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  • Third watch brings us the lifes and livings of 55th squad completed with paramedics, police and firefighters. It takes out through everyday life on the street, without taking the easy way glorifying all caracters. This is the real deal.

    While many shows have been made throughout looking at police, at hospitals and after 9/11 also at firefighters, this show was ahead of it's time and gave us all in one.

    We'll start the show as two freshmens join the 55th. One at the police and one as a paramedic. We follow these 2, their partners, and their closest backups and fellow officers at the streets of NY.

    Best part of the show is the lack of good guys all good. We'll see them struggle with problems taking them to the edge and the law and the edge of their own hearts. Without giving away too much, it's not unlikely to see real life cops struggle with their temper while kids are being abused and raped. Paramedics will struggle to help people get out of life, rather than rescue them. Firefighters will wanna go in after their partners, despite being told to fall back.

    The trouble with the shows is some episodes gets a little boring when they are looking to hard into a caracters problem you don't care about, but overall this is classic stuff.

    A must see, even without being to filled with action in every episode. Why they let it stop is beyond me. Enjoy.
  • BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!! I want.....

    I am from Malaysia and I hate the fact that this is it the end... no more THIRD WATCH .... no more.... Why? WHY? Why? did they end it.... It was different then any other show... It combines the hardships and efforts of all three paramedic, police and firefighter in one great and amazing show.... I miss watching the hilarious and sarcastic ways Bosco will answer to everyone... Carlos blurr and I LOVE GURLS kinda attitude.... I miss Sarj. Cruz Sumtimes doing the right thing is not doing the right thing attitude.... I Miss Jimmy's Look on Fire Uniform... I Miss them going to Mercy's On Every episode and they cross over each other.... I Want it back ... All of it... Every single part of it.... Bosco, Carlos, Maritza, Holly, Grace, Jimmy, Kim, Faith, Monroe, Brendan, Ty, Sullivan, Chief everyone.... I want it back... Including... Leut., Alex, Bobby and all.... I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why did they rap this show in only 6 seasons? To me this could have ran for 10 seasons. Great actors.

    Third Watch is the most different show in a great way. At least in my time there has not been a show on like this one. I started to watch this show in its 5th season and now I am getting caught up on A&E. Now that I am seeing this from the very beging it has made me even more intrested in it. Third Watch is a great show. The charters are great in it and the actors do a great job. When I watch this show it doesn't feel like I am even watching a series, it feels like I am watching a reality show (in a good way).Third Watch will stay the test of time and furture genirations can watch this show. It is a wonderful show.
  • What does Third Watch stand for............

    I have always wondered what the title Third Watch meant until one day when I figured t out.
    Let me break it down for u.
    Third = 3
    Watch someone who watch
    On the show their is a fire station,a hospital and a police service = 3
    they all protect the people of the city = watch
    So Third Watch basically means the fire,police and hospital departments join together and protect their fellow citisons.
    You notice that the pictures has doctors,fire fighter and police...........well they form Third Watch.
  • I love this show i dont know what happened.

    When I first started to watch this show it is when er did a crossover episode with it and I said hey I kind of like this show. So I started to watch it on A and E. Then I was able to catch the last 2 seasons a NBC. When they moved the show to Friday nights I knew it was the end, and it was the dumbest thing they could have done to it. I don’t know about you but I am not to into dramas on Friday night. This show was great and original many might say not original but it was in its own way. I can’t think of many shows that are about patrol officers and firefighters and paramedics. It had great characters and great drama the show should not have been canceled the way it was. I am just thankful they let the show have a good ending.
  • With its unique blend of the New York police, fire and paramedic services, it offered more than all the other cop shows out there.

    Rather than focus solely on one aspect of the emergency services, Third Watch successfully combined all three, showing the interaction within and between the various departments. The show wasn't afraid to take risks. It evolved through the various episodes. Main characters died or were promoted out of positions that seemingly defined them and new people were introduced, characters who we soon came to relate to.

