Third Watch - Season 3

NBC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Blackout
    Episode 22
    When a blackout strikes the city during a heat wave, Sully prophetically warns the more optimistic Ty that trouble in the streets will swiftly ensue. After Carlos leaves the ambulance running to keep the bus cool while he and Doc are on calls, the engine catches fire and the ambulance is destroyed. A wealthy old man confined to his bed by illness offers them a large amount of money to stay with him until his daughter arrives. Doc insists that they leave to treat others more in need over the protests of Carlos. Bosco arrests a young man, Latrell Griffith, and faces a difficult decision when an immigrant shop owner shoots and wounds a teenage shoplifter. After Latrell uses his training as a medic to save the boy, a riot breaks out and Bosco, Latrell and the shoplifter barely escape. Nightfall brings more unrest as the nervous cops try to keep the peace. Faith and Fred are stuck in a elevator when the power goes out. Faith tries to calm Fred's mounting anxiety about being trapped, and is left helpless when Fred suffers a heart attack.moreless
  • Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Days
    Rescuers find the body of Alex's father, and he is given a hero's burial; Faith and Bosco tail a convicted rapist released on appeal, certain that he will rape again; dissatisfied by Tatiana's explanation of her whereabouts the eight weeks she was missing, Sully investigates further and uncovers some astonishing and heartbreaking facts about his wife; after Chevchenko threatens to kill him if he doesn't roll over on Faith and Sully, Frankie tells Swersky that the raid on Chevchenko's numbers business was a hummer bust, leading Chevchenko to threaten a lawsuit and have another angry confrontation with Sully.moreless
  • Unleashed (2)
    Unleashed (2)
    Episode 20
    When a doctor comes to New York to search for the missing daughter of her drug-addicted sister, Faith and Bosco focus their attention on the child's stepfather, a New Jersey cop, after they discover that the girl was taken by a man in uniform; Tatiana returns home; Jimmy spends some quality time with Joey.moreless
  • The Greater Good
    The Greater Good
    Episode 19
    Hopelessly in love with Kylie and concerned that she will lose her Filipina heritage if she is adopted by a white couple, Carlos considers raising her until he realizes that the couple can give her the sister, the grandparents, and the extended family that he cannot; Kim's preoccupation with her new PDA drives Alex crazy until they are able to use it to save a very sick man, thus redeeming themselves in the eyes of a hypercritical Dr. Peterson; Faith and Fred are still on uneven ground about the sergeant's exam; in an effort to shake Chevchenko's tree, Faith and Sully execute a clever plan to disrupt the Russian's bookmaking operation, which also opens the door to the possibility of the still-missing Tatiana's return; Bosco is cleared for duty, and he and Faith agree to be partners again as soon as he returns.moreless
  • The Unforgiven
    The Unforgiven
    Episode 18
    Tatiana is still missing, and Sully continues to search for her while grieving her loss. When he comes upon the body of a six year old girl in a box on a curb, he becomes strangely unnerved. Haunted by this sight and by thoughts of the mistakes he has made recently, he takes the rest of the day off sick, and winds up in a local restaurant where he finds his parish priest. They ruminate on the nature of guilt, absolution, forgiveness, faith and the intercession of God as they recall the fate of another man who also made mistakes and tried to fix them, and whose life ended tragically at Sully's hand. Sully finally comes to a place where he can forgive himself and go on with life, and seeks out Davis to once again beg his forgiveness and reaffirm their connection to each other.moreless
  • Falling
    Episode 17
    Bosco's emotional turmoil escalates when he begins to experience panic attacks and flashbacks, but continues to deny that there's anything wrong. After he has a panic attack while driving the patrol car and nearly causes a crash, Sully insists that Bosco see his friend Brian O'Malley, who's a therapist and a former cop. Bosco angrily resists O'Malley's suggestion that the panic attacks and flashbacks to the incidents with Shaquana Golden, Jared McKinley and Glen Hobart are the result of September 11th post-traumatic stress disorder, and storms out of the counseling session. His personal crisis comes to a head when he is suspended from duty for a week and ordered into mandatory counseling for punching a suspect already in custody. Shaken, he visits Faith at home and finally breaks down, relating the horror of watching people fall to their deaths from the Towers, unable to help them, ashamed that his fear left him frozen and unable to go back and help anyone else for several hours. Carlos starts an open adoption process for Kylie, but fails to follow through on appointments to meet prospective parents as he becomes more attached to her. Ty pitches in to help with the babysitting, and saves Kylie's life when she suddenly becomes very ill and stops breathing. Fred invests his hopes for a better future for his family on Faith's passing the sergeant's exam, and reacts angrily when he learns that Faith's preoccupation with Bosco's well-being may have caused her to fail the exam.moreless
