Third Watch

Season 3 Episode 19

The Greater Good

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2002 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Bosco: I was cleared for duty today.
      Faith: Yeah?
      Bosco: I'm back tomorrow.
      Faith: Well, that's great.
      Bosco: So, how's it been?
      Faith: Oh, you know. Just, uh, seven hours of complete boredom mixed with one hour of sheer terror.
      Bosco: Yeah. I miss it.
      Faith: How could you not?
      Bosco: So, I talked to the boss. He wanted to know if you and I would be hooking back up.
      Faith: Absolutely. We'll work together tomorrow
      Bosco: Good. Good, that's good. That's uh…you know. That's good, 'cause uh…. (he looks at Faith)
      Faith (looks back at Bosco): Yeah, me too.
      Bosco: So, what, I'll see you tomorrow?
      Faith: With bells on.
      Bosco: What the hell does that mean, 'with bells on'? (Faith smiles at him and walks off)