Third Watch

NBC (ended 2005)





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  • I absolutely love Third Watch

    I've been an avid fan of the hit TV series-Third Watch, as the show characterizes of a very ethnically various and talented actors. All the cast portrays a very wonderful characters! They also accomplish something in making all the characters into life! The action scenes in this show is absolutely great which perfectly combines the realism, excitement with humorous lines sometimes. I truly enjoy this TV series very much but it ended like the other TV series so I looked for a good online seller which has a nice reputation based. I bought a copy last November 2011 at dvdbooth. it's kinda slow shipping and arrived after 16 days. The company explained that it's because they are loaded with lots of orders for the holidays! It's definitely fine with because I was really surprised when I checked the discs, it was in great condition and very good quality! I was really glad and contented with the whole set I received. I will definitely order from them in the near future. Meanwhile, I just take a sit and relax while watching this show in its entirety! I absolutely love Third Watch because it's one of the best TV series with good quality story ever!