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  • I really loved this show, watched it every week and everyday for the reruns when it was on. Now that it is taken off the air completely i miss this show and i wish it was brought back, but i guess that wont happen. i want series of dvd.

    I really loved this show, i watched it every week and everyday for the reruns when it was on. Now that it is taken off the air completely i miss this show and i wish it was brought back, but i guess that wont happen. i want series of dvd.
  • Excellent Show

    After having seen first episode I was hooked on the show, (love at first sight). The blend of cops, firefighters and paramedics, and all the human aspects of life, like: loyalty, friendship, e.c.t. made this series # 1 on my list. Well, I have to say, there are not many series that can keep me interested season after season, but THIRD WATCH was/is one of them, it's only getting better and better.

    The actors make the characters come so much to live, that you can't do anything else than feel with them, when you see the show, episode after episode, and even though I like all characters (more or less), my favorites are: Yokas and Bosco. Their loyalty and friendship to one another are beyond normal. Example; when Bosco saves Yokas life in season 5 (haven't seen it yet, but soon), with no regards for his own safety.

    To round this up, I have to say; I hope the series will continue, and I hope that season 1 to ???, soon will come out on DVD.
  • Following the lives of New York paramedics, firefighters and police who work the third watch in 55th precinct.

    This show is a non-stop roller coaster. Following the lives of these 'average' people is so interesting. Each of the characters stories are gripping and it's wonderful to watch how each of them grow and learn from their mistakes and accomplishments. This show also has two extra wonderful things going for it... the yummy actor who plays Jimmy, and the Hawaii (go Hawaii!!) based actor who plays Carlos. An excellent show that shares the difficult life of all of these men and women.
  • Spectacular Show That Kept Getting Better

    This show was fantastic. It was a real to life mixture of the emergency response teams. Not just the police this show showed the lives of Police, Ambulance, and Fire Department and showed how they worked together. It also had a great story line that intermixed all the people in the show. They even wrote 911 into the script. Overall this was an excellent show and I would like to see it continued.
  • Great show, great drama, great cast/crew!!!

    Third Watch tells the stories of the members of the 55 Squad -- the police, firefighters and paramedics who work the "third watch" between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. -- the finest and the bravest who protect and serve the citizens of New York. Theme Song: "Keep Hope Alive" by The Crystal Method from their "Vegas" cd.
  • An amazing show. Unfortunatley, it has ended.

    A show which kept me glued to the TV. Very suspenseful, and definatly tear jerking. Favorite character- Bosco. The stubborn daredevil cop who never took no for an answer. Faith Yokas, John Sullivan, Ty Davis Jr., Brendan Finney, Sasha Monroe, Maurice Boscorelli, Maritza Cruz. The cops who will be missed dearly. Carlos Nieto, Holly Levine, Grace Foster, Doc Parker, Alex Taylor. The paramedics who will be missed. Jimmy Dorhety, Alex Taylor, DK, Joey. The firefighters who will be missed. RIP Third Watch.
  • This is the best show that i have ever seen. i am so upset that they took this show off of the air. i dont see anything wrong with it.

    one of the best show that i have seen. i am so upset that they took this show off of the air. i dont see anything wrong with it. i think that they should bring this show back and take some of the other shows that they have on off. those are the bad shows. plus there is so much more that they could have done.
  • This show is SO amazing why was it taken off the air? Action and Drama conbined, the perfect combination!

    I have never seen a better show that mixes everyday issues of working in a high pace enviroment with the complicated relations they have with there coworkers and own families. i am shocked that the writers are able to also add so much action to the mix that makes it realistic and makes you want to sit there and scream at the TV "Don't shoot" This shows pulls you in to the dramitc plot and once your in you have to watch every epsoide. i am gonna miss it and will never be able to find a replacement show.
  • Third Watch, what more to say, those of you who saw it, know that it was amazing, those who didn't I advise you do, if you like watching shows like this.

    An amazing show, so sad that it had to go off the air. This show showed the meaning of heros, gave people a place to go to once a week and enjoy themselves. It made me have a lot of respect for cops,firefighters etc. It just was one of those show\'s that stuck, the drama,heroic moments, everything was just wonderful about it. It had a lot of potential and I think should of stayed on air longer then it did.
  • Best show ever!

