Third Watch

NBC (ended 2005)





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  • Third Watch is the best show to ever come to prime time on a major network and was cancelled way before it’s time. It is an action-packed edge of your seat show that keeps you glued to the TV.

    Third Watch is action-packed, yet it is the perfect blend of the characters' professional and personal lives, which makes it a great continuing story to follow. As a retired police officer with many years of dedicated service, I believe I am qualified enough to say that this show is true to life with respect to the professional lives of the police characters.

    The characters' dialog and actions that take place when they are out of the public eye is very real and often unknown to members of the general public.

    The cancellation of the show came as a complete shock to me. However, I am very happy that I’m able to watch Third Watch re-runs on A&E on weekday mornings.