Grace. Something with less action.

      • Grace: Please, mom…
        Annie: Don't call me that! I'm not motherly!
        Grace: But you're my mother.
        Annie: Yeah, I know. Well, I'm sorry about that.
        Grace: I'm not.
        Annie: How can you not be?

      • {to Annie}
        Grace: I won't ask you for anything but some time.

      • Monroe: Sully! Sully! I'm not having any x-rays. I'm pregnant, okay?

      • Santiago: We need backup.
        Cruz: I don't need backup.

      • Cruz: Oh, see I think you've got me confused with other cops here, Maddox. I'll do just about anything to get what I want.

      • Grace: See, Carlos? Someone can be gone but not missing.

      • Carlos: Maybe we can come back another time.
        Grace: There's not gonna be another time. Not here.

      • Sully: Ty's the father?
        Monroe: No, it's one of the other 14 guys I slept with last month.

      • {to Yokas}
        Bosco: I wanna talk about today. At the range. The reason I didn't show you my target isn't 'cause I nailed it. It's 'cause I couldn't shoot worth a damn.

      • Santiago: Ever since I've known you, you've always been aggressive, but never like this. Never reckless. It's like you don't care what happens to you.
        Cruz: Look, if you don't like the way I do things, go find another squad.
        Santiago: Look, I'm not talking to you as a boss. I'm talking to you as a friend.
        Cruz: That's the thing, Manny. We're not friends.

      • Yokas: If you're having trouble with your eye you're not gonna be able to re-qualify anyhow.
        Bosco: That's why I'm here. I need someone to shoot for me.
        Yokas: Bosco, I can't do that.
        Bosco: If you don't help me I'm not gonna be able to get back on.

      • Bosco: I'm not gonna sit behind a desk for the rest of my life. It's not gonna happen. So I'm asking you. Everything that we've been through together.
        Yokas: You're not thinking straight. I'm gonna tell you right now, you do not wanna do this.

      • Bosco: It's all I got. If I don't get back on, what am I supposed to do?
        Yokas: There are plenty of jobs that you can do down at the department.
        Bosco: No. I need to be in the radio car, answering calls. It's what I do. It's what I'm good at. It's what I do!
        Yokas: I can't help you.

      • Bosco: I saved your life that night and you won't do this for me? You're gonna sit there and you're gonna look at me and you're gonna tell me that you won't shoot a damn target?! Of all the people I thought that I c--- I could come to you.
        Yokas: Bosco, that is not fair.
        Bosco: To hell with you.
        Yokas: Bosco!
        Bosco: No, to hell with you!
        Yokas: Bosco! Bosco don't do this.

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