  • Thicker Than Water
    Thicker Than Water
    Episode 16
    During the investigation of the gang shootout, the officers are questioned and presented with evidence which suggests that Ross was killed by friendly fire; Carlos learns that Vangie is dead and that he might be the father of the baby her sister leaves at the firehouse; on the first anniversary of Bobby's death, Kim quarrels with Jimmy over her visitation with Joey and confronts a female gang during a call; and Doc is visited by the father of a former patient whose debilitating injury may have been caused by Doc's error during treatment.moreless
  • Superheroes (2)
    Superheroes (2)
    Episode 15
    The police officers sort through the carnage and count their dead in the wake of a shootout between rival gangs. While Faith tries to interrogate Fyodor Chevchenko, a ruthless Russian mobster, Sully worries about the severely wounded Ty and regrets causing the incident. Tatiana chastises Sully for hassling her injured son. Faith worries about Gusler, her ineffective, frightened rookie partner, and a weary Doc gets some unexpected good news about his medical malpractice suit.moreless
  • Superheroes (1)
    Superheroes (1)
    Episode 14
    When Yokas recommends that Bosco get psychological counseling, Bosco gets pissed off and requests a new partner. Bosco, who hates his new singing partner, gets called to a drive-by shooting involving the brother of a drug-dealer that Bosco is familiar with. Yokas and her scared rookie partner are called to a domestic disturbance that turns out to be the remnants of a drug-related blood bath. Sully and Davis are called to the hospital when Sully's step-son, Sergei, is beaten to within an inch of his life. Sully gets out of Sergei that a Russian mob boss named Chevchenko is to blame and Sully drags Davis along on his vendetta. Yokas convinces a scared old man to tell her about how Chevchenko was in charge of the blood bath in the apartment across the hall from him. Davis follows C-Note, the drug-dealer, as he goes to avenge his brother's death. All the cops end up converging on a Russian restaurant and getting stuck in the cross-fire of a war between C-Note's gang and Chevchenko's gang.moreless
  • Cold Front
    Cold Front
    Episode 13
    Feeling betrayed, Doc angrily confronts Jerry Mankowitz for tricking him into confiding vital information about a pending malpractice suit by not revealing that his old partner is now working as an attorney's investigator. Later, when Doc heroically responds to an emergency involving a near-comatose elderly woman trapped in ice, he remembers that his job is worth the legal fight ahead. Meanwhile, Carlos worries that he got the wrong telephone number from his latest romantic conquest. Faith thinks that troubled Bosco has lost his enthusiasm for police work. Jimmy struggles to act as both mother and father to Joey.moreless
  • The Long Guns
    The Long Guns
    Episode 12
    In his ongoing quest to join the ESU, Bosco befriends an embittered but wily squad veteran, Glen Hobart, who instructs him in the art of distance shooting. When Hobart's emotional problems cause him to lose control, Bosco must endure his mentor's self-destructive tendencies. Meanwhile, Carlos is repulsed when he learns about Alex's sexual relationship with Ty. The cops search for an armed and drug-addled thief, and Faith's latest scary incident on patrol prompts her to ponder taking the test to earn a desk job as a sergeant.moreless
  • Old Dogs, New Tricks
    Carlos has a mis-hap trying to slide down the fire pole. Doc opens up about his guilt to the wrong person. Kim and Alex turn out to make good partners. Sully's mother gets burned when Tatiana leaves her alone at home. Bosco busts a drug dealer who turns out to be his own brother.moreless
  • Transformed
    Episode 10
    Alex gets bent out of shape when a new firefighter, Prescott, joins the squad. She tells the boss she's ready to come back, so he says as soon as they can find a replacement medic for her she's back on the squad. Meanwhile, Prescott turns out to be a nice guy and tells Alex how proud of her her father was. Yokas comes back from her "vacation" and promises never to hide anything from Bosco again. Kim and Doc bring a woman to the hospital who dies because she was beaten by her druggie boyfriend, and then they have to save the druggie boyfriend's life when he's arrested by Yokas and Bosco and overdoses. Doc feels guilty over Ryan Buckley, the teenager who Doc believes he paralyzed. He visits Ryan and, as Kim predicts, Ryan wonders why Doc feels so guilty. Doc is pleased to hear Ryan's paralysis might be temporary, and sure enough, Ryan is able to move a finger later that day. Joey breaks his arm falling off the jungle-gym while in Jimmy's care. Kim is at first furious, and considers using it as ammunition in the custody battle, but she finally calms down and realizes that it's normal for boys to break a few bones. Jimmy risks his own life to save a boy Joey's age in a fire and is disappointed when the boy is scared of him later. Jimmy is even more distraught when his own son apologizes to him for crying when he broke his arm. Jimmy finds out he's probably going to win custody of Joey, but is starting to realize that that might not be best for Joey.moreless
