Third Watch - Season 2

NBC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • The Lost
    Episode 1
    Sully's worst fears come to the surface when the cops hunt for a kidnapping victim who has been buried alive. Sully's mother wanders away from her nursing home. Bobby gives Kim a hard time for visiting Jimmy in the hospital. Bobby's paternal instincts surface when he finds a lost 4-year-old. Carlos becomes attached to the cockatoo of a dead homeless man even after it attacks him.moreless
  • Faith
    Episode 2
    While Faith Yokas tracks a serial rapist, she considers getting an abortion because her family can't afford to have another baby. When the rapist turns on her during a chase and hits her with a pipe, she lies to everyone, including her husband, that she miscarried and she gets the abortion. Bosco gets upset about Nicole's past and how many men she's slept with, and ruins their relationship.moreless
  • Four Days
    Episode 3
    On the hunt for a robbery homicide suspect, the police shake down all young black males they encounter, igniting racial tensions throughout the city. The suspect in question turns out to be Puppet, whose younger brother was killed as a result of Puppet's gang activity despite Doc's attempts to turn him away from the streets. After he's shot by the cops and goes into hiding, Puppet solicits Doc's help by proclaiming his innocence. The ensuing lengths to which Doc goes to get Puppet to the hospital and save his life while avoiding the cops wreak havoc with Doc's relationships with both civilians and the squads.moreless
  • Jimmy's Mountain
    Episode 4
    Jimmy's recovery complicates his return to the firehouse as he tries to take on too much, causing discord amongst his fellow firefighters over his all-consuming need to prove his abilities have not been lost. Meanwhile, Alex Taylor joins the firehouse and arrives with some baggage of her own.
  • Kim's Hope Chest
    Episode 5
    Joey starts a fire while on a field trip with his class, causing Kim and Jimmy to reevaluate their parenting styles and inspiring Kim to try to rebuild her family, starting with a reconciliation with Jimmy. But Jimmy's relationship with Brooke is not nearly as wobbly as Kim would like to think, and Kim ends up jumping into bed with a stranger and then commiserating with her mother over her problems with men, ending in a confrontation with Brooke that forces Kim to rethink what's best for Joey in the matter.moreless
  • The Tys That Bind
    Episode 6
    Davis rescues a drowning newscaster from a downed helicopter, and the ensuing rush of media coverage on his heroism brings a strange young woman to meet him. She turns out to be his half-sister, and Davis uncovers secrets about his father's second family. The turmoil from the revelations causes disturbances between Davis and nearly everyone close to him. Meanwhile, someone's throwing bricks at random citizens, putting everyone in the city on edge.moreless
  • After Hours
    Episode 7
    The deaths of four teenagers in a fiery car crash profoundly affects the third watch, who were forced to stand by helplessly, unable to save the victims. They congregate at the end of the shift to dispell their sadness and anger at the horrific images of the crash. Faith, Sully and Doc spend time sitting quietly in a cafe; Ty, Bobby and Alex go to a bar; and Kim, Bosco, Carlos and Jimmy go bowling. As evening turns into day, Faith's group meets up with a young woman, Ty's group meets up with a young man, and Kim's group meets up with a young couple in love. At dawn, everyone ends up at the a beach and they build a bonfire. As the flames flicker, we see a flashback to the moments immediately preceding the car crash and discover that the young people whom they met during the course of the evening are the spirits of the teenagers who died in the crash, who were sent back down to earth to tell them that the crash could not have been prevented, and they are not to blame for being unable to save them.moreless
  • Know Thyself
    Episode 8
    A group of prisoners escape from a delivery truck. Yokas and Fred have another big fight in which she accuses him of drinking again. She tells him that she had an abortion and he wants her to leave the house, which makes her stay over at her parents home. Meanwhile, Bosco gets a bunch of flowers from a former lover. He smells the flowers which turn out to be poison Ivy. Bosco and Yokas also have a fight when she tells him that she had an abortion. He accuses her of lying to him and he refuses to speak to her.moreless
  • Run of the Mill
    Episode 9
    The ordeals of an elderly friend prompt Sully to consider his own loneliness; Alex regrets revealing that she discovered Jimmy on the eve of his wedding having sex with an old flame who happens to be Lombardo's current girlfriend after the news spreads like wildfire throughout the squad; Jimmy and Brooke get married.moreless
  • History
    Episode 10
    A disturbing visit from his former high school girlfriend forces Doc to confront a horrible act he has hidden for years; Carlos struggles to pass a medical school qualification exam.