    In its latter seasons it tend to focus more on the police than the firefighters or medics, but not so much that it lost its singularity. The writers also mixed things up, interspersing the serial, ongoing plotlines with the episode-by-episode stories. It also chose a good point to end. There is only so long that a programme such as this can go on before the plots seem to feel overdone. Third Watch had not yet reached this point, but rather exited on a good note. As one of my favourite shows, the last thing I would have wanted is to have watched it make that backward slide. Instead it can be remembered quite simply as a great show that afforded many people with an entertaining evening.
  • Very Original!

    Yes the show lost alot in its last two seasons but lets be honest here, has anyone ever seen a more realistic show that does not only do one side but three, yes three sides to the story. I think this show deserves a come back or atleast a spin off of some sort. And for kripes sake bring back bosco so I can hear him say Jag-off again. It surprises me that he really hasnt done anything big yet. Seems to me he has huge potential to play many different roles. God Bless the 5 - 5, if it wasnt for them we would have been really bored.
  • Brilliant!

    This show was absolutely brilliant in so many ways. I loved everything about it--the characters, their personalities and how they interact with each other, and how their jobs affect their relationships with spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, and their children. The actors were all phenomenal and yet so underrated. Each and every one of them deserves so much praise for the heart, humanity, realism, and life they brought to their characters. I thought that Michael Beach, Molly Price, Kim Raver, and Jason Wiles were especially great. The storylines from season one all the way through season six were compelling, though season six was definitely kind of depressing--so many bad things happened to Faith, Bosco, Ty, Sasha, Brendan, Carlos, Holly, and Cruz. I like how the show had its seriousness and deepness, but at the same time, had a lighter side. I loved the jokes that Ty, Carlos, Sully, and Bosco would crack, and my personal favorite is when Faith and Bosco would have their daily banter in the squad car. Each and every one of the characters is likeable, and the actors definitely brought that out in all of them. I love this show and the actors who did so well on it, and I love seeing them now on different shows: Kim Raver on "The Nine", Coby Bell on "The Game", Eddie Cibrian on "Invasion."
    "Third Watch" had things that are hard to find on television and things that can't be fabricated or recreated: heart, humanity, realism, struggle, and hope. Congratulations to all of the actors on jobs well done, and John Wells and Edward Allen Bernero on such a great television show that will definitely be missed.
  • Started off a great show. Episodes in Seasons 5 & 6 simply got worse but glad they finally did something about the ending music in the very last episode.

    Third Watch seasons 1-6. Where do I begin? Great show for the first four seasons with it reaching a peak somewhere around season 3/4. One annoying problem with this show is it's MUSIC! Awful and dated "acidified-trance" rubbish at the begining of every episode is unbearable especially after tolerating it for an entire season. Am i the only one who fast forwards that rubbish at the begining of every episode? (Solution: Know how long you expect your show to go on for and then compose your music for the show with longevity in mind. That type of music, which i once liked in the early 90's, died in the early 90s. Fashion changes so lose the flares.) Secondly, the music introduced towards the end of every episode is the SAME! Which means one persons taste in music is thrust upon our eardrums EVERY episode with the "thank-god"-exception of the very last episode of season 6 (Goodbye Chamelot). So i found myself fastforwarding what started off as bearable but became annoyingly rubish stereotypical indie-music that kept appearing towards the end of every episode. (nb: Not all white people like the same music) Finally, if you've actually watched most episodes through out the seasons you can tell when the enthusiasm of the producers of the show starts to die off presumably because they've decided to take on other projects or they've fallen ill or something. Which unfortunately happens in seasons 5 & 6. They honestly shouldn't have bothered making them as you get the feeling that the actors they kill off or decide to relocate off the set have actually jumped off a sinking ship and are thinking about saving their careers as actors. Glad it's over. Please don't make any more.
  • third watch for made my night when there was nothing on, i\'ll tape it then watch it after work.

    imagine your three emergency shows er, nypd and rescue me all roled into one thats what we got in third watch, the way it focus on the charaters and and the way they handle situations that the real emergency srevices deal with. third watch is one of the best tv programmes i have seen in a long time that has come out of the usa,
  • third watch bring it back

    bring it back once something good come's along they take it away this make's me so mad, all these other show's i think suck pllleeaassee i'm fixing to give up on posting this thing a hundred words about what i just wanted to post a quick note yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Amazing!!!!