  • Sex, Lies & Videotape
    Carlos finally finds out Ty isn't gay although Alex manages to keep the secret that she's the one sleeping with Ty. The reality TV series Trauma Response films Doc at work in anticipation of his winning paramedic of the year. Doc and the other paramedics treat an entire family that has been shot, but it turns out that the father of the family may have been the one who shot them. When the father gets away, Ty and Sully get in a car accident chasing him. At the scene of the accident, Doc is caught on tape making a mistake that paralyzes a man. Meanwhile, Faith and Bosco chase the suspect on foot, but Faith's treatment finally catches up with her and she isn't able to back up Bosco at a crucial moment. Bosco is shot, but is saved by his bulletproof vest. Faith finally admits to Bosco that she has cancer.moreless
  • Act Brave
    Act Brave
    Episode 8
    Ty, with his own experience, counsels Alex on the loss of her father while Alex helps him and Carlos move into their new apartment. Alex ends up taking solace in Ty's bed as well. Sully is shocked when Tatiana takes his mother out of the nursing home without his permission and says that she will take care of her at home. Jimmy and Kim go to war over custody of Joey but try to come together to help Joey celebrate his birthday. Jimmy begins to realize that taking Joey away from Kim might not be the best decision. A stupid Anthrax scare turns into a nightmare when a nearby diner explodes from a gas main leak. Alex defies orders and stays with a scared trapped child even though she has no protection from an impending explosion.moreless
  • Childhood Memories
    Childhood Memories
    Episode 7
    Bosco runs from the present and his past when he is wrongly suspected of murdering a sexual-assault suspect. As Faith tries to gather evidence to clear him, Bosco turns to his dysfunctional family, including his alcoholic mother, drug-addicted brother and estranged, abusive father. An emotionally rattled Kim virtually kidnaps Joey from Jimmy while Carlos actively solicits Ty to be his new roommate.moreless
  • He Said, She Said
    He Said, She Said
    Episode 6
    During a sweep for prostitutes, Faith and Bosco tragically misjudge a sexual encounter between a young woman and a man in a car to be consensual; the situation spirals out of control when the girl later claims she was sexually assaulted while the cops laughed it off; Carlos considers a willing Ty as a potential roommate candidate.moreless
  • Adam 55-3
    Adam 55-3
    Episode 5
    Even though his co-workers want to nominate him for the "Paramedic of the Year" award, a pensive Doc is disheartened as he considers his unfulfilled life. He later teams with Kim as they try to save a heart attack victim while fending off a woman who's wielding a meat cleaver. In addition, Doc tries to minister to a chronic old drunk and a teenage girl who attempts suicide in her bathtub. Meanwhile, Faith secretly undergoes a procedure to determine if the lump in her breast is cancerous, leaving an unsuspecting Bosco assigned to a nervous rookie cop; Kim reluctantly consults a lawyer about Jimmy's intention to claim custody of Joey.moreless
  • The Relay
    The Relay
    Episode 4
    After a despondent woman takes a walk off of an eight-story apartment building, the squad finds themselves in a race to transport both the woman's heart and a dying girl to a local hospital in time to save the youngster's life. The suicide hits home for Faith as she comes to grips with her own ongoing medical problems, while Doc expresses concern over the emotional effects this case will have on Kim, despite her constant reassurance that her accident was not an attempt to kill herself.moreless
  • After Time
    After Time
    Episode 3
    It's September 21, 2001 and the squads continue to battle through their emotions and their misgivings about their hero status, while working double shifts and spending every free moment at "the pile" searching for the missing; Kim returns to work and teams up with Doc, which allows an emotionally frayed Alex to return to paramedic duty; an exhausted Sully attempts to co-exist with his prospective in-laws while he waits for an opportunity to marry Tatiana.moreless
  • September Tenth
    September Tenth
    Episode 2
    On September 10, 2001, Sully and Ty party in Atlantic City on the eve of Sully's wedding to Tatiana; Faith makes plans to see her doctor for her biopsy results; Jimmy can't get enough rest after nursing a sick Joey the night before; Kim isolates herself and sinks deeper into depression, and Bosco goes looking for love in all the wrong places.moreless
  • In Their Own Words
    In Their Own Words
    Episode 1
    This was a special non-fiction episode which told, in their own words, the real stories of the police officers, firefighters, paramedics, emergency services personnel, and their families in the aftermath of 9/11/01. The regular starring cast members did brief introductions to each of this documentary's segments, which featured the real police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and emergency services personnel who work as part-time technical advisors and cast members in the production of every regular "Third Watch" episode.moreless