  • A Hero's Rest
    Episode 11
    Bosco, Yokas, Sully and Davis search for a cop killer on the streets, and cope with an obnoxious new sergeant at the station house.
  • True Love
    Episode 12
    A secret threatens to destroy Jimmy's relationships at work and home; Sully makes a date with his pretty neighbor; Bosco gets violent after his mother is beaten by her boyfriend.
  • Duty
    Episode 13
    Sully is upset when he is wrongly accused of falsifying evidence; Bobby helps one of his former teachers dying from cancer; Carlos deludes himself into thinking that Kim is falling in love with him; Sully gets closer to his pretty neighbor.
  • 2/5/01
    Officers Yokas and Bosco are trapped undetected with Carlos and a wounded Doc in a dark, abandoned subterranean tunnels where their radios are useless, and as they ponder their fate, Doc's life seeps away -- while their only hope might be a vengeful gang of drug runners who are certain to return for a lucrative heroin stash. Elsewhere, Officer Sully tries to cover for the missing Bosco when the commanding officer decides that he's gold-bricking while Doherty and his fellow firefighters get into mischief during a long lull between calls.moreless
  • 2/12/01
    Bobby is asked by a former girlfriend, Gina, to help her brother Paulie who is also an old friend of his. Paulie, a would-be pugilist whose career quickly flamed out is now a hopeless junkie near death. While Bobby wonders what his life could have been with the now-married Gina, he is torn apart watching his sick running mate, who would sell his soul and anyone else's for a dime bag. Meanwhile, Officer Sully is shocked to meet the "other" man in the life of Tatiana, and he harbors some new doubts about her romantic motives.moreless
  • Unfinished Business
    Episode 16
    Bobby goes into surgery after being shot by his childhood friend, Paulie. The paramedics gather at the hospital with Bobby's mother while the cops scour the city for Paulie. Paulie's sister, Gina, tries to help the cops find her brother, and Kim obviously blames the girl for getting Bobby involved with Paulie again in the first place. Carlos isn't sure he feels like part of the paramedic family yet. Bobby doesn't make it, and Paulie goes to jail.moreless
  • 3/19/01
    The loss of a beloved paramedic and the inability to save an elderly couple prompts the department to enroll in a stress debriefing which an increasingly rebellious Carlos views only as a means of dating the beautiful female counselor. However, just when the callous paramedic thinks he's hit pay dirt with his quarry, he's jolted by the order to attend a sensitivity seminar with other hostile city workers -- including Officer Bosco. Elsewhere, Firefighter Doherty gets a scare from a former lover.moreless
  • Honor
    Episode 18
    The firefighters take on a rival firehouse for touch football bragging rights; Brooke files for divorce; Jimmy worries that he may be a father again.
  • Walking Wounded
    Episode 19
    Faith and Bosco hunt down the dealer who distributed a batch of lethal heroin; depressed over Bobby's death, Kim attempts suicide.
  • Man Enough
    Episode 20
    Doc is thrilled when Sarah accepts his proposal, but is stunned when she informs him that she's accepting a job offer in Philadelphia and wants him to relocate.
  • Exposing Faith
    Episode 21
    Faith's excitement over having her husband to herself for the weekend is dashed when Fred decides to spend the time trying to win a truck; angry, Faith organizes a drunken girls night out, meets a handsome photographer, and ponders an affair and what might have been; Fred outwits his opponents and wins the truck.moreless
  • ...And Zeus Wept
    Episode 22
    Ty, Sully, Bosco, and Faith rush to the scene of a school shooting; Sully and Tatiana ponder their future together; Kim continues to struggle with her depression.