Third Watch

NBC (ended 2005)





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  • i love all the characters in this show. you rooted for them to get well of hurt, you hoped relationships would stay together. like monroe an davis, it took her losing his baby for him to see that he loved her.

    i just started watching this show 2 months ago on cable. i just watched the end show an it brought tears to my eyes cause i love this show. at 7am every morning im in front of my tv watching it. thank goodness i checked next weeks guide an seen it was there. this show always had action and a interesting storyline. they kill off people, that keeps you glued to watch. i am planning to go buy the complete dvd set. i thought it was great to have sully tell us about where everyone ended up an how they were doing. most shows just ended an left you hanging. it a shame they ended it. hats off to the creators of this show. good job!!!!!!!!!!!