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  • A Reference!

    Love this Series so much,i probably listen about 35 time from 1 to 6.

    Impressive how Wells and Bernero introduct almost live stuff about 9\11,i don't recall a serie that had that kind of Adjusment that Big at one month of the Premiere.

    Great Acting,I love Bosco,Sully and Faith SO MUCH!

    Season 3 was the most intense,Wells know how much to use Music in a touching McLachland,Five For Fighting,and much more.

    But season 2 episode 11 a Hero's Rest is Probably the best of the 6 Season!

    In My Book this Show Was Better than ER at some Point,and the Crossover in 3rd season(8th of ER) was good(better than Chicago/L&O svu) . My Favorite TV Show of all time.

    why not 10? Warner Bros Doesn't want to release 3,4,5,6. A shame for hardcore fan who paid cash for season 1 and 2 .

    i still watch them all,you probably know where i found the rest!

    I'm willing to pay!,just quit **cking around with Licensing Issue,fan diserved more!
  • Just rewatched...

    Seasons 1 & 2. I do SO wish they would release the remaining seasons on DVD. It is unfortunate that apparently some licensing issues still haven't been resolved. Love the show.
  • Best show ever!!!!!

    There will never be another tv drama about cops, paramedics and police that will come close to being just an excellent show as third watch was. My opinion is that they did away with that show to soon another two seasons would have been great atleast two seasons. That new show Chicago fire is pretty good had a rough start but is becoming a pretty good show it won't be a third watch but......
  • I absolutely love Third Watch

    I've been an avid fan of the hit TV series-Third Watch, as the show characterizes of a very ethnically various and talented actors. All the cast portrays a very wonderful characters! They also accomplish something in making all the characters into life! The action scenes in this show is absolutely great which perfectly combines the realism, excitement with humorous lines sometimes. I truly enjoy this TV series very much but it ended like the other TV series so I looked for a good online seller which has a nice reputation based. I bought a copy last November 2011 at dvdbooth. it's kinda slow shipping and arrived after 16 days. The company explained that it's because they are loaded with lots of orders for the holidays! It's definitely fine with because I was really surprised when I checked the discs, it was in great condition and very good quality! I was really glad and contented with the whole set I received. I will definitely order from them in the near future. Meanwhile, I just take a sit and relax while watching this show in its entirety! I absolutely love Third Watch because it's one of the best TV series with good quality story ever!
  • i freakin love this show!

    When I first saw the initial episode of this show, I must say that I have already been hooked with this TV program. It is very fast-paced and full of action adding the spice of love and hate, what more can you ask for? All episodes of Third watch are very memorable and there was never a boring moment in this show! Last July, I was looking on online shops selling this as I wanna watch it again and of course to grab my own copy. I saw this being sold at dvdbooth .com. This company delivered my order in a very prompt manner. I just noticed that the DVDs are not totally high-def like all the DVDs being sold in the market. I can rate it as 8.5/10 in terms of the quality. But it's definitely acceptable because all of the discs played continuously without skips. It was a nice copy after all.
  • DVD Releases

    Love this show, but Australia haven't even released Season 2 on DVD yet.

    So BLOODY Annoying??!???!

    Any news from ANYONE regarding Seasons 3+ on DVD?

    AND, we can't even watch it/buy it from iTunes, because it's not "available to the AU Store"

    Pathetic! :(

    I absolutely LOVED this show! I bought two seasons from amazon! I miss this show so much!! It was one of the best!
  • HELP GET THE TV SHOW BACK ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miss this show

    I loved this show! Its brilliant!

    My favourite characters were Kim and Jimmy.

    I really need the DVDs - can't believe they weren't ever released! :(
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  • third watch is the best show ever...I love Bosco & cruz...

