Third Watch

NBC (ended 2005)





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  • If you want to watch a good crime show watch Third Watch if it was still on. I don't like Law & Order because it has no storyline but I like this show because it has a storyline involved in it. This was the only crime show that I liked bring it back!.

    Their were some episodes that had to much drama and most episodes were just right. I miss watching this show so much and yes I know you can buy the seasons but to expensive for my taste. And this show had a lot of Action in it because I always love a good Action show. When this show first came out I disliked it so much I could scream but then I started loving it as it progressed through the seasons and it got better and better then all of a sudden "Canceled!". So if this show was brought back then my rating for NBC will go way up right now my rating for NBC is at a perfect 10.0 because it has all of my favorite shows including what it used to be on NBC Third Watch.