Third Watch

Season 3 Episode 19

The Greater Good

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2002 on NBC



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    • Taylor: Who does Peterson think he is?
      Kim: Yeah, he used to get to me, too. But that's just Peterson. He's moody.
      Taylor: He checks tube placement and then he wants it confirmed? I mean…
      Kim: Well, if it was in the right place, what difference does it make?
      Taylor: And I was right about the pneumo. Of course he'll never admit.
      Kim: Yeah, well, he's got problems with women.

    • Kim: This connection is sooo slow. Can't we get a DSL line up here?
      Taylor: Oh, yeah, like that'll happen.
      Jimmy: Since when you'd get all techno? (reaches for her palm pilot)
      Kim: Whoa, don't touch. It's downloading.
      Jimmy: What's it do?
      Kim: Oh, I got everything in there. Joey's class schedule, notes from his doctor's appointments, dental visits.
      Jimmy: Mm. Sounds complicated. I think I'll stick to good 'ol paper and pen; less aggravation.
      Kim: Yeah, compared to some things.

    • Kim (playing with her palm pilot): This thing is gonna change my life. No wonder I can't ever find anybody. I got listings under last names, first names. I got you under 'P' for 'Paramedic'.
      Taylor: Why not 'D' for 'delightful'?

    • Faith: Three days out and that junkie mother never even reported her missing.
      Sully: First time the needle goes into the arm they should have their reproductive organs ripped out.

    • Kim (about her palm pilot): This thing even beeps reminders. I can't forget my own birthday again.

    • Dr. Peterson: Look, stop running a diagnostics lab and follow base station's orders.
      Taylor: We're not robots.
      Dr. Peterson: Well, you're certainly not doctors.
      Taylor: Ah, there it is.

    • Doc: I just had a little sit-down with your good friend, Dr. Peterson.
      Taylor: What does that mean?
      Doc: Well, I had to talk him out of filing a complaint against you.
      Taylor: Against me? A complaint?
      Doc: Did you ignore telemetry order?
      Taylor: It was wrong.
      Doc: Like or not, he's the doctor.
      Taylor: Doesn't it ever piss you off to get treated like a cab driver?
      Doc: No one ever treats me like that.
      Taylor: Not even Dr. Peterson?
      Doc: Look, I know he's a little intense sometimes but that doesn't make him a bad guy.
      Taylor: Mmhmm. (to Kim) You see that? It is about women.
      Doc: Oh, come on.
      Kim: He was kind of being a jerk.
      Taylor: Doc, he questions everything that we do. He double checks our vitals. He checks positions on tubes and IVs
      Doc: And are they right?
      Taylor: Oh, you know they are.
      Doc: Then so what if he checks?
      Kim: That's what I said.
      Taylor: Whose side are you on?
      Doc: Look, follow telemetry's orders. The job's hard enough. Don't give this guy a reason to make it any harder.

    • (Kim is downloading things to her Palm Pilot)
      Kim: That's it, instant access to every city phone number you could possibly need. Ha ha, look at that.
      Taylor: Good. You can call someone who cares.

    • Taylor: Hey, what about this junk?
      Kim (playing on her palm pilot): Oh, yeah. Take it.
      Taylor: No problem. I love cleanin' up other people's crap.
      Kim: Hey, I got a surprise for you.
      Taylor: Does it involve trashing that thing?
      Kim: Last night I downloaded the emergency medicine database off the net. It's like med school in a bottle.
      Taylor: Seriously?
      Kim: You're gonna love this thing. Come on, ask me anything.
      Taylor: Okay. Why don't you clean up after yourself?
      Kim: Come on, something medical, one question.
      Taylor: Alright, what's the differential diagnosis of Ebola? (Kim gives her a look) Hey, you asked.
      Kim: Alright. (gets the answer on her palm pilot) Got it. Ready? Influenza, malaria, Marburg hemorrhagic fever, typhoid fever , dengue fever, and any of the arboviral encephalopathies
      Taylor: Arboviral encephalopathies? Yeah. That's gonna do us a lot of good out here.

    • (Carlos is talking to Kylie about the adoptive family, the Kenney's)
      Carlos: Hey, they even come with grandparents. Their job is to spoil you. Or so I hear. I never had grandparents. I wouldn't have them for you either. No, I wouldn't, and you know what? You deserve that. You deserve a real home and a mom and a sister. And me too. You'll always have me. That'll never change Kylie. Never.

    • Dr. Peterson (talking to Kim): When you hear hoof beats think horses, not zebras. You understand what that means?
      Taylor: See, he's doing it to you now.

    • (Taylor has just convinced Peterson to run tests on a patient)
      Kim: I need you. He needs you.
      Taylor: Hey, it... worked.
      Kim: Oh, it brought tears to my eyes.
      Taylor: It's all for the greater good, right?
      Kim: Mm hmm, greater good.
      Taylor: I'll do the run sheet.
      Kim: Oh, no, come on, Alex, I want to, I need to. (they both laugh)

    • Bosco: I was cleared for duty today.
      Faith: Yeah?
      Bosco: I'm back tomorrow.
      Faith: Well, that's great.
      Bosco: So, how's it been?
      Faith: Oh, you know. Just, uh, seven hours of complete boredom mixed with one hour of sheer terror.
      Bosco: Yeah. I miss it.
      Faith: How could you not?
      Bosco: So, I talked to the boss. He wanted to know if you and I would be hooking back up.
      Faith: Absolutely. We'll work together tomorrow
      Bosco: Good. Good, that's good. That's uh…you know. That's good, 'cause uh…. (he looks at Faith)
      Faith (looks back at Bosco): Yeah, me too.
      Bosco: So, what, I'll see you tomorrow?
      Faith: With bells on.
      Bosco: What the hell does that mean, 'with bells on'? (Faith smiles at him and walks off)

    • Kim: Hot synch, hot synch, hot synch. How do you hot sync this thing?
      Jimmy: Oh, no that doesn't sound good.
      Kim: Oh, no, it's gone. Everything is gone. Four days of data entry.
      Jimmy: Maybe you should just turn it off. (Kim looks at him blankly) What?

    • Carlos (to himself after he leaves Kylie with Kenney's): Bye-bye Kylie. Daddy loves you.

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