    I loved Third Wacth until they had to take it off. It was getting really good when they had to mark it as the series finale. I thought third wacth was the best crime/ action pack I have had ever seen. The wiil be added on my personal favorite. I always use to wacth this show on A&E since I didn\'t see the first two season of it. But they had to take that off to. I really loved the suspense. It had always made me jumped everytime I looked at it!!! If they didn\'t have to take off the show I would think it would have the number one hit in the entire world. That is how good it was. Keep me Posted!!!!!
  • "Third Watch" is one of the finest dramas ever written for television. Please replay it on Dishnetwork!

    I discovered "Third Watch" last spring, and stayed up until 2am Pacific time weeknights to watch it. I missed the last episode, so I'm dangling. This was one of the finest dramas ever aired - great story, excellent acting, balanced, lots of variety, realistic, appealed to a wide audience, and always left me anxiously awaiting the next episode. I'm so bummed it's no longer on! If enough of us request it, maybe it will be exhumed. I know I missed many episodes, and would like to see Third Watch in it's entirety. Please replay this wonderful series on Dishnetwork!
  • I loved this show.. It focus' on firefighters, paramedics and of course cops. Lost it's touch after the third season, from there just a declining hill of sadness that it ended!

    "ER" outdoors. . . Firefighters, paramedics and cops rush around during the 3 p.m.-to-midnight shift, saving lives while squabbling over personal differences.

    BRIEF HISTORY:After a debut in "ER's" timeslot, the show moved to Sundays at 9 p.m., where it did well enough to get renewed for the whole 1999 season.
    STARS: * Michael Beach as Monte Parker * Amy Carlson as Alex Taylor * Eddie Cibrian as Jimmy Doherty * Chris Bauer as Fred Yokas * Coby Bell as Ty Davis Jr. * Bonnie Dennison as Emily Yokas * Nia Long as Sasha Monroe * Molly Price as Faith Yokas * Kim Raver as Kim Zambrano * Anthony Ruivivar as Carlos Nieto
  • Third Watch was a very brilliant show. The first few seasons were golden.

    Third Watch was a very brilliant show. The first few seasons were golden, however, the last seasons disturbed me very much.

    I'm not against violence, but the show changed very much. It got more violent, less emotional, more action packed. Which is naturally not a problem, but I liked the show for what it was like in the first few seasons.

    Afterall, the show was done brilliantly well, with good twists, cliffhangers, nerve wracking moments, tearjerking character deaths, bunch of dramatic moments, and very good action scenes.

    The show had a good run, it's great that they didn't drag it out. All in all, Third Watch was really good, and still is,I recommend the DVD's.
  • I loved this show it was awesome

    I wish they would bring it back, it was really good, the actors were great, and the stories were very original, and interesting. I loved this show I can't say enough about it. It was one of those must-watch every week type of shows. They really should bring it back. Even the characters that weren't likeable were great on that show. You never knew what was going to happen next which was really good. I liked the touch of comedy added into the show, that lightened up the tense scenes of the show, and were kind of part of the characters in the show. If they brought it back I would defintely watch it all the time.
  • This show shows you what life is like for a New York police and fire fighter. It does a really good job depicting the dangers of the job.

    Third Watch is a multifaceted show. It is about the struggles and challenges that police officers and fire fighter face every day and does a good job doing that. One challenge that police officers face is keeping their families tight. This is present in Faith and Emily Yokas’ relationship. Faith is a police officer and her and Emily don’t get a long very well.

    I think that canceling this show was a really big mistake. This show could have been like ER in that fact that it could be in its 12th season, but moving it and then cancelling it was a really bad idea. I really love this show.
  • Third Watch, lost it's lust in the final season, but brought it with the best season final in all of TV history!

