Third Watch

NBC (ended 2005)





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  • A show about the brave firefighters, police officers and paramedics of New York city. Definitly one of my favorite shows of all time.

    This show is probably on my top 3 list of favorite shows of all time. I loved this show to bad the network that it was on didn’t love it as much as I did. I watched it from the beginning and was so upset when I found out that it was being cancelled. I think that the earlier seasons with the mix of police, firefighters and paramedics were the best. The last couple of seasons focused more on the police then the others but it was still a great show. The actors and actresses on this show did an excellent job portraying the characters that they played. I wish that a few of them has stuck around a little longer then they did. This show was like an emotional roller coaster. Some episodes would make you laugh, some would make you cry, and some would leave you in complete shock. Then there were the episodes where you would be laughing one moment, crying the next and be in complete shock by the end and wishing that the next week would fly by so that you could see the next new episode. I really wish they would bring it back or at least release the show to DVD so that I could watch it whenever I wanted and introduce it to all my friends who never got to experience the greatness of Third Watch. It definitely should have lasted more then six seasons. Third Watch was definitely the best police, firefighters and paramedics show of my time and I don’t think that any other show of the same type will ever top it for me.