Third Watch

Season 3 Episode 12

The Long Guns

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2002 on NBC

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  • Most of this episode focused on Bosco's attempts to get into ESU .. he ended up with hero worship of the wrong person. Side stories focused on reactions to sexual relatoinships and took the story nowhere.

    As has been an issue for some time now, Bosco wants to get into the "special" unit ESU. He meets an older cop that has been brought back on duty for a while, handing out weapons due to the shortages after 911. He tries to make friends with him.

    Faith continues to be unsettled by things around her, especially the way that Bosco has been acting. She's also doubting herself after the episode where her radiation treatments kept her form doing her job properly and put Bosco at risk. She tells her husband and later Bosco that she's considering going for the Seargent's exam and the desk jog. He husband likes the idea, Bosco makes fun of it.

    Hobart, the one that Bosco is learnin from, has been causing his wife trouble and there is an order of protection against him. They take his guns. (after, we presume, the shooting scene with Bosco, shooting birds, where he gave Bosco one of them.)

    His wife ends up in the hospital and Bosco hears before Hobart is picked up and goes to warn him. He takes Bosco hostage and tells him he is going to save him from being like him by killing him now. Bosco does not believe he would hurt him, even when he has a gun to his head.

    As could be predicted the sharpshooters end up taking Hobart out, and Bosco is upset. Faith tries to console himand he yells "I don't want to forget ..." again and again

    Disappointing show wrom what we've come to expect.