    Bosco was one of the best characters on the show. When he was paired up with Yokas was even better. All the characters had heart and soul they were truly into their character. Alot of their episodes made you sit on the edge of your seat and be amazed at such good acting. I was very mad it was cancelled i wish they could bring it back.
  • This show was off the hook! I LOVED it!

    This show was me and mothers favorite. We never missed an episode. We still watch it on A&E everyday. I am still very upset about the show being canceled. It never got the props it deserved. I guess people were to busy watching the useless crap on other channels to sit down and actually watch one of TVs best shows.
  • Third Watch- Of all the shows that are "addicting", the one about police, paramedics, and firefighters that was underadvertised and barely recognized was one of the shows that you watch one episode and can never stop watching.

    Third Watch was one of the best shows on TV. NBC hid that fact from the world, but anyone who watched it was hooked for life. Me, I became obsessive. I still watch it all the time, and I have a feeling it will always be that way. It was pretty much my life. This is a show that drags you around in a way, making you look forward to the end of the week for more than just it being a Friday. The characters, like a family. The show, like my life. This show should be brought back and kept filming. Act like the finale never happened and start over. Only one TV show can get me addicted, obsessed, hooked, or whatever you call it. Third Watch. The one and only "reality" show that wasn't supposed to be. It showed things the way they are.
  • Third watch was very underapperciated and i think that it would have gone on longer if more people watched it. it lasted 7 seasons and i liked the ending because it tells you what happened after they split up to different precents.

    third watch is one of those shows that was so great but no one watched it. this show was cutting edge brillant and had a very good storyline. It started in sepetember of 1999 and end in spring of 2005. and i have never missed an episode. the last season was probally one of the most exiting seasons in television history, but it will never be history because no one watched it. this last season in every episode something big would happen every 5 mins unlike most shows were they would end with a big event. People should have watched this show because it was defentily exiting. At least they ended while they were on a role and ended with a bang! now we just have to wait for it to come out on dvd which will probally never happen. if you still wanna see third watch A&E is still showing the great program.
  • With over 50 years of personal viewing experience, I find this is the BEST drama EVER! Action, acting, characters, storylines, tension & suspense are all first quality. It surpassed Seinfeld and C.S.I. in my heart. Entire series needs to be put out on DV

    I've been regularly watching this program for over two years, but my sister and I have gotten hooked on it. No character is safe. Just about each of the characters has taken a bullet or suffered personal injury, including being killed off. I still haven't watched every single episode, but I'm watching/taping each espisode on AETV so that I can get the full story. The acting is superb, the characters are rounded-out and have their own tribulations. I just wish I had watched from the very beginning. I'm sure I'll be watching watching re-runs on TV, just like "Star Trek".
  • i really love third watch!! is it true that none of the 6 seasons are out on DVD in the US and Canada yet?

    i love third watch i wish it never ended and i have been watching reruns on A&E but they discontinued it! i really want to watch and own the DVD\'s because i have become really obsessed with third watch and it is my favorite show! I hope i can buy it on DVD soon!!
  • Third Watch was the greatest show ever. Hands down, no other show comes close.

    I loved Third Watch. It had an awesome storyline and alot of drama and action. It always had me coming back. The characters varied greatly and that made it more appealing. They were just like normal people. It was so easy to relate. The show was so great because it was so simple, it did have its hunks (Eddie Cibrian and Jason Wiles) and it had its uglys (Molly Price and Tia Texada). It is deeply missed. *sniff*
  • Week after week the writers and actors of Third Watch told stories of bravery and dedication among the police and fire departments of NYC.

    Probably the best show ever made! The actors brought their characters to life with each episode and each storyline. One of the greatest ensembles of talented actors paired with probably the best group of writers in the business. Although the show never gained the audience it deserved (thanks to a lack of support from the network), the writers and actors consistently gave us compelling stories told with deep emotion over six great seasons. The relationships between the characters were as intense and believable as the stories of the people they saved. The actors brought their characters to life and made each seem real -- so when we lost a character to death or simply moving on, we felt like we lost a friend. Mr. Bernero and the other writers on the show should feel proud of the superb scripts they created. And needless to say (but I'll say it anyways), the actors all deserved Emmys for their performances. I enjoyed the show in it's first run on the network, and now tape it everyday on A&E to watch later every night. It's still the best show on TV, even if it's only in reruns.
  • A drama that had story lines running through FDNY and NYPD captured many viewers with many interests.