    I just LOVE Third Watch.It is best show.I love all characters...
    Specially BOSCO...and CRUZ of course...
    It is so close to real life...I only don't like the end of season 6 when cruz died...Because she is the best character on Third watch...Besides Bosco...she is best character ever on tv...right?I wish there were many season more...Bosco I love everything on Third watch except the end of season 6. I want see bosco in love(again)and happy,with children,and as sergeant,imagine Bosco as Sergeant...As Cruz too...And I wish they live happy ever after...together...of course...I also feel sorry for Mikey its awfully what happen whit him...I hate these was awfully what happen to him...
  • Third Watch é A melhor série policial!

    Third Watch... uma ótima série policial... eu diria..., uma das melhores de todos os tempos!.... é tudo muito bem caracterizado..., eles mostram realmente como é a policia dos EUA..., mais especificamente de Los Angeles..., eu não perco um capítulo com certeza!... passa todos os dias na Warnner (apenas as reprises) e episodios inéditos às quintas feiras..., existem boxs desta série à venda??? aqui no Brasil tudo chega por ultimo mesmo..., eu nunca consigo ficar sabendo de nada...!!!!

    Bom..., mas não vamos tratar diso aqui e agora..., o que interessa é que a série é muito boa e eu com certeza dou 10!!!... dou 10 com muito orgulho..., Cauê
  • 3rd Watch is the show.

    i hope it returns to Air...I sit on the edge of the couch waiting for the next show. Faith Yokas is hott, Sully is cool, I can't get enough of this show. I hope it returns very very soon. It's the only A&E show i watch. I just found it 2 weeks it's off air...........................Bring Back Third WATCH PLEASE>>>>>>>> I love 3rd watch. Third Watch is the best show A&E ever had on air. I hope it returns to air ASAP. Unfortunately i have to type 100 words minimum to voice my opinion on here. 3rd watch rocks, bring it back,please.
  • Okay show.

    Over the past couple of years, I have to admit that this show had to be one of the most underrated shows around. It wasn't a great show, but it was actually quite decent. I think the acting was great, but the show really jumped the shark during the last season. The thing I liked most about the show was the drama and action. It was entertaining to watch certain characters in their own storylines that were filled with problems of epic consequences. Overall, this was a decent show which was a nice form of entertainment and a good fix for drama fans. Thank you.
  • Third Watch is the best show to ever come to prime time on a major network and was cancelled way before it’s time. It is an action-packed edge of your seat show that keeps you glued to the TV.

    Third Watch is action-packed, yet it is the perfect blend of the characters' professional and personal lives, which makes it a great continuing story to follow. As a retired police officer with many years of dedicated service, I believe I am qualified enough to say that this show is true to life with respect to the professional lives of the police characters.

    The characters' dialog and actions that take place when they are out of the public eye is very real and often unknown to members of the general public.

    The cancellation of the show came as a complete shock to me. However, I am very happy that I’m able to watch Third Watch re-runs on A&E on weekday mornings.
  • Third Watch was the BEST drama ever aired on prime time television.

    This series started during a time that I was working night shift & I didn't get to watch it often. I knew I loved it, but it was just going to be a show I missed. But now that A & E has re-aired it daily @ 7:00am EST I got to watch it every day!! I was so into it that I didn't take calls & only got up during commercials. It made me laugh, cry & (embarassing enough) made me scream at the TV!! I even went on line & ordered the entire series on DVD. Totally worth every penny!! Just this past Tuesday A & E started to air it all over again from the beginning, if anyone is interested in seeing it again or for the 1st time. (Remember ... 7am daily!) Best drama ever!!
  • One of a Kind

    one of the best series ever! i've been through the enitre series four times now. and i could start all over again. dont know what it is but WOW. wondering where most of the cast went. its crazy that they are not in others series as much as they are. you may occasionally see one of them in a one time bit role but that is it! come on, there were some good actors there. NBC, have a 10 year reunion movie!!! i would love to see how the ratings would do. seemed like a realistic version of how it would be to be a cop in New York City.
  • I love this show! Im definitely hooked! Bur I wanted to let some of you guys know ive read some of ure reviews and someone had mentioned u can buy the complete 6 seasons from a certain website. DO GO THERE! I fell for the scam and they stole my idenity!