    Third Watch, a show about the life and experiences of New York City Police Fire and EMT\'s. I remember watching the very first episode on NBC, it was one not for that much of Drama, but, one for action, a show that tried to keep you on the end of your seat! Though it started too lose that action feel and become more of a drama in it\'s later seasons, Third Watch remained interesting. Killing off characters, and bringing more new talent in was one of the many ways the Producers kept Third Watch one of many many actual Police Officers favorite shows. Not only did Police Officers watch the show, but so did, Firefighters, EMT\'s, and many civilains around the world. When watching previews, you would hear one of the characters saying, \"on an all new, gripping episode, of Third Watch\", which is exactly what it was, \"gripping\". Even though it was a great show, Third Watch lost it\'s lust in the final season, the show turned into more of a soap drama then a actual drama. Too much drama if you ask me, when i was a little kid watching the show, (which i am a long time fan) i used to get goose bumps everytime Bosco would get out of the car and chase down another criminal. Towards the end of the show, in it\'s final season, Bosco turned soft, Faith turned single, and Sully was in a fight with Davis. The very last episode was it\'s best in all the show, as they bring back all the characters from the original, and say good bye. When Bosco started chasing the criminal at the end, when Davis and Sully huged and said good bye in the 55, and when faith went back to being taken. All in all, Third Watch was one of the greats, I was sad too see it go.
  • This show is got to be one of the best shows i have ever seen. I mean i see shows that are similiar but nothing can replace thirdwatch it is my favorite show im obseced over it. i mean i just love the show. for anyone who dosent tough luck.

    this show was one of the best shows out there. i mean i dont understand why it was takin off the air but losts of people where upset. no reason to take that showw off the air. it was on for 6 seasons. if it could last that long it should be on forever to my knowledge. i see shows out there like law and order that are the same thing as third watch but i dont see them takin off the air. whats up with that. but third watch was huge when it came out to me. i mean from the first episode aired i loved it right away. i couldnt stop watching it.
  • One of the best shows.

    Let me tell you, I was immediately hooked by "Third Watch". I was completely unfamiliar with any of the actors and actresses, but heck, I cared nothing about that! Each time I saw the show, I was in awe of the phenomenal efforts it must have taken to create and film each episode. I never ever grew tired of the show, and I prayed it'd stick around for a long time. Wow, I could go on and on singing the praises of "Third Watch", but I don't think there is enough room on this review page! Wonderfully powerful storylines, a wealth of talented actors and actresses: What more could I ask for?? :)
  • This show was solid! The season finale was a TOTAL copout, excuse the pun.

    Wow, I really was getting caught up in this show by the end. It was gritty, hardcore, reminiscent of Hill Street Blues with the sex appeal of a CSI (because of the inordinate amount of good looking people on the show).

    I really didn't appreciate how they thought blowing up the precinct was a great way to wrap the series. At least if they'd left it standing there might've been a small chance of reviving the show, which they did once before. This show is just another casualty of the perfectly good show casualties that've been canned for no good reason- like Homicide, West Wing, Joan of Arcadia,etc. Studio execs think we can't bear to see intelligent TV so mindless, vulgar, sexist, even sometimes insane realties shows are what passes for entertainment. It's sad-and another sign of the Armageddon .
  • i don't really no what a summary is but i'll try to write one,i would really like u to read my letter its about ur show ''Third Watch'' it just says some of the thing i think about it EX.i really like ur show but can u try to put it on during the day more

    Hey i don't really get it why do u have ur show on so late at 4 am if u really want more people to like it u really need to show it more during the day. most of the people can't watch it at 4 am i do some times but i can't stay up most of the time and watch it i get to tired. i really do like the show a lot and try to watch it every time it comes on tv we'll what i'm tryin to say is can't u put it on during the day more insted of 4am we'll thankz for reading my letter e-mail me back at if u have time thankz

    Tyler Carey
  • Excellent combination of action and personal story.

    I only started really getting into this show partway into the 2nd season, but it turned out to be something both my and my Husband looked forward to on Fridays.