    This is one of the best crime dramas that occupied a time slot on TV, even though it had many over the years. Third Watch was a great show that wasn't given a good chance recently and deserved a better run. From a lack of advertising and time slot swithcing this show endured a lot, but still managed to come up with great story lines and had great characters. Who didn't love Bosco's gung-ho attitude and Yokas' rationality; how about Sully's 'crappy' sense of humor, I could go on for ever. Who doesn't miss Third Watch? The great cast made this show interesting and made you believe that they were real cops, Medics or Firefighters. If you're looking for a show that will give you a good explosion, chase scene or life or death situation, Third Watch is for you.
  • A show I already miss greatly!

    "Third Watch" was a great show, and even though it's only been gone for a month, I miss it already. The characters on this show all shared one quality that is SO often missing from other shows - they were all HUMAN. Our heroes (including my favourite, Faith Yokas) could do the wrong thing for the wrong reasons, and the characters you loved to hate (Mariza Cruz, for me) could show great kindness and courage or touch your heart in a tender scene. None of the regulars were saints or sinners - they were just... human.

    I hated to see this show end, and like another reviewer, just bawled during the final episode. And even though they gave us a nice summary of what happens to everyone over the next several years, I STILL want more!
  • 3RD Watch gets better after S4

    The one thing i like about this series is that it's not focus on one things, he has 3 set of chacters, cops, paramedic and firefigher, what this means is there will never run out of storylines for this show, not only that but i love the way there managed connect all 3 of them on one show is fantastic.

    COPS- Bosco the man, he is a good cop that tries to act tough, his cop-partner is Faith, she kinda of look after him most time on beat. There friendship is brillant, it really got tested in season 5. Cruz, this chacter is brillant, she strong-minded and very dodgy, i mean she willing to do anything to make a bust even shoot Faith which caused her to be tempoary to paralzed. Bosco kinda of fell in love with her unfounatly she treated him as his lap-dog. Bosco didn't like that they kinda advoided each other until one day when cruz was undercover she got raped and bosco help her out but it shows despite how evil she is, she's an human being.

    Paramedic- Doc, one of best paramedic on the department until it lost his mind. i shouldn't say he losted his mind more tagic event like car bomb killing one of his staff which tipped over the edge after 9/11 attacks. you kinda of understand that. Carlos, nice guy but he always tries to be the fool when he found out he had a daugher he never knew , he started looking after it when the mother went away, that made him grow up.

    Firefighers- Jimmy, that guy was the one who made sure everyone got on well and he was married to one paramedic called kim but things didn't work out share custody of their son. Jimmy during season 5 for another job, i really liked his chacter. he will be missed, it ain't the same without him.

    As you can see there lot more to chacters then meets the eye and i think from season 4 onward this show picked up better then ever. can't wait for season 6.
  • OMG this show is so AMAZING!! I was in tears during the season finale!! I feel so connected to these people that I never wanted to say goodbye!!This show it so GREAT NBC made a HUGE mistake cancelling it!!P.S Bosco is SO HOTT!!This is my favorite show! I

    OMG this show is So amazing!! I was in tears during the season finale!! I feel so connected to these people that I never wanted to say goodbye!!This show it so great nbc made a HUGE mistake cancelling it!!P.S Bosco is SO hott!!This is my favorite show, I miss it!!
  • Sad to see it end.

    I was surprised when Third Watched ended. I wasn't expecting that. It was a great show with a very good storyline, never boring. There were lot of characters that you loved and then you hated. Like Sgt Cruz, just when you thought you could never forgive her for what she had done in the past, things started happening where you started to respect her again. Great ending, the show went out with a bang.
  • Third Watch it´s a great show

    I love Third Watch was a very interesting show about everyday hero and their difficulties in their personal lifes, I love the characters and It´s a shame that NBC cancelled because it´s not another cop show it´s also about paramedics and firefighters.
    It´s a great production It´s really bad that is over now
  • this show was the bomb!!!

    throughout the six years Third Watch was on the air, you watched the characters grow and change and evolve. Ty Davis went from rookie cop to training officer by the end of the series. it was great to watch.

    besides the great characters on the show, the action was great, the stunts were stuff typically seen in movies, and the music was incredible. they should've put out a soundtrack when they had a change.

    Third Watch may be gone but it's still on A&E for the time being. it's a great chance to catch a show that flew under the radar for six years but was great for the time it was on.

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