    Its all a fraud! They get all your information including credit card and they scam you i had over 300 dollars of fraudulent charges on my card because of them. There is no way you can get all 6 seasons right now only season 1 is out! I cant wait until season 2 comes out! But just please no one go to those sites with the complete 6 seasons. The site I went to was call DVDTVWORLD.COM but site saying they have all seasons is a total fraud so just becareful! Come on season 2 we are all waiting for it!
  • This Show was awesome

    I think that this show was one of the most realistic show about the civil service jobs. . . . . . . . . . . I don't see why I did not go for at least a couple of more seasons.. . . . . . . . The actors and actresses were amazing. The show was just so inspiring with the problems that come up in the time that the show aired. . . . . . . . I do not beleve that the show should have been canceled. It was just a very real show.
  • i love all the characters in this show. you rooted for them to get well of hurt, you hoped relationships would stay together. like monroe an davis, it took her losing his baby for him to see that he loved her.

    i just started watching this show 2 months ago on cable. i just watched the end show an it brought tears to my eyes cause i love this show. at 7am every morning im in front of my tv watching it. thank goodness i checked next weeks guide an seen it was there. this show always had action and a interesting storyline. they kill off people, that keeps you glued to watch. i am planning to go buy the complete dvd set. i thought it was great to have sully tell us about where everyone ended up an how they were doing. most shows just ended an left you hanging. it a shame they ended it. hats off to the creators of this show. good job!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A great show with talented cast members.

    After having seen first episode I was hooked on the show, (love at first sight). The blend of cops, firefighters and paramedics, and all the human aspects of life, like: loyalty, friendship, e.c.t. made this series # 1 on my list. Well, I have to say, there are not many series that can keep me interested season after season, but THIRD WATCH was/is one of them, it's only getting better and better.

    The actors make the characters come so much to live, that you can't do anything else than feel with them, when you see the show, episode after episode, and even though I like all characters (more or less), my favorites are: Yokas and Bosco. Their loyalty and friendship to one another are beyond normal. Example; when Bosco saves Yokas life in season 5 (haven't seen it yet, but soon), with no regards for his own safety.

    To round this up, I have to say; I hope the series will continue, and I hope that season 1 to ???, soon will come out on DVD.
  • If you want to watch a good crime show watch Third Watch if it was still on. I don't like Law & Order because it has no storyline but I like this show because it has a storyline involved in it. This was the only crime show that I liked bring it back!.

    Their were some episodes that had to much drama and most episodes were just right. I miss watching this show so much and yes I know you can buy the seasons but to expensive for my taste. And this show had a lot of Action in it because I always love a good Action show. When this show first came out I disliked it so much I could scream but then I started loving it as it progressed through the seasons and it got better and better then all of a sudden "Canceled!". So if this show was brought back then my rating for NBC will go way up right now my rating for NBC is at a perfect 10.0 because it has all of my favorite shows including what it used to be on NBC Third Watch.
  • awsome show

    this was best show ever just loved it and all carroters but i dident like when faith had a abortin i think should have had the baby i liked it that kim jimmy got back together the sruprising story line was when doc shot that fire chief i think it was a good change that this show made jimmy seem male slut cuse usely shows allys make a women seem that way i like bosco i think that was good that he was allways sticking of for is mom i also think it was cool they had a lot of story lines with there kids also over all it was a great show to bad its not on any more
  • still don't understand why third watch got canceled...

    although i really do love this show, i'm really angry at the producers to decide to cancel the show. as far as i know, third watch was a great success in the US, so why did it need to be canceled?????? well, actually we can be glad about what we had of third watch: in germany, where my mother lives, there were just the first three seasons on tv ... can you imagine??????

    i think being depressed cannot bring it back, so there is nothing we can do about it, can we?!