    There was plenty of action and interesting stories, and enough of an ongoing story for each of the characters personal lives to make you look forward to the next episode.

    We were both extremely dissapointed to find out it was cancelled to make room for Law and ORder: Trial by Jury which we found to be a poor copy of the other shows. Then I read somewhere that Trial By Jury might not make it! What??? They cancelled a perfectly good show for nothing.
  • Bring it back!

    Third Watch is one of my favorite shows, because there is a lot of quality and really great actors ,specially the hottest man ever Jason Wiles (Bosco), he is just perfect!Since from the beginning to the last episode this show had quality, something that we don't have much on tv right now, I like a lot the story of this show, it is really intersting, I don't know why they cancelled this show, I miss my Jason Wiles as Bosco, and all the cast, I like all seasons, specially the fifth, it is my favorite, please bring this brilliant show back!
  • Bring It Back NoW. I so what this show back. I Miss Third Watch so much.

    I remember Thursday night September 23, 1999. The first time I ever watched this show. The first time I ever remember watching a series premiere. Never missed an episode. I am so angry that it ended when it did. This show had so much left to continue for a bunch more years. I still hate the decision nbc made for Third Watch. They ended the show before it should have really ended. Then I am also upset as during the series finale they kill off my favorite character. Hello I am so pissed Cruz died. I never in my life cried a full hour even during the commericals for a series finale, a season finale, a regular episode, or even movie. I laughed for like maybe 10 seconds during the whole propsal scene. That was it. I cried during the commericals also. Man were my eyes still burning so much that next day from crying that much. I want this show back so badly. Even if my favorite character is not there. They can at least bring it back.
  • THe show is about something you could always wondering.

    You much be anxious to watch this if you are already a fans for them. This is about a team of people who work their life for the citizens of New York. Including the NYPD and the FDNY also the paramedics. Although I don't know how many seasons this show exist but this is simply something you cannot miss in your life. Thei lines can make you laugh the hell out and maybe made something useful in your life. These heroes, some of them died at the past few seasons but their heart can be most rememberable.
  • I love this show

    I love Third Watch it is a really good show but i haven't by far seen all of the episodes. I first discovered it when i was off of school sick as it was on Channel 4 and then i got hooked i had to record it. But i have missed quite a few episodes and i haven't seen the last season which i really wanted to see it as i wanted to see what happened in the end. I loved the fact that they switched from a story line with the paramedics and the firefighters and then to the police, it made it more interesting. Anyway i love this show and i hope that i will eventually get to see all the episodes.
  • I just recently found the show third watch. I love it. I wish the company would rerelease it on dvd. Third watch is just as good as ER and better than a ton of other shows already on dvd.I'm glad A&E still plays the show or I wouldn't have foundit.

    I have only been watching third watch for a few months. The episodes I have seen have been great, very entertaining and very interesting. Third watch always keeps my attention and keeps me wanting more to find out what happens. The story lines are always well written. It is just as good as ER and ER has run alot longer than third watch. I don\'t like what happened on 9/11. I did however like how they wrote a couple of episodes about it, so people could understand everything that went on. It is a great show that should be rereleased on dvd for the new fans of the show.
  • I only just discovered this GEM!

    I love this show and can not believe that I only just discovered it, god what have I been up to.

    Okay so FX have only just really started to re show it and I guess I must be a late bloomer.

    I really do love te interaction between Faith and Bosco, now they make a perfect couple. (LOL)

    I am madly trying to collect every episode to add to my vast collection of other shows.

    Fantastic show, I am now addicted to the re runs.
  • This should could be classified in many ways Trend setter, Personal Favorite, Influential. I love this show.

    After watching this show quite a few times I said goodbye to The District. I caught it a few times during its first run. Forgot about it went on to other shows. Now that I have tivo I have a season pass for it. It's #1 on my Season Pass list. What can't I say about this show it combines two of my greatest loves. Law Enforcement as well as Fire and EMS. I want more of this show. I could stay home all day and watch this show. Thanks to Tivo I can. This show i would highly recommend.
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