    let's ust maintain the memory of a great show, with great cops, paramedics and firefighters ;-)
  • Niceeeee

    I really liked this show,I'm upset it has finished!! Anyway, I think the whole beauty of this serial stays in that nice combination between the difficult and full jobs of the caracters (paramedics,police units,firemen) and their personal life. I don't know why,but it reminds me a little bit of ER.. It was a good show, and I still appreciate it,that's why it's in my personal favorite drama shows list. I watched it episode by episode extremely focused (maybe not that focused as in the case of ER but still ..) The drama always catches me,especially when it's not cheap,and it has originality (the case of third Watch).So hats off
  • the best in the world the Police fire and paramedices. thats what you call true hero's

    there are a lot of cop show out there like nypd blue, law and order svu, law and order crimanal intent, but i have to say this one is my favourite. why i like this show is because it deals with not only the police department but it also deals with the paramedices and the fire department. they deal with real situations and real promblems. they also show us that they all have a human side as well. the new york police department are someone i think highly of. even though i live in Australia i still think they are all heros to me.
  • Fantastic Series

    Third Watch is the best cop show ever to come out of america, it's probably not fair to call it a cop show as it was really about the emergency services of New York city, ie: Firefighters and paramedics. But I think to described it honestly you would have o admit that the cops got centre stage, which is probably a good thing as their characters were probably the strongest. There wasn't a weak link in the cast, everyone was excellent in their roles, the most notable would have to be Jason Wiles who played Officer Maurice 'Bosco' Boscorelli.

    Probably the fans favourite Bosco, was often at the center of Third Watch's biggest and most dramatic storylines, his character, a tough street cop was played expertly by Jason Wiles, who is probably the best actor too have ever appeared on television.
  • Not bad, not bad.

    I've been a fan of Third Watch for quite a while, as it consists of a very culturally diverse and talented cast. As an actor myself, I was once fortunate enough to be an extra on the show and found it to be a most enjoyable experience, meeting some of the cast who were not only professional but also very friendly. I'm also a City University of New York Campus Peace Officer and find the show to successfully incorporate real issues within each episode, such as relationship situations (between the officers of the various departments), personal issues like child care concerns, marital problems, etc., as well as most of the official procedures which the uniformed Officers (Police, Fire & Emergency Medical Technicians) utilize in the performance of their duties. The portrayals of the characters by the cast is wonderful, as they succeed in bringing each character to 3 dimensional life! You get the feeling that these are real folks you could actually run into while walking down a New York City street. (Yes, all their performances are that good!!) The action in the show is great, combining the perfect amount of gritty realism and excitement with (at times), a dash of humor. I enjoy the show very much & hope it continues to have a nice long run!! I really like this show and feel that it is the best hour of quality viewing on televsion. Fantastic work by all the cast and crew!!
  • A show about the brave firefighters, police officers and paramedics of New York city. Definitly one of my favorite shows of all time.

    This show is probably on my top 3 list of favorite shows of all time. I loved this show to bad the network that it was on didn’t love it as much as I did. I watched it from the beginning and was so upset when I found out that it was being cancelled. I think that the earlier seasons with the mix of police, firefighters and paramedics were the best. The last couple of seasons focused more on the police then the others but it was still a great show. The actors and actresses on this show did an excellent job portraying the characters that they played. I wish that a few of them has stuck around a little longer then they did. This show was like an emotional roller coaster. Some episodes would make you laugh, some would make you cry, and some would leave you in complete shock. Then there were the episodes where you would be laughing one moment, crying the next and be in complete shock by the end and wishing that the next week would fly by so that you could see the next new episode. I really wish they would bring it back or at least release the show to DVD so that I could watch it whenever I wanted and introduce it to all my friends who never got to experience the greatness of Third Watch. It definitely should have lasted more then six seasons. Third Watch was definitely the best police, firefighters and paramedics show of my time and I don’t think that any other show of the same type will ever top